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  1. I have used it for 5years,works great for all fish.
  2. I have run 6 penn Squall for 3yrs.20 weekend a year. Love them.
  3. I’m from N.cenPa, 45min fromNY border. My crew will fish the Oak sometime. Pa.is shutdown as is N.Y. we will be patient until we get the all clear. If the campground opens we will be there. Fish or not .Love the area and the many friends we have made.sit tight and sort tackle one more time.Be safe. See ya on the water soon. Hillbilly x-Press
  4. Thanks Ted. Found Tunas add. On there way.
  5. Better keep those silver with blue stripes. Brown trout killers.
  6. Need to find repair shop . Thanks
  7. Finally,someone with real on water experience tells it best.Thank you for sharing your knowledge sir.
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