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  1. When i fish with rapalas i have always tied on direct to lure. The main reason for this is if you use an improved clinch knot you are able to adjust the knot slightly up and down to change the wobble depending on speed. You do not need much of an adjustment but by slightly angling the knot down you will get more wobble and flash of the rapala. Depending on your speed you can adjust to have better performance. Next time you are out try along side of boat, Place the knot straight and watch the action then slightly slide the knot downward and look at it again. The important part of this is making sure you have a good knot tied and it is tight so when you adjust it will stay in place. You will see much more flash of the rapala than a simple back to back motion.
  2. Color screen and works great. I have upgraded my electronics this year. Easy to use and could be also a great unit if wanted a unit up on the bow. Comes with mounting bracket cover,power cable & transducer. $80.00 +10 TO Ship UPS.
  3. Good Condition and comes with power cable and bracket. No issues with unit just upgraded. Has been a great tool for me and really helps locating spots, shoals, traveling to new places. $100 + $10.00 if need to UPS.
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