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  1. Sk8man

    Twili tip on Talora Help

    You have to really watch the heat application (transfering through the metal tip to the rod itself) to the fiberglass it can weaken it if too much. The new packages of twillis come with a few different inside diameter adapters that fit most standard rods but if you now have a rod tip diameter that is too large for the largest inside diameter you may have to go with a roller tip instead. I like them better anyway. If you go the roller approach look around for a used roller tip rod that has the steel tips NOT the ones with aluminum sides they allow wire to cut through them
  2. Sk8man

    Cayuga Cayuga 7/10

    Nice going Wes. Thanks for the report. Maybe see ya out there this weekend we'll be launching out of Dean's. I'll bet those folks are still talking about the fishing Good luck in the derby if I don't get a chance to connect.
  3. Wow ! I hope whatever you have Cornelis it isn't contagious....thats terrible. After that the fleas were probably not even a concern....
  4. Ive had my Garelick bracket since 2002 and this is the second motor on it.....never a problem and I've trailered with it vertical the entire time. My bracket is bolted through the hull and backed on the underside and outside. The motor doesn't move when trailering. I have it secured with a lock so that the hand fasteners can't loosen up and I have a ratcheted strap around the metal part of the bracket to keep the motor tight and to act as a safety line in case the plastic fails. Is it a garanteed perfect failsafe measure? No but I've tried to eliminate the major concerns at least. It is unfortunate situations like this that causes you to question your own set-up as well. Good luck from here on out Killerk hope things go better for you.
  5. Sk8man

    19lb 4oz Brown

    Beauty! Some really nice fish right there Brian
  6. Yeah John but if they did it would probably be so filled with bleeps that they would have to cancel the show
  7. Clutch is set fine Brian. The problems for some others seems to be when their weight is just suspended and nothing else is going on - the terminal connection or perhaps the wire above it just gives way and the whole thing drops to the bottom independently of the breakaway cable.. and Mike - you could be right.....but blame it on the other MIke.....cause I still remember the look on your face when it happened
  8. Sk8man

    Lake trout

    Ben said it exactly X4....you probably won't need any others
  9. Sk8man

    Flea removal tip

    Bob I think I may have gotten the idea from a post on here a short time ago. I think someone said they were going to give it a try so I (in desperation) went down cellar and rigged one up. Man with these things anything is worth a try. good luck out there.
  10. I've been thinking....maybe Mike has "rigger" mortis
  11. I was actually there for Mikes probe loss experience unless he's had another (I sure hope not as I never want to see that look on his face again) Hopefully the 90 lb test wire I used on my "safety strap" will hold up better than the 60 stuff seems to....hate to lose one of my bikinibottom weights though. Don, That is the breakaway cable that runs from the probe to the weight and is attached to your existing downrigger terminus so that if for example you snag up on bottom the theory is that you'd lose the weight but not the probe when the 60 lb cable snaps because it is much below the breaking strength of the normal downrigger cable (usually 150-200 lb test). The problem as in Mike's case above is that one of the cable terminations let go and everything was lost. That is why the connection I made rests ABOVE the cable terminations with the hope that it saves the probe....still no guarantee,
  12. hi les hope all is going well. have a question are they charging too launch at the chamber building in Geneva. heading out in the morning to give it a try.

  13. Sk8man

    Flea removal tip

    Mine is on the dash of the boat already