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  1. Finally,someone with real on water experience tells it best.Thank you for sharing your knowledge sir.
  2. Just came home from the Oak. Co. Launch at Black North is open. May want boots.
  3. Just installed a Furuno 1833 c radar .Dome is a rip 139 .Test trial last weekend at the OAK.Everything works but on screen boats in front of me are shown behind.Boats on port are shown on starboard. Everything is backwards. Cant get mode for Northup to change. Thanks in advance. This forum has always been helpful.
  4. Just got home from Oak. West launch is ok.
  5. He is a very good salesman. Buyers Beware!
  6. Legacy is right on. I run ff or meat rigs . Start 100 ft. back. Move back 25 ft. At a time. I run 65 lb. braid. Good luck !
  7. Spring? It is 12 in N.C. Pa. at 8 pm.
  8. Hey Frank .Iagree on 1diver per side . When you have clear water less works better.. Miss seeing you at the OAK. Dale
  9. Hey Ted .I knew you crazy. If I have to break ice to fish I will stay home and watch football. Glad you caught some.
  10. Same here .Want to put one on my 265 Pro Hunter.
  11. Merry Christmas to all on the best Fishing site of all. LOU..
  12. Hey guys. Thanks for all the pics and conversations. Our Pa. rifle starts tomorrow. Good luck rest of your season.
  13. Hey MCF you were right. First time I wrote one extra #. Thanks
  14. Hey Ted. I know where you can get a real deal on a 115 Mariner 🛶⛵️
  15. Found it. Is not a valid number according to list from company.. Thanks
  16. Where is serial number located? Thanks
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