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  1. This is the spot where your "advice" went south. This website is a virtual goldmine of information that has been freely shared for many years by very generous people. For much of the 70 plus years I have fished the "old timers" closely guarded their "secrets" in terms of techniques, lures, and fishing spots and would seldom reveal ANYTHING to novices or fishermen that weren't part of the Good Old Boys network. This website has overcome those obstacles to learning for thousands of people. If you think information on here is being withheld I would suggest that it is for good reason. There is a vast difference between fishing the small streams of New York and trolling the larger lakes including Lake O. where fishing pressures and illegal activity may be serious but perhaps not to the extent that it can tank the fishery entirely. To a degree this also applies to particular vulnerable species as well such as perch and crappies because of their particular schooling habits and increased vulnerability. People responding to these "sensitive nature" posts are trying to protect these diminishing resources by not calling focused attention alerting the entire Internet to potentials for exploitation; not purposely withholding "secrets" or only revealing things to a particular group of "in' individuals. Not everyone in our society or on the Internet is conservation minded. Many times when sensitive issues are encountered here the way to respond is through a personal message offering information to be shared with a person but not publicly announced so that the information can be exploited. Just something to think about....
  2. Yeah on Friday I had some 68.4 degree surface stuff out there. Nice going Anthony. You had a real good season on Cdga. with some nice fish.
  3. Sorry about that Cornelis. I thought only my wife blamed me for stuff like that
  4. This time of year they can be anyplace in the lake from 70 ft or so out to the two hundreds but often suspended from 30-75 ft down and sometimes the smallies are in that general range as well. Both small to medium spoons ((2-3 1/4 inches work and sticks about the same size as well trolled relatively fast (2.5 -3.2 mph) and set back 50-75 ft. Most of the time the lakers hit the usual sized flasher/fly combos so I try smaller dodgers with smaller very colorful flies trolled in that 30-75 ft range and faster speed than the usual stuff.
  5. Sk8man

    for sale : usa 2017 Parker 2120 SC

    Now that is my idea of a real boat
  6. I don't know who has been following the news lately but the entire US supply and distribution chain has been disrupted by the shortage of truck drivers, and the fact that there are hundreds of gigantic container ships parked at anchor off Los Angeles waiting to unload.. (may be weeks to months) and .it is jammed up worse than ever seen. This may not be the time to be thinking about potential discounts. If you can get something now it may be the time to do so. Same applies to Xmas gifts.
  7. Not too late in season; a couple things are going on : a) the water temp is higher than usual right now and things are behind normal in general for instance the foliage on the trees. October and November can be real good normally, and b) the lake is turning over with algae all over the place suspended in the water column. We need some much cooler nights to bring down the water temperatures and a lot of the algae will disappear too. The smallies are suspended out deep where the temps are right and where most of the bait is right now. Nice one by the way. hang in there as the fall season is just getting ready to start the lake still thinks it is summer.
  8. Great rig Wally ...but...... now you don't have any excuses for not catching fish
  9. I guess the saying "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" applies here
  10. Yeah I used to fish the one at Adams Basin too and just bass. Years ago the one at Newark had a lot of northerns and walleyes and a couple years ago I talked with a guy who had a cottage over there and he had been getting walleyes of his dock so the northerns may still be around. I used to get a lot of northerns on bait (shiners and fatheads) near the spillway in Lyone right on Rt#31
  11. Another place to try: https://www.mapquest.com/us/new-york/widewaters-area-canal-park-406745851
  12. The mentioning of Bayluscide is a little misleading. It is actually an additive to TFM which is the main treatment chemical. Bayluscide is readily absorbed by the sediment layer. Bayluscide has also been used on small bodies of water to control Zebra mussels but it is too expensive and impractical to use on large bodies like the Fingers for that purpose. It is also mentioned by DEC that it will "improve fishing" but it should be noted that it will take YEARS before significant impact will be seen because the treatment has no impact on the juveniles and adults roaming the lakes. https://umesc.usgs.gov/documents/publications/2003/dawson_a_2003.html#:~:text=Bayluscide is an additive to TFM that increases,(2'%2C 5-dichloro-4'-nitrosalicylanilide)%2C the active ingredient of Bayluscide%2C degrades Wondering if maybe they treated the Keuka Outlet in June and now doing Catherines?
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