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  1. This is probably true about the other boat. You have to find the pocket of them right now and once you do its game on. Same with lakers, once you locate them its non stop action. Keep looking in the 70 to 110 area until you find them and then stick to them.
  2. this is sold,, trying to remove this from here. sorry for this Todd
  3. 9.9 hp mercury pro kicker, 4 stroke, hydraulic cylinder lift, long shaft power head for sale (approx 10yrs old). The lower unit gears went but the power head runs great. always had oil changed 2 to 3 times per year and has a new fuel pump. This is a remote control unit (no tiller handle). Does not come with remotes. $150. Don't have the time to rebuild this myself. Call (570)419-7846 for more info. (Todd). I travel to Sodus Point area from April to Oct on a routine basis, so i will delivery it to that area or anywhere on the Route 14 from PA.
  4. Used 5.7l Block for sale. Its is mainly a long block minus a part or 2 that were transferred to the new engine. The engine has about 1100 hrs on it. It ran when removed but one valve was sticking. Only reason not rebuilt was it went during covid and could not get it fixed in a timely manner to continue charter business. It has mainly running hours on it as there was a trolling motor on the boat and the engine was trolled very little. It used no oil and ran fine other than when the valve stuck. Asking $500. will consider delivery if location is not too far and we can agree on it.. Call Todd @ 570-419-7846
  5. New in box prop bought for penn yann boat with bravo 2 outdrive. Prop came in with reverse rotation and cannot be returned. Over $550 purchase price. asking $400 See picture for exact part numbers. Call Todd @ 570-419-7846
  6. I have been a part time charter for over 10 years and everything they said above is true. If you want to know where to start. You will need to find a location to get you coast guard captains license, and then insurances and you will need to have surveys done on you boat for most insurance. Also you will need to look into how you want to advertise. The internet is cheaper but to get a good web page and be on the top of the searches will cost a bit more. It takes lots of up front questions to get to where you want to be. The one comment above about time is 100% true. To be a charter captain you will need to put in a lot of time outside of the actual charter to ensure the soundness of the boat and equipment and safety equipment. Don't want to discourage you. I love it, even though you dont make much profit doing it part time. feel free to reach out to me if you have any question.
  7. i will shoot you the payment in the next 1/2 hour or so.
  8. are these still available? My email is [email protected] i will take them if they are.
  9. 5.7l Mercruiser engine for sale. Engine was removed and replaced with a fresh one. It is mostly a long block. a few parts from what is normally a long block are missing. The engine has a stuck or bent valve, it ran fine when removed except the one valve stuck at times. It was removed from a 1990 penn yann. I believe it was the original engine with just over 1100 hours on it. it did have the top end rebuilt 10+ years ago. $250 obo. Call (570)419-7846 for more info if needed.
  10. This is a short block that is used and was running when it was removed 2years ago. It has been stored on a pallet in a garage since pulled. The engine was pulled during the covid outbreak and was replaced with a new one due to the assumption of 1 of the valves being bent. The engine did run when pulled. The block is not cracked or damaged. The headers are not with it either. Great engine for a rebuild. It came out of a charter boat but only ran while running, very low hours trolling. Delivery or pick up can be arranged. (570)419-7846 (Todd). Asking $750 or best offer.
  11. The charter Sunday was mine.. we did have a great day. slow for a bit in the morning. Broke 700 foot of water and game on. We went 10 for 18. 6 salmon in the upper teens to 25+ for the big one and 1 nice steelhead and the rest were small kings. As the day went we moved in and still were catching fish all the way into 500 feet or just under that. everything was 80 to 95 feet down. Seemed to be a flasher fly bite for the most part. the smaller kings were on spoons but the majority were on dipseys out 300 on a 3 setting with flasher flys.
  12. what are the lead core rods/reals you have and how many color are they? very interested in those.
  13. one other suggestion that i do on all of my nets, i use a blacks down rigger release and attach it to the net handle and clip the net into the release. This keep the net flat back against the net handle and as soon as you net the fish it releases easily and avoids alot of mess. I have used these for ever and they work amazing.
  14. Call the owner of Barrett Marine on the north end of Seneca. He knows all about these and is very knowledgeable about all of the parts as well.
  15. i did not get to check the main bolting yet as i have to move the engine. It does have the valve covers and the heads on it. The main things missing are the exhaust headers and the electrical (starter, alternator etc)
  16. i dont remember if it was a 2 or 4 bolt main.. i will find out. I will check on the heads, i think the heads are available and all there.. I have it wrapped, i will uncover it and let you know and send you some pictures..
  17. I have a short block 1990 5.7L mercruiser for sale. It ran well when it was removed just over a year ago. The flapper for the exhaust allowed water in and in bent or stuck a valve. I could not find a shop to repair this when it happened so i bought a new engine. It did run well, good oil pressure etc. The mechanic that pulled it stated that he thought it was a bent valve or just stuck. Message me or call (570)419-7846 with an offer. any reasonable offer accepted. It has been kept under cover and wrapped since removal.
  18. Call screwy lewy in Fair Haven. If it is the one that has 2 large, i think capacitors (black squares), on it he had them.
  19. i have a 265 Penn Yan and i run a 9.9 4stroke. It runs the boat fine up to about 5 mph. It does have issues with higher winds. If you are looking for a bit higher speed, i would recommend a 15 at a minimum. But for most trolling i have never had an issue moving and steering with my 9.9 except for high wind/wave conditions.
  20. For sale 1990 chevy 350 short block. Was running when it was replaced. It has a bent valve is the only issue that this engine has had. The only reason for replacing was i could not take the downtime and I found a new engine quicker. This engine has about 1500 hours on it. It has been used an a main running engine mainly with very minimal trolling hours on it. It was meticulously maintained and oil changed 3 times per year with synthetic oil. I am asking $1500 obo. This is a great engine if your looking for a rebuild. I will be willing to work with you on delivery as well. (570)419-7846 message or call this number for more info etc.
  21. I have a 1990 5.7L short block for sale. I removed it last year. Has about 1500 hours on it. Ran good when removed but has a bent valve and due to lack of finding a shop that could work on it last year during covid, I had to purchase a new short block instead of rebuilding. It is wrapped and under cover. PM me for questions. I am taking offers.. I know new they are $2000 to $4000 new depending on dealer. email me at [email protected] or message me here. This was used on a charter boat but was not trolled much at all. It had the top end rebuilt about 10yrs ago and was not using oil and ran good until the valve bent.. As stated above. it was running when removed.
  22. Dont be afraid to head off shore if there is good weather. 400 to 600 feet was decent over the weekend too...
  23. anytime. i think his rates are by the foot.. just give him a call. he did a nice job for me in the past..
  24. [email protected] He is in Sodus Point, cannot remember pricing.. He will come to you....
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