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  1. Good going to a good start for the derby
  2. That sure is an encouraging report Rick. Good going!
  3. Seneca

    Yeah you don't miss much must be that attention to detail that makes you such a good fisherman That 2 stroke has seen some action and is headed for my son's 16 ft Aluminum soon. Still runs like a top My Tohatsu runs like a dream now too. Hey Mike I'm kinda waiting for my buddies at the south end to pile on me....but they are a little slow this year
  4. Seneca

    I in tend to launch out of Geneva but just in case I stop at Sampson to enter the winner this is what my boat looks like (this is especially for the benefit of the southenders)
  5. Nick's possible derby secret weapons exposed by sattelite view?
  6. Here is the info for the Canandaigua Derby (with yours truly holding his fish in the pic) I'mhoping the pic willscare Admiral Byrd from entering
  7. Just a comment from someone who has been knocked out of places a few times two of which were by 1/100 th of a pound.- Put the fish immediately on ice or a livewell and head for the weight station if you think it is a money fish. They do lose weight soon after dying especially if they dehydrate and after they poop or spit up bait etc and it can make all the difference sometimes. I had an additional unsettling episode at last year's Canandaigua Lake Trout Derby. I caught my derby winning fish at about 6 AM and the weigh station didn't open until 8 AM sowe were stuck keeping it on ice and waiting until the guy came and opened the weigh station and the guy couldn't understand why I might be a bit uptight about it You also may not want them real lively and flopping around on the scale either as the weight measurement may be inaccurate (been there too).
  8. WTG John. It truly is a beautiful venue if only the silver fishery could rebound...
  9. Seneca

    It is good to see you getting nervous about us Hop...I'll be sure to tell Mark as he is kinda like a bobcat about ready to pounce right now
  10. Seneca

    OR you could run kite rigs off them Billy
  11. I think it must relate to the real old ones then...another thing right there.....ever notice how many real old ones are still around and still on the water (e..g. work boats etc.)?
  12. Mike I think Classical music is supposed to be easier on the battery
  13. Nice going Brian. I don't think you have to wqorry too much aboot the Seneca derby You are probably one of the most serious "threats" out there