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  1. Whitetail Institue winter greens for late season. My 1 acre plot had 34 deer in it today. Not the cheapest,but it is the best.
  2. Purchased hook 7 may . Sonar worked plotter was not working properly. Lowrance Navionics took 3 months to correct. Check out Furuno. Much better units.
  3. Going to put a shoot thru trans. In my 265 Pro Hunter. What's the best location? Thanks Dale
  4. Going to put a shoot thru trans. In my 265 Pro Hunter. What's the best location? Thanks Dale
  5. Hey guys. All 47lc must be at LO. I will post them when I get them back in PA. Thanks Dale
  6. Hang in there. It will be much better in 2 woks. I have had 2 hernias fixed. Walking is the best thing After the first wk. Good Luck. Tight Lines.
  7. Still unpacking. Soon as I find the 47s I will post pics.
  8. Slamminsam I have 3 or 4 47lc here in pa. 50 each. Thanks Dale
  9. I have serveral 47 s for sale. Some are still on the boat at lake O.
  10. Shooting high fence deer is like snagging kings at the dam on oakorchard. It's not for me. Give free chase in the woods and on the water.
  11. The Oak. 10/15 16 My cousins and I fished below dam to archers club. Most of the fisherman were doing it right. At the dam it was a snag fest and the area around the dam looked like a landfill.
  12. Same here. A new furuno will be on board next year. Thanks for your support guys. Good luck in fall derby.
  13. I agree with you. Have 2 weeks trying to get a return on a hook 7 gps . It was new in June. Unit was back at navico August 8. Navico said 2 weeks to return. Now unit is on back order. Derby time and I will be fishing blind.
  14. Why are capt. Posting only on Facebook? Some of us do not use Facebook. Stuck in PA. For another week. Just like to keep informed. Thanks. Dale
  15. Unit will not let me navigate to waypoints. Does not show Lat. Lon. On screen. Been on phone with lowrance still won't Navigate. Looking for help from lowrance users. Thanks Dale
  16. Welcome aboard Sarah. My crew has fished LOC many years. Just the chance to win the grand prize is good enough for my crew. Thanks for a great LOC. Dale
  17. I have 1 32 silver. Will check my box for any more. Dale
  18. Finally !! I fish copper flies with spin docs. Samples look great. 3386 ogdensburg rd. Roaring branch,Pa. 17765 Dale Jackson Hillbilly x Press. at the OAK Thanks Dale
  19. If three ad rods are still for sale call me. 570-673 3084
  20. Still looking for crystalina watermelon spoons. Thanks Dale
  21. He posted me twice this morn. 9 mil. Buys a lot of spoons.
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