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  1. https://post.craigslist.org/u/WsBYQQDi6RG8Fe7hH7BwZQ/kkwx3
  2. Hannibal ny Oswego county it’s listed in Rochester Craigslist
  3. By the way. Camp is for sale ready to move closer and build our retirement home on it. Land and pics info can be seen on Craigslist Rochester 38 acres plus 80 with cabin. Pics of nice bucks taken and on the hoof. All the coyotes you can handle. Occasional bear and those fisher cats. Along with beaver swamp. Ducks ect.
  4. Totally agree. That’s the chance you take. But I figure if I let 10 small bucks walk. At least 3-4 of them make it. To next year. Even 2 is fine. That’s 2 mature bucks better than no mature bucks right.
  5. Couldn’t agree more let him walk last year a young basket 10. And this year I harvested him after passing several smaller bucks if you let the young bucks walk you get more big bucks better quality and they breed the doe. For more deer. Next year nobody needs 6 deer in the freezer
  6. Coyotes are definitely putting a hurt on deer up north where I am. All I saw was coyotes and coyote tracks. Nobody getting them up there. I do when I can but that’s just a drop in the bucket I seen a pack of 7
  7. I have a Winchester semi auto 12 gauge. Tried 5 different slugs starting with Winchester then sabots. A few others then just regular Remington sluggers in the green and yellow box. At first look I thought I only hit the target once outa 3 shots. Till I noticed the wood back was a big hole. So closer examination I put sll 3 in the same hole practically. How bout that my Winchester loves Remingtons lol. So sluggers it is.
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