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  1. The Tradesmen would also like to say thanks for putting on an excellent very well planned and organized event. It was very impressive being escorted to the channel seeing all the Flag flying boats and knowing everyone of them had 1 of our fine military men or women on them was very cool. Our guy Deek was a pleasure to have on the boat, he had in addition to all the struggles of recovering from war recently lost his home due to fire. Needless to say a day on the lake to forget about life was truly in order for him. We are really glad the weather cooperated and that we were able to put him on some fish. Big thumbs up to all who helped put this event on.
  2. Hello fbg, I am a machinist and I built one just like you are for my old boat. It has a removable king pin if u r interested shoot me a PM
  3. Geese I guess I need to pay more attention to the board. The Tradesmen would like 3 L shirts if its not to late. Thanks Lee
  4. 2 fish on the board in one day then beating it the next...Very Impressive.
  5. Nice to see the ingenuity of the less than rich...makes it fun for me. Good work.
  6. Thanks Ray, I am leaning on the T4 and I do mostly fish with at least one. I just cant be tied to the helm when we are setting rods and fighting fish. It has gotten very old if you know what I mean.
  7. Autopilot is not in the budget so... Panther T4, Remote-Troll, or PowerTran are my options. Anyone with any experience with any of these or others please tell what u like / dislike about them. I like the wireless option with the T4. Will be using with 1985 Honda 8hp kicker.
  8. Our new ride. 1988 Sportcraft 210 Fishermen, Many thanks to all the guys who provided excellent advice for the set up.
  9. Made by local Tradesmen. Solid Oak 1 x 6 x 5 ft $80.00 any design. Just about anything you can imagine can be done. Previews sent via email so you can approve before it is made. Check out the website. Excellent Christmas gifts as well. http://www.ebwoodworks.com/
  10. I texted u after we spoke must have got your number wrong I also texted you yesterday but I was very busy. I will call you to set it up again. My apologies.
  11. Nice ho Joe, Thanks for taking us out last week after the robbery. Mike came all the way from Clifton to fish with me so you really saved the day for us. Many thanks fer that and I learned a couple tricks from you as well so that was cool too.
  12. Lol it never ends. Need Autopilot and Rockect launcher now but more to the point the CASH to get it! Gotta win the lottery.
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