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  1. if you can do a double overhand loop of the leadcore and thread the mono through, it is even tighter.
  2. http://www.mininggazette.com/news/2019/03/latest-isle-royale-wolf-delivery-may-be-last-this-winter/ The smart thing to do would be to establish a lottery hunt. Money would come in from tags and the moose population would easily be kept at a manageable level. It costs many thousands to airlift wolves. No guarantee the airlift wolves will even hunt the moose.
  3. Where is Swans and what is their number? Thanks
  4. Thanks to everyone who recommended Todd. I took two deer to him on Sat and he had them done within four hours and the breakfast sausage he made is some of the best I ever had. He did a great job and had a very fair price!
  5. Thanks guys. Definitely encouraging. This buck was on my trail cam under my stand. I hope he comes by
  6. Weatherman is talking about the wind gusting more than 40 mph Sat. Has anyone had success with winds that high? Been waiting all week for weekend and high winds and snow are forecast. Will deer move in that?
  7. Seems like the good processors retire or don't stay in business long. Anyone have someone they know is good to take your deer to now?
  8. Reconditioned prop fits 75-125 HP Outboard. Good as brand new. $95.00 Rochester area or $20 to ship USPS 2day
  9. They are definitely in there now. Easy to catch and good size. Not trying to be funny or anything but there was a blind guy with his cane helping to load their boat after fishing and they has caught 29 on a real real windy day. Was tough fishing because of the wind but had plenty to clean.
  10. Are the perch hitting in I-bay yet? I am thinking it is about that time. Anyone catching them yet?
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