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  1. Didn’t they used to sell string trackers for arrows?
  2. We get one or two in our intake at work every winter. I have not caught one laker fishing but I have a customer that has caught two on Erie dragging my rigs.
  3. I bought the Fox Pro Inferno.
  4. Fox Pro caller is coming this week! I borrowed one from a buddy for today!
  5. Did some calling with the fresh snow this morning. New to predator hunting, I see how easy it is to get addicted to! First set was a zero. Second set, I had a red come down the field and sit down and wouldn’t come any closer. I decided to take the shot with my .22 mag. 110 yds and it did the job! I had two other fox come out later in the morning but they wouldn’t cross the open field. They got bored quickly and went back into the woods!
  6. What has Biden done to slow down or stop this pandemic? I'll wait. Remember when the current administration said they wouldn't take a vaccine that was made under the Trump administration because they didn't trust Trump. Now they are pushing and mandating these same vaccines. Remember when Biden said he was going to shutdown covid? Like I said before, the man was a bonehead most of the time, but sometimes you have to put your feelings aside and look what he did during the pandemic compared to the job the current administration has done. As much as I hated Cuomo, I can at least put my feelings aside and see the positives that he did in the pandemic. Getting prepared with ventilators and other emergency supplies was a smart thing to do for the people of his state.
  7. Comparing different countries in a case like this is tough. There are tons of factors. Health care, over all health of the population, average age of the population, population density, ect.
  8. Glad you guys are on the path to being healthy again. It is weird how covid affects everyone differently. I have a coworker that is a medical nightmare. He tested positive for covid and we thought the worst. He barely was sick. I have another coworker that is in great health and he had a really bad case of covid.
  9. Did you not watch the interview I posted with Fauci? This is my beef. They are counting children that come into the hospital for broken legs and other non covid issues as covid hospitalizations if they test positive for covid. He openly admits that. They are not being hospitalized. They are being treated for a broken leg and released. The problem I have with this is, the numbers of children's hospitalizations falsely goes up, our news media spews these inflated numbers and people panic. Causing false panic is a problem. If you want to track these cases, do it. Make a separate category for them. Lumping them in a different category to cause a false rise in numbers should concern everyone. Cuomo falsely reporting nursing home deaths is another one. These are two examples that we know about. How many more are there? If you look at the numbers out of Sweden, they are far less deaths per 1 million people than the US. Comparing countries with sickness is tough. Different age demographics, different life styles and different quality health care makes a big difference. Comparing Covid to Small pox and Polio is not comparing apples to apples. Different diseases, different vaccinations. How many people do you know that got the vaccinations for polio and small pox still got these two diseases. You can't compare these at all. The only thing they have in common are they are horrible disease. Your points about Sweden, Polio and Small Pox are moot points. Vaccinated and unvaccinated can drive more mutations. Vaccines do not totally stop viruses from mutating. Read this link in the first paragraph. Vaccines Could Drive The Evolution Of More COVID-19 Mutants : NPR. I love how the blame goes directly to Trump yet there has been more cases and deaths under the Biden Administration. What has Biden done to slow down Covid? Allowing covid positive illegals to pour into this country certainly helps the pandemic..... Didn't Trump do things like operation warp speed to quicken the response times of supplies and vaccines? He put Navy ships in NYC and LA just incase hospitals got overwhelmed. Where are they now? We have packed hospitals yet no support from the federal government. Bidens hands off approach and sending the responsibility to the states is a great way to handle a pandemic. A true leader wouldn't pass the buck. Trump may have been a bone head in many ways, at least he didnt turn his back on the people of this country during a time the country needed a leader to get things done.
  10. This is the problem I have with the entire pandemic and how it has been handled. Moving the goal posts, manipulating numbers to create fear, mandates and not being honest with the American people. It was Fauci himself that said we only tell the American people what we think they can handle. Once you lie to me, I'm don't trust you.
  11. Now that the sun has set on another deer season, I will give my season recap. Bow season was great with lots of activity. I got back into bow hunting with a compound last season. This season I was able to shoot my first deer with a compound in `15+ years. I took a good doe on a morning hunt in November. Bow season came and went and my buck tag went unfilled. Gun season came and my goal of this season was to get my son Brayden his first deer of his life. Opening day greeted us with calm winds and cool. Brayden and I went into the Shooting shack on a 14 acres field. It started out slow with very few shots around and nothing moving for us. At 8:50am, I looked out the South window and saw a buck and two doe coming out of the hedgerow. We let them walk up the field and I had Brayden get ready. I stopped the buck and told him to take the buck. Buck fever got the best of him and he couldn't hold the crosshairs on the buck. The buck started walking North again. Brayden calmed down some. I stopped the buck again and he still couldn't control buck fever and couldn't hold steady on the buck. Again the buck started walking North again. I told him I was going to try to stop him again but I wasn't sure he would stop this time. Once again the buck stopped and Brayden said "I can't hold steady enough to make a good shot and I don't want to hit him bad and lose him. I was proud if him for not making a bad shot! The buck got nervous and trotted off. The doe turned around and started to walk back to the hedge row. Brayden said he was ready and took the shot at 117 yds with the .270. The doe ran in a small circle in the field and dropped 10 yds from where he shot her. You couldn't wipe the smile off his face the rest of the day! During the rest of gun season, I passed small bucks and didn't see any shooters. I ended up filling two doe tags during regular gun season. One evening during muzzleloader season, Keith and I burned another memory into the 2021 deer season. I ended up shooting an eight point at 127 yds with the muzzleloader dropping him in his tracks. Minutes later Keith followed up with an eight point himself! It was a very cool night to double on bucks. Last Tuesday, I almost sealed the deal on a piebald doe. I was sitting in the stand and had to take a dump.... when I went to climb back up in the stand, I looked behind the stand and saw something white 100+ yds away. I stood there watching and saw a piebald doe in a group of doe. A few minutes later, I noticed a mature doe in the group was also a piebald. I made the decision that I was going to take the mature piebald doe. The group filtered through the woods and she stopped in the lane that I thought was clear. I squeezed the trigger and the gun went off. I watched a vine fall 25-30 yds in front of her and she just stood there looking at me. She trotted for 30yds and stopped looking back and then trotted into the brush. I looked all over for hair and blood and nothing. Thursday night, I had a group of doe coming through the same hardwoods. Low and behold, the piebald doe was in the group. Unfortunately, I was in the wrong stand and they got my wind before coming out of the brush and the game was over! I was a great season with many memories made. Hunting with great friends and family is what it is all about.
  12. I'm not a big fan of any of the data from this pandemic. The data coming out of this pandemic has been skewed. The interview with Fauci the other day is a real eye opener. Here is the link to the video. Fudging numbers to cause fear. Not cool. https://rumble.com/vrpi8e-fauci-admits-child-covid-hospitalization-numbers-are-overblown.html?mref=22lbp&mc=56yab&fbclid=IwAR25PiV1W-epw18pPLs3sXEDu7YXllSePAxeCoAr5Di3ha6Qw4yRZHyBvzY
  13. Congrats to you both! Very cool!
  14. Todd is a good guy and does quick and good work.
  15. Writing local politicians and letting them know where their voters stand is never a bad idea.
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