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  1. A good taxidermist will not use the head on that laker to do the mount. Skin mount or replica, the head should not be used on the final product.
  2. I was told when they aged our laker scales are not very accurate. Otoliths are the most accurate way. I took the head from our laker after the taxidermist took it off and got it to the DEC. The taxidermist has to be careful not to damage the otoliths when the head is removed. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I read on Facebook that he plead guilty. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Like AnglingAddict stated corrosion. My buddy just put new risers and a motor from a salt boat he bought. A well taken care of salt boat can be good but salt takes its toll.
  5. If you buy a salt boat, expect to spend more money in repairs after purchased. If you go into it with that mindset, you will be better off. Get a reliable marine survey done.
  6. A laker jump? That would be different!
  7. I heard that someone placed very high in the Pro Am yesterday fishing the top 20' of the water column. Kings, coho and steelhead. Are the kings up high plucking the crippled dying 1 year old alewife? If that is the case, we will not see them on electronics and they could be anywhere. This could be why the salmon fishing is slow. We are all fishing below them. Just something to keep in mind. Last August, guys were complaining the kings were missing all over the lake. Once the weather stabilized, the kings showed back up. This year has been a weird year weather wise so far. A Warm winter, warm early spring, then cold and now really warm. Once the thermal cline sets up, I think we will see the fishing rebound. Like stated above, the browns are the only real mystery. Lets hope we are wrong and everything is fine with them.
  8. I was told it was caught on a Bayrat! I would guess 25ish years old. The 34.06 we caught in 2012 on Lake O was 27 years old.
  9. Slob lake trout. Congrats to the angler. Anyone know if he is a member here?
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