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  1. Florida school shooting

    This topic is getting way off track. Think it’s time to make some fly hook rigs. Good luck guys...
  2. Wanted Fish hawk

    Yes I’ll try to get a pic later tonight.
  3. Wanted Fish hawk

    Located in Tioga Co . Pa. Around 20 to ship. Call me at 570-673-3084. Thanks
  4. Wanted Fish hawk

    I have a 800 with power cord and trans. No probe. 100.00 plus shipping.
  5. big jon fish call

    Here fishy fishy ??
  6. . I will consider it, but I would really like a larger screen. I looked up the 582l and they are supposed to be a great fishfinder. Has yours had the screen replaced?Price?

    1. Hillbillyx-press


      Screen not replaced. Works well. Comes with bracket. Manual. Power cord . Cover . No transducer.  450.00 shipped 

  7. Wanted Furuno 585 or 588

    I have a 582 for sale.Very good condition.
  8. Braid holding in off-shore OR11 clips

    Scotty’s will hold core and copper
  9. 1990 BAHA WEEKENDER 28' $8000

    Think positive !! Spring is almost here!!!
  10. 1990 BAHA WEEKENDER 28' $8000

    Sorry Scott had a senior moment.!!
  11. 1990 BAHA WEEKENDER 28' $8000

    Hey Chris somebody is missing a great deal.60 days or less to Brown time at the OAK. See ya at NOR real soon. Dale
  12. Bulk ammo ?

    Midway USA
  13. New lever gun

    Purchased Marlin 45-70 in 1985. After 2000 rounds still very well. I hand load with 300 gn. Hornady .Still cuts holes at 100 yds.
  14. Interested in diver rods. Call me at 570-673-3084.