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  1. I guess I wasnt very clear in what I was asking. Does anyone that paints the torpedo weights see any difference in catch rates. Wondering if being silver scares fish
  2. Just wondering. I have a set of 16# torpedo weight that I got from troutman on here. Does anyone notice a difference between the regular silver weights and ones that are painted black ? Does anyone like the shark weights over the torpedos ? Thanks
  3. I'm usually running the low diver on 2 and the high on 3 1/2. That would make sense. I'm guessing it would be closer to a 3-1 like the dipsy divers
  4. I just started running slide divers. I'm running the slide divers on wire with the big ring. Was wondering about the depth chart on the website. How accurate are they ? I'm usually trolling at 2.5-3.0 on the fishhawk if that helps. It seems it is about a 2-1 ratio. Is that but everyone uses ? Thought about using a fishhawk td. Would the drag change the depth ? Thanks
  5. Ok. Thanks for the info. Sounds like 1 set of weights for the deep divers for the summer. Plan is to run the deep divers around the depth of the riggers and the high divers a little higher just out of temp
  6. Ok. Thanks. With using wire do you know if that would still be about a 2-1 ratio ?
  7. I was at the expo this past weekend and got some slide divers with the big ring. Out of the package with the big ring on setting 3 will it go more than 50'. Or do I need to get the weight kit for all of them? I'm running wire with a 30' leader.
  8. I'm in the process on tearing my carpet out. What is everyone's thoughts on vinyl flooring ? From what I've seen it looks good. My worry is that it will be slippery when it gets wet. Anyone have any experience with it ? Thanks
  9. First of all welcome to the addiction. After I caught my first salmon and it peeled of well over a 100' of line I was hooked. The salmon school is one of the best things that you can do. There is a lot of info and it is worth the price of admission. This is the best forum for salmon fishing. Listen to what everyone is posting throughout the season. There are so many people who are willing to help a new guy out. So don't be afraid to ask any questions. I have only been trolling for salmon for a few years but the guys on here have shortened by learning curve a lot. I appreciate all the help by the way. Just remember that this is a hobby that will drive you nuts at time and sometimes keep you up at night wondering what am I doing wrong when everyone else is doing good. Just keep working at it and you will get there. I can tell you that the first time that you are in your own boat and kill it with all that you have learned it will be worth it. There will be days that you get skunked and then there will days that you cant keep lines in the water. Tight lines brother See you out there
  10. No issues. Just upgraded to the new HS cannons. Located in Depew,NY
  11. I have a pair of older cannon mag 10a downriggers. 5' boom with swivel bases.$300
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