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  1. I have some discontinued skirts for my laker rigs on my website that will work for twinkies. Www.gamblerrigs.com
  2. Mark was a great guy! Always fun to be around. Another good guy gone to soon!
  3. Mitchels on Lake Ave has Green label 12 packs.
  4. It's all easy once you learn the program and learn tips. I had a lot of help from Minion. Chris was a great help when I was learning!
  5. I made Spin n glo wing cuts for my custom colors and ladder back for two of my new for 2023 colors! A little bit of time and effort, and you can make anything!
  6. You will have to design them with the software on the cutting machine. It's not hard at all! For glow tape, look at Mad River or Ebay.
  7. I buy bulk rolls from WTP and cut them on my commercial machine.
  8. Vinyl cutting machine. Some guys are using the cheap cricket machines and some are using commercial machines.
  9. Carbon 14 Angry Bird NBK Froggy Glow Black Tuxedo These were my top five last year.
  10. I can't remember exactly what else was in the study but they compared people that eat fish from Lake Ontario to people that didn't eat any fish from Lake Ontario. Shortly after the study, they changed the fish consumption guidelines.
  11. 10 or so years ago, I received a survey from the NYSDOH about fish consumption from Lake Ontario. I filled it out and was contacted to join in the study. They took blood and urine samples. A couple weeks later, I was called to schedule a follow up appointment. During the appointment they went over my test results. My results came back well below normal on all levels for contaminants found in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. I consume a lot of perch, some pike, walleye and trout and salmon from Lake Ontario. I'm not worried about it one bit.
  12. Crushed glow, flat UV and Crushed UV are my favorite colors to doctor spoons with.
  13. I can't speak for them but some of the shows have people traveling from a distance and the weather is usually better.
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