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  1. Sentry brand fire safe model 1100. In great shape used a little years ago but ended up with a bigger safe and stopped using it. Good for keeping documents/jewelry and other small items safe. 50.00 call matt 585-4two9-04zero9
  3. here are some pictures. Everything was on rapala and bass pro xps top water lures some jointed some not. Two in line planers off the sides and flat lines off the back. Most hits came on the shore side planer board. We were hugging the shore line the entire time. 15-20 foot max.
  4. Went out this morning 6 till 10 am. It was a bit rainy and cold but worth it. We landed three browns and lost 5 fish 2 of which felt real nice. I will get pics up tomorrow. I wish I didn't have any family plans today or would've stayed out longer and I am defiantely going to be replacing some of the tired hooks on my jointed rapalas !!!! I bay launch is clear but there were 2 dead ducks and a bunch of those big shad ( I think that is what they are) dead all over the place. It was dead and we had the place to ourselves which is always nice in the dark/rain to just get in quick. Cant wait to get back out again. By the way we went to Webster park and back. Most of the fish were a bit past ship builders.
  5. We are going to try to fish out of Ibay to shipbuilders and Webster park. It looks like some strong south winds but we are going to stick close 10-20 foot max and try for browns. Anyone else giving it a shot tomorrow?
  6. It took me way too long but here is my belated update. We did end up getting out for about 4 hours on that Friday (26th) There was a little ice at the launch but backin the trailer in and out twice broke it up enough. Everyhting went well just ran two inline planer boards and two flat lines off the back with rapalas and bass pro xps plugs. No hits but we gave it a shot and everyone was in good spirits and had a fun time anyway. After todays warm temps I am itching to get out soon.
  7. OK here is my update. I took a ride out to Irondiquoit pier on Tuesday (sorry for the delay is posting) and the launch is open on the bridge side and one full section of dock is in place. I walked out on the pier as well and its open all the way out with a few floating ice chunks but not much. Did not see any debris but I kind of expected that as most of the bay is frozen on the north portion still. The weather and wind look pretty good for huggin the shoreline and trolling shallow. I am going to get out around 1:30 - 2:00 pm and give it a shot. I wish I could do a sun up trip but work wont allow it. I am going to run some boards and some flat lines off the back. Not going to try any deeper than 20 foot or so unless things are really flat. I will post after the trip perhaps this weekend or early next week and of course I will make sure to take pictures. I am pretty excited about getting out.
  8. Thanks that was the information I was looking for. I'm going to take a look tommorow to be sure and looks like the next chance to get out is Tuesday afternoon. I'll let you know.
  9. Looking for some last minute Intel. Does anyone know if I would be able to launch from the north end launch by the lift bridge? Or is there still too much ice? I know there are no docks I can manage without them but too much ice is a deal breaker obviously. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I caught this today out of Ontario and I am not positive on the ID. I believe drum/sheepshead but the thick gold colored scales are making me unsure. Help me out guys.
  11. Clam 2000 a few years old. Only used once. Stored in garage and in great shape. 100.00 Call Matt 585-429-0409 Factory description Clam 2000 Cabin 2-man Ice Fishing Shelter. Comfortable, compact, FAST setup. Generous room for you and a buddy, collapses down into a tiny 3' x 4' pack! Next time you and your best fishing partner hit the ice, take along this sharp 2-man Shelter from Clam. Thanks to our special buy the price of admission is way less than you'll find anywhere else. Deluxe fishing convenience: •Packs up to a small 3' x 4', and just 6" slim for easy storage and transport •Fits easily into nearly any vehicle or sled for transport out to the lake •Domed room offers a spacious 5'4" of headroom to maneuver •Super-quick set-up once you reach your fishing spot of choice •Weather-resistant materials offer superior protection from the elements •Generous size accommodates two fishermen, or is a roomier size for one •Large 4' x 6' floor area when deployed •Weighs just 50 lbs.
  12. I was at the hatchery yesterday and noticed a laker in the pen closest to the hatchery building. I have been going there for over thirty years and never saw one there. Thought it was neat to see.
  13. I have a Redfield Revolution scope 4-12 40mm. I have never mounted this on a gun. It is basically new although I did use it to look out my back door into the corn field a few times. There is nothing wrong with this scope I got it as a present from my wife and never used it as it wasn't the scope I really wanted. I am selling because I want to get a Leupold VX3 which is quite pricey. It looks like these sell for 249.00 new. I think I would like to get 200 for it. Matt 585-429-0409
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