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  1. just want to say His torpedoes track true and are very well made.. I used these for last season on my charter boat as well as a partner charter and we are very pleased.. I am buy more to replace all of mine this year...
  2. Absolutely correct. the photo only tells part of the story . The rules mainly state trollers , not sure of tuna boats.
  3. The other thing that happens alot is the sailboats leave the sails up and then run the engine, once they start moving via a motor they are now a power boat and must yield right of way to the boat on the right and any other rules that govern power boats.
  4. someone just posted 2 mag 15 for i think $550 They are older but the same as the new mag 10hs.
  5. From Pennsylvania; I will be up until Sunday morning. Anytime will work until Sunday morning around 7 or 8. I have my boat in Hughes marina so i am only a few minutes away.
  6. I will be there Friday of this week if you will be there for the Dipsys. I didn't see a reply last time or would have came over last weekend.
  7. Are the dipseys still available? I will be up to Sodus next weekend if you will hold.
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