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  1. Is the ice safe on Sodas bay??

    Third creek access is shot. I saw a video on Facebook and the creek was chewing the ice up bad. Leroy island always has crap ice due to the current that runs between the island and shore. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Maine Moose Lottery

    My buddy got picked a couple years ago after being in the lottery for 11 years. He ended up shooting a nice bull on state land.
  3. Braddocks

    Eat it today, see it tomorrow!
  4. Best electric down rigger?

    I run the Cannon STX riggers. I beat the heck out of them laker fishing and they keep working without an issue.
  5. ELOSTA fleamarket

    I am waiting to hear back about a table Pap. The plan is to be there! I will also be at the Watkins Glen show.
  6. SLR ice

    We used to get them often in Buck Pond in Greece when I was a teenager. They fight really good. We mostly caught them on tip ups fishing for pike.
  7. Good day on Conesus!

    It will be fine. It was uniform and all solid black.
  8. Ice fishing with son Rochester NY spots?

    Conesus Lake North end at Vitale Park, or Cranberry Pond in Greece.
  9. 8" blades in stock?

    Mitchels on Lake Ave in Rochester has them. Give them a call.
  10. Good day on Conesus!

    North end had 10+" of hard clear ice yesterday.
  11. Alwifes

    Our intake temp was warmer into December than the year before. Last years was the warmest I could find in our records in the last ten years. If spring comes on time or early, I think we will be fine. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Could All This Snow Bring High Water Again?

    Having the lake higher and having mother nature in the equation is a recipe for disaster. They had trouble controlling the levels before Plan 2014.
  13. calling all dogs

    And one West bound right across from it.
  14. Good day on Conesus!

    We were out there this morning and did 3 northerns and two big largemouth. The ice was 10" and crystal clear. The gill bite was good and the size seems to be improving.