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  1. Hillbillyx-press

    Spring's first signs

    Spring? It is 12 in N.C. Pa. at 8 pm.
  2. Hillbillyx-press

    Slide divers

    Hey Frank .Iagree on 1diver per side . When you have clear water less works better.. Miss seeing you at the OAK. Dale
  3. Hillbillyx-press

    Cayuga 1/14

    Hey Ted .I knew you crazy. If I have to break ice to fish I will stay home and watch football. Glad you caught some.
  4. Hillbillyx-press


    Same here .Want to put one on my 265 Pro Hunter.
  5. Hillbillyx-press

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all on the best Fishing site of all. LOU..
  6. Hillbillyx-press

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Hey guys. Thanks for all the pics and conversations. Our Pa. rifle starts tomorrow. Good luck rest of your season.
  7. Hillbillyx-press

    115 mariner

    Hey MCF you were right. First time I wrote one extra #. Thanks
  8. Hillbillyx-press

    115 mariner

    Hey Ted. I know where you can get a real deal on a 115 Mariner 🛶⛵️
  9. Hillbillyx-press

    115 mariner

    Found it. Is not a valid number according to list from company.. Thanks
  10. Hillbillyx-press

    115 mariner

    Where is serial number located? Thanks
  11. Hillbillyx-press


    Would like to see results after third leg. Thanks
  12. Hillbillyx-press

    Motor Skips

    Using 2 batt. 2 rigger on each batt alt. is good.
  13. Hillbillyx-press

    Motor Skips

    Penn Yan 265 pro hunter Skips when downrigger is coming up.350 mercrusier. Thanks for your help. Dale