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  1. Any pictures? Where are you located?
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  4. I'm very interested. I'm live 250 miles away, but will have a family member go to the address and check it out.
  5. Cayuga 5/30-5/31

    Hi All, I am headed to Cayuga this weekend. I normally go out of Myers. Any suggestions on location/lure? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Bases

    Hi, I new to the forum, but already found it very useful. I am looking for 2 swivel bases to go under Cannon Mag10A downriggers. Any help would be great. Thanks C
  7. Honey Bee Stingers

    Thanks for the info. They ahve a very good selection of the stingers!!! Thanks again. C
  8. Honey Bee Stingers

    Hi, I fished Cayuga as a kid and had a lot of success with honey bee stingers. Mainly copper with green tape. I am now looking to get my hands on some of these lures for my own boat. But, I can't find them. Any chance that someone can help me out? I live north of the Adirondack Mountains, so getting to a tackle shop around the finger lakes is an issue. If you know of a web site, that would be great. If not, just let me know a tackle shop and I will have to make a road trip. Thanks. C