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  1. Purchased Marlin 45-70 in 1985. After 2000 rounds still very well. I hand load with 300 gn. Hornady .Still cuts holes at 100 yds.
  2. Interested in diver rods. Call me at 570-673-3084.
  3. Good season for the NY. Guys. My favorite season starts the day after Christmas in PA. Got the flintlock ready last Sunday. Hope to post pictures on this thread. Again,great season guys. Merry Christmas.
  4. Hey pap. PA. Flintlock starts the day after Christmas. Good luck.
  5. 100 gn. White hot pellets 250 gn. Aero lite power belt. Tack driver at100 yds. Haven’t had time to play at 200. Optima v-2
  6. Good report Capt. Spike.My 582 and585 really work well.582 is for sale. I have another unit for charting.
  7. I have a 582 for sale. No transducer. All cables and mounting bracket included. 450. Shipped in lower 48.
  8. It's all about big cities making big money. Not about the lakes ecosystem!!!
  9. The KING is KING and shall remain so!!!
  10. That looks like my crew in action. Gotta love copper. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Where are you located?
  12. Phil2 Hauled my 265 pro hunter from Fairhaven to.the Oak. F150 Ford. No problem. Need permit over 105 in. Good luck.
  13. It happens at every port that I have fished in the last 30 years . Put on your big boy pants and fish outside the pack . We always catch better fish away from the pack . Tight lines, Dale
  14. There is a 32 at Oak Orchard .call Bob Kitchen at 1-607-542-3045
  15. Where are your located ? I will be at the Oak all weekend.
  16. As posted in a previous thread proper clothing is the best bet . Leave the chemical on shore.
  17. Welcome aboard. N.central Pa. native
  18. Many ideas on this thread. I own a pest control co. Please read all labels . Do not use products labeled for livestock. Proper clothing and a fly swatter are your best choice. Great fishing to all.
  19. The Hillbilly x press crew will be on the water this fri. Thanks Sarah
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