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  1. 2 manual downriggers with swivel bases. The boom are 24-54" extension booms. Dual rod holder attached. I believe there is 200 ft. cable. never went farther than 150ft. Good condition, no issues I upgraded to electric. $250/pair will not split up. Location Greece
  2. 12 days to go and the derby has sponsors that include Bob Johnson Chevrolet, Krenzer Marine, Dakota Lithium Batteries and many more. $25 entry fee for the derby and Friday & Sat. night free music. Support NY fisheries and join a great weekend of fun filled and competition on the water. Length not weight is the determining factor on the top 25 payouts. In water boat show 3 tagged fish with a special donation from StarCraft Krenzer Marine on a MRSP 1655 boat attached to one of the tagged fish in addition to the payout. Check out the website for everything.
  3. We are a month away from this derby. It is based on the length of the fish and not weight. Top 25 win money but other than that there is live music Fri night, Sat. night, beer tent, food trucks, vendors along with things for kids such as sand art and more. $25 for the ticket and it runs from Sat 12:01 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Sunday. They have measuring sites around the lake and will be open at all times throughout the event. Please look at website for all details. Keep ur tip up!
  4. Moved out to 55 ft. of water and boated 1st king of the year on a 5 color green dolphin. Blank screen but we had 2 hits in 5 minutes. There were fish inside but until we moved out into 40 ft. it was chocolate milk. I ran down as far as Webster and the shoreline was all the same. Never quite seen that scenario that far out. I was out of town all week but we must of had some nasty weather this week. The mud was being pushed into the channel until the swing bridge.
  5. 1st time out this year and we were out Tuesday afternoon and were in and out of rain and went 2 for 6 in the same area. Bay Rats and the bite was lite. Had a steelie on long enough to see him jump to freedom. My secret and Goby were the common lure for majority of action. It was more of a shake down run and get back into rhythm. Felt great to be back out!
  6. Thanks. I am all set.
  7. how old is copper? does it need to replaced. How much copper is on spools
  8. Are these still available?
  9. When i fish with rapalas i have always tied on direct to lure. The main reason for this is if you use an improved clinch knot you are able to adjust the knot slightly up and down to change the wobble depending on speed. You do not need much of an adjustment but by slightly angling the knot down you will get more wobble and flash of the rapala. Depending on your speed you can adjust to have better performance. Next time you are out try along side of boat, Place the knot straight and watch the action then slightly slide the knot downward and look at it again. The important part of this is making sure you have a good knot tied and it is tight so when you adjust it will stay in place. You will see much more flash of the rapala than a simple back to back motion.
  10. Color screen and works great. I have upgraded my electronics this year. Easy to use and could be also a great unit if wanted a unit up on the bow. Comes with mounting bracket cover,power cable & transducer. $80.00 +10 TO Ship UPS.
  11. Good Condition and comes with power cable and bracket. No issues with unit just upgraded. Has been a great tool for me and really helps locating spots, shoals, traveling to new places. $100 + $10.00 if need to UPS.
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