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  1. Thanks for the good news Vince
  2. I'll probably get a couple this time last time it didn't last much longer than me getting in my vehicle
  3. One of the main "highlights" of each season for us and always look forward to it
  4. Sk8man

    what to look for??

    Best of luck out there this season and stay safe. Remember not every fish you see on the screen is a salmon....I've even caught a bullhead on a rigger going through bait
  5. Sk8man

    what to look for??

    Your screen will look slightly different (on Lowrance) but here is basically what you would see if bait and fish were spotted while trolling and you have out one downrigger with spoon (top straight line) and a downrigger with an attractor (flasher on lower line). The bait is the dense (yellow/red when dense) "glob" that they are running through (another smaller off to the left near the 70.9) and the arcs are fish and possibly a couple fish on bottom as well. Sometimes the fish are mixed in with the bait so they may not appear as arcs or not be distinguished from the bait. As you go through very dense bait pods you may see your rod tips bouncing as the lure or line hits the baitfish or you may even snag them.
  6. The one thing I would mention here is that the Seeforellen strain (grow to huge size) of browns was tried in Owasco and Seneca Lakes in the past and they didn't fare well. I know Lake O is a different environment but I don't think that pinning our hopes on them should be a primary strategy.
  7. Ifishy - Thanks for the insights. I attended a talk given by a faculty member of a college near here discussing some of the things going on in the Finger Lakes and the actual estrogen aspect was discussed along with a number of other similar structured chemicals such as those used in plastics and the potential impacts on the fisheries. It was also mentioned that they have found traces of things like Viagara, amphetamines, and a host of other chemicals that don't belong in the water. Many of these things are not routinely filtered out by conventional water treatment either so there are residual amounts in our drinking water also.They are monitoring some of the Finger Lakes tributaries looking for potential sources too. The fact that Lake O is at the bottom of the Great Lakes may make it something of a "reservoir" for some of this too but it is probably fortunate also that it may cycle through via the pathway to the sea further diluting the contaminants.
  8. The truly interesting thing to me is the rapidity of the supposed changes. Usually significant genetic changes and adaptation have been thought to occur in much slower intervals as in thousands or millions of years.....this certainly suggests otherwise, and does it mean that there may be "forms" of genetic adaptation (e.g. short term and long term)? I'll leave it to the scientists but scratching my head nonetheless.
  9. Sk8man

    Electric trolling motor

    Check your PMs
  10. Sk8man

    Is Sodus launch clear?

    Just a little something to keep in mind for the adventurous folks ready to be the first out of the gate. It is possible to get out the channel do some fishing and then the big ice floes come out the channel from the bay and you might not be able to get back in to the launch so be careful if you do it.
  11. Sk8man

    Cinematic Film: Casting Spoons for Brown Trout

    Very good advice. You younger dudes are the future of this sport that the rest of us love so much. It looks as though you have the fish handling/release down and the fishing techniques so it pays to keep in mind that a varied audience will be viewing the video and safety comes first when out there and it is important to always role model for the folks even much younger than yourselves. Nice job on the video and thanks for sharing.
  12. Sk8man

    1st Perch of the year

    Last week I had a 5-6 lb laker spit up (5) 3 inch perch on Keuka while after perch on the ice and all of them were still alive.He hit on a 1/16 oz. jig with a waxworm through the ice in 18 ft of water. They certainly are really "opportunists" for whatever they can get down their throats
  13. Sk8man

    Cayuga CAYUGA 1st OUT

    I have all my rolled up leaders with lures attached (single hooks on them) on fives blocks of styrofoam for each rig (usually run three or four of them). I usually have several sets of them with spoons all set up with rubber band around them so I can switch them out as desired. All the sets are contained in a waterproof zippered bag (softsided cooler bag).