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  1. Sk8man

    Brown or LL salmon??

    Stream browns or lake browns that have been in the stream awhile color up probably for a variety of reasons; diet being one. The lake run Finger Lake browns feed mainly on alewives, smelt, shiners, or fatheads etc. although they will eat other opportunistic items. Fish in the streams pretty much eat whatever they can find such as earthworms, grubs, minnows, snails, clams, insects and various other food items. If you think about adaptation to the environment it makes sense that the stream fish in the shallower water need to camoflage themselves and perhaps protect from the sunlight so probably there is some mechanism that triggers to color them up to blend in to their surroundings. Some of the lake fish color up pretty good too and they can appear different color wise in the different Finger Lakes too. There may also be genetic variations in the color changes as well. hard to say how much any one thing contributes because coloration also changes with spawning status as well. The short answer is there are probably a number of reasons for the color differences among the fish.
  2. Might be parting ways with some potential derby winners Stan
  3. Sk8man

    Brown or LL salmon??

    Brown Trout. The angle at which it is being held can influence both the tail curvature, thickness of the peduncle area (just n front of the tail) and also the degree to which the mouth jawline extends beyond the rear edge of the eye making the ID a little trickier. The way to tell for sure is to look inside the mouth to the roof of the mouth . There will be only one set of vomerine teeth in a row down the center area for a Landlock but on the Brown there will be 2 sets with a zig zag appearance. The dense spotting on this fish suggests brown in that it extends downward past the midline densely near the stomach. On the Atlantic spotting is usually less dense and usually doesn't extend downward to that degree. The pelvic fin shape is that of a Brown rather than a landlock and there is some spotting on the adipose which is not present on the landlock. As mentioned specific coloration can relate to being in a stream rather than the lake and diet. Spotting is usually more densely distributed over the body and gill area of browns than landlocks. Younger fish of each species are the ones most often misidentified because the features aren't very exagerrated yet.
  4. Sk8man

    Hardwater report !!

    The ice was somewhat variable in thickness yesterday but hard ice. In some places it was less than three inches so care still neeeds to be taken out there and not a good idea to have 4 or 5 guys standing around together in some places. Honeoye also has random gas pockets in places that can severely affect the integrity of the ice so if unfamiliar with the lake especially use caution, carry pics, and use a spud to navigate. float suit always a good idea no matter where you go.
  5. After several years of use with the TD I fully agree with Capt Ace he is exactly correct about the variables involved.
  6. Sk8man

    Fish hawk probe .

    Some of it depends on the particular point in the season. Early and late in the season the specific temps can become less important than other things and all during the season a couple things stay important: "Fish the bait" and "Fish the marks". and they may have little to do with specific water temp. On the other hand, having the speed at the weight and knowing where it is running from the X4D may be important all along.
  7. Sk8man

    Cayuga 1/14

    We are a crazy bunch aren't we?
  8. Sk8man


    I hit one yesterday with the pelletgun but not a direct head shot so just ruffled his feathers. Very limited opportunities as I live in a development but it doesn't mean I give up easily Hoping to get one so I can put it hanging in a tree out back to serve as a "message" to the rest of them. Thye do learn fast....
  9. Sk8man

    Spring striper fishing

    As a backup try using the longest plastic worms scented or unscented in black or dark blue you can find and use on a a three-way swivel rig.
  10. Sk8man


  11. Sk8aroo  I have a lot  of old NK 28s i will be putting up for sale.

    If there is a certain color or nickname you want I will see if I

    have it.these are brand new still in package.Even got some NK


  12. Sk8man

    Seneca Lake Legend

    One of my cool memories is of ice fishing with Don,his brother Ed, and his dad Marco in front of the Yacht Club at the mouth of the Seneca River back in the early 80's. We had literally thousands of huge perch under us and they wouldn't hit anything we threw at them. These jumbos were packed just like sardines and you couldn't see between them. I got lucky enough to snag one and I immeditately cut it open and checked the contents but I didn't even have to as the thing was gorged on fresh water shrimp and was spitting them up. We all just shook our heads....lesson learned....never forgot it when the perch aren't biting... I ran into Don at Sampson a couple years ago and we had a great chat about the old days and that time on the ice etc.He said he had to give up chartering because of his health issues so I guess this may have been coming for awhile. A real shame as he was a very knowledgeable perch and laker guy, one of the fastest perch cleaners I've ever seen, and spent many years as a barber in waterloo as well. I'll miss his distinct laugh and jovial nature. May God rest his soul.
  13. Sk8man

    Big board storage ideas

    Use bungees to strap them to the hand holds upfront. Perhaaps add padding behind them and bungee them to the hand holds and the rail above
  14. I was honestly on the fence about it Stan but I already have a bunch and I thought to myself....better start using the ones I have more often The one with the greenish tape was once a $1,000 brown in the Seneca derby