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  1. Magic erasers work Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Only time an Okuma reel will not fail you!
  3. The song I sing while making Gambler Rigs - You could buy me a boat - Chris Janson
  4. Not with the current stocking numbers.
  5. Dave, I agree with the decision for survival in numbers. As Vince said years ago, we need to take better care of what we already have. What I don't agree with is taking one of the most successful and highest participation projects out of the equation. At our pen assembling parties, we would have too many guys which some projects cant say! The Brockport College program was beneficial to all the projects on the lake. For those that do not know, we would have a student from the college come to the pen site EVERY day and collect data. They took samples at the beginning and end of our project to see progress and health of the kings and steelhead. Rob and I got a tour of the College indoor hatchery and laboratory a couple years ago and they showed us how they used the fish we provided and how they got the data they provided.
  6. The DEC still wants us to pen rear steelhead (fall spawners). With the kick to the gonads to us lake guys with the steelhead regs and the fact that the fall spawn rainbows are a tiny tiny part of the lake fishery, I am not going to waste my time with them. Some ports they are a great asset to the pier head fishery but we don't really have a good pier head fishery (and will not with zero kings being stocked at Sandy). With the steelhead being managed for the tribs, its time for the trib community to step up and take this project over for their own good. The thing that really sucks about the Sandy Creek project over the other three getting cut is 1). in the past, Sandy creek pen projects kings had the best growth rate of all the projects on the South shore and least mortaility, 2) We worked with Brockport college and they did studies on the Pen reared fish that was beneficial to the DEC and our project, 3) we had a huge volunteer base (unlike some of the other projects) 4) Sandy is a trib that draws a lot of anglers locally and from out of state for kings and browns. I spend my time helping out at the Genesee River Salmon project and possibly the Oak Orchard project.
  7. Pat, the regs did go through is what I heard. I am on the board for the Sandy pen project and I agree. I am done. I can’t speak for the rest of the board but my vote is mothball it. The fall spawn rainbows we raised we very little part of the lake fishery. We would see a couple brown fishing in August and September. But not worth the effort. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. He's the guy from Sandy that is always smiling in all his photos.
  9. We are easy to control? How about all the guys coming to buy tackle when they already have way too much!
  10. Put them on a metal stringer down the hole or a jetsled full of water.
  11. Great Show every year! I will be there with Gambler Rigs! Stop by and check out the new Walleye Worm Harnesses, Custom painted Spin n Glos and DeathTraps!
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