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  1. Call the owner of Barrett Marine on the north end of Seneca. He knows all about these and is very knowledgeable about all of the parts as well.
  2. i did not get to check the main bolting yet as i have to move the engine. It does have the valve covers and the heads on it. The main things missing are the exhaust headers and the electrical (starter, alternator etc)
  3. i dont remember if it was a 2 or 4 bolt main.. i will find out. I will check on the heads, i think the heads are available and all there.. I have it wrapped, i will uncover it and let you know and send you some pictures..
  4. I have a short block 1990 5.7L mercruiser for sale. It ran well when it was removed just over a year ago. The flapper for the exhaust allowed water in and in bent or stuck a valve. I could not find a shop to repair this when it happened so i bought a new engine. It did run well, good oil pressure etc. The mechanic that pulled it stated that he thought it was a bent valve or just stuck. Message me or call (570)419-7846 with an offer. any reasonable offer accepted. It has been kept under cover and wrapped since removal.
  5. Call screwy lewy in Fair Haven. If it is the one that has 2 large, i think capacitors (black squares), on it he had them.
  6. i have a 265 Penn Yan and i run a 9.9 4stroke. It runs the boat fine up to about 5 mph. It does have issues with higher winds. If you are looking for a bit higher speed, i would recommend a 15 at a minimum. But for most trolling i have never had an issue moving and steering with my 9.9 except for high wind/wave conditions.
  7. For sale 1990 chevy 350 short block. Was running when it was replaced. It has a bent valve is the only issue that this engine has had. The only reason for replacing was i could not take the downtime and I found a new engine quicker. This engine has about 1500 hours on it. It has been used an a main running engine mainly with very minimal trolling hours on it. It was meticulously maintained and oil changed 3 times per year with synthetic oil. I am asking $1500 obo. This is a great engine if your looking for a rebuild. I will be willing to work with you on delivery as well. (570)419-7846 message or call this number for more info etc.
  8. I have a 1990 5.7L short block for sale. I removed it last year. Has about 1500 hours on it. Ran good when removed but has a bent valve and due to lack of finding a shop that could work on it last year during covid, I had to purchase a new short block instead of rebuilding. It is wrapped and under cover. PM me for questions. I am taking offers.. I know new they are $2000 to $4000 new depending on dealer. email me at [email protected] or message me here. This was used on a charter boat but was not trolled much at all. It had the top end rebuilt about 10yrs ago and was not using oil and ran good until the valve bent.. As stated above. it was running when removed.
  9. Dont be afraid to head off shore if there is good weather. 400 to 600 feet was decent over the weekend too...
  10. anytime. i think his rates are by the foot.. just give him a call. he did a nice job for me in the past..
  11. [email protected] He is in Sodus Point, cannot remember pricing.. He will come to you....
  12. Bill is very good. Came all the way to lake ontario at a moments notice to check my boat out so i could get out on my charters. He found the engine was worse than we thought, we then found an engine and he installed in a very timely manor and kept me in the loop at all times and always kept me up to date with anything he thought could be better.. great experience.. great work at a fair price.. highly recommend him. Capt Todd Seadawg charters.
  13. The mag 10stx are 599 at cabelas with free shipping..
  14. IF these are still available i will take them....
  15. I agree with FishingFool34, however i do keep a smaller 8" one around too as some days they want smaller or if your running a tight setup with several lines the big ones do take alot of space to rotate. I currently use GRC meat rigs and they work well with no issues that I have found. If you go to smaller ones, watch how big they rotate as the sharks and a others like that have a few settings from normal rotation to a violent large rotation, they work great just be aware of what ones your getting.. Todd Bassett Seadawg Charters.
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