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  1. Thanks Zach . What shape are the weeds in then ? Are they still green or starting to turn ? In the Kawartha's some are starting to get slimey we have to look for the greener ones . On the trolling we have all the depths covered with our lure selection any depths better or just keep looking for bait fish ? Talk to you latter.
  2. Hi Everyone My name is Hank Flory I live in Pa . My son and I are Muskie fisherman who usually go to Canada for our fall trips . With the border being closed this year we are going to fish Chautauqua the first week of Oct . Any help on the lake would be great . We are staying on the north end . Don't need any spots just general info . My son likes to cast I'm the old guy so I don't mine trolling once in a while LOL . I have a good map and hoping to get a chip for the lake before our trip , we are planning on fishing both ends during the week . If anybody wants they can send me a PM . Also anyone need info for the Kawartha's in Ontario for next year I can help . Thanks in advance . Stay Safe Hank Flory Lancaster PA
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