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  1. Looks like the little guy might have a pinochio problem too
  2. Hey its all in fun....both our teams got dusted
  3. The Chamberlains do excel at the lighter fish release but they also max out at 4 lbs release strength so for running attractors, meat rigs etc. the Black's have a higher release strength. I have both and sometimes use the Chamberlain Stacker Release right on the same riggers with the Black's located right above the Black on the wire (e.g. for walleyes or perch etc.). This way have the best of both worlds when after multi-species.
  4. We will offer our sympathies to you after the games Bill
  5. I'm picking the Chiefs and Packers today Brian. I think that Mahomes kid with more experience and no serious injuries may end up being the best quarterback ever (in terms of native talent) as his career moves along.
  6. It isn't necessary to use rubber bands as far as the functioning of the release itself. It basically boils down to a preference issue. Some folks feel that it gives an opportunity to fine tune the release for small fish or perhaps walleyes for one thing.
  7. This up and down of temps is enough to drive ya nuts
  8. X2 Just down the road from Oswego taking Rt 104 west to Port Bay
  9. Might want to check here but I have never used them myself but they are fairly nearby Ithaca Finger Lakes Service & Canvas Shop Boat Part & Supply Address: 9147 State Route 96, Interlaken, NY 14847 Phone: (607) 387-3093
  10. Many of the shelters are located near the firearms section in the back of the store and not so much in the fishing section where they might be expected.
  11. I think the sizes range from #1-5 with 1 being the smallest. They differ from the conventional plastic divers (e.g. Luhr Jensen etc. in that they are metal divers and they offer much less resistance in the water yet are capable of excellent depth penetration. They operate much the same in terms of setup as the conventional plastic divers rather than as a slide diver so unless you are into hand lining fish to the net I have found it productive to limit length of lead to a little shorter than rod length especially if fishing solo.
  12. The Chinook divers are nice in the skinny water because of less resistance and easy one hand depth adjustment, but other small sized divers will work well with 6-8 ft leads too. It isn't just on Lake O either. I've used them that way since the late seventies or early eighties on the Finger Lakes and have had the best luck with smaller light flutter spoons on them for lakers, browns, and landlocks (usually the rainbows are more difficult to locate in the early Spring). My dad even caught a money fish in the Seneca Derby with one of my home made spoons way back on them. Although the setup works best in marginally cloudy water they will hit if actively feeding in the clear stuff too. The thing I have found funny is that it is frequently mentioned that browns are line shy and adversely react to motor noise and depth finder pinging yet in the shallows in the Spring you can throw that theory out the window when they are actively feeding. Sometimes we forget that they are "opportunists" and "scavengers" and I have had the best luck lowering the diver til it hits bottom then raising it a couple feet off and the outside diver usually takes the hit on turns.
  13. Three black versions of Rich's weights and they are great!
  14. Nice going. Looks as though Goby patterns might be the Spring ticket
  15. Looks like Lucky saved ya some time and trouble
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