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  1. Only one way to go Furuno !!!
  2. Phil2 Hauled my 265 pro hunter from Fairhaven to.the Oak. F150 Ford. No problem. Need permit over 105 in. Good luck.
  3. Yes it is for sale.
  4. It happens at every port that I have fished in the last 30 years . Put on your big boy pants and fish outside the pack . We always catch better fish away from the pack . Tight lines, Dale
  5. There is a 32 at Oak Orchard .call Bob Kitchen at 1-607-542-3045
  6. Where are your located ? I will be at the Oak all weekend.
  7. As posted in a previous thread proper clothing is the best bet . Leave the chemical on shore.
  8. Welcome aboard. N.central Pa. native
  9. Many ideas on this thread. I own a pest control co. Please read all labels . Do not use products labeled for livestock. Proper clothing and a fly swatter are your best choice. Great fishing to all.
  10. The Hillbilly x press crew will be on the water this fri. Thanks Sarah
  11. The flies only bite sailboaters!
  12. Hey pap if you hate the mag. 20 enough l will take them. I live in north central PA. Thanks Dale
  13. Hey pap I may have a blue plug . How many pins? Best bet is to buy a Furuno.
  14. Buy at your local tackle shops on Lake Ontario. This has been a tough year for them.
  15. Where are you located?