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  1. You have every right to be proud of her Kevin and I salute her for being a wonderful caring person
  2. I think (unfortunately) the only way some folks would get this is by going to NYC and helping load bodies of their fellow New Yorkers into body bags...the reality would become all too clear then. The health care workers are taking the hit for the rest of us and some do not seem to fathom the depth of that.
  3. Beautifully said and I hope all works out well.
  4. It is designed to remove your civilian identity (self-centerdness) and replace it with a team identity for the duration of your enlistment, but the sense of belonging and concern for society (i.e. the group) should remain. That is probably what I should have said initially. It has nothing to do with being weak or weak minded.
  5. Redacted. Sorry I snapped but the whining has gotten to me.
  6. They are not in at the south end. There is the handicapped dock available at the north end.
  7. Why on Earth can't people get past selfish self interest and do what is right for everyone concerned? Is it really that difficult?
  8. The only drawback is that the perch have probably become extinct
  9. Sk8man

    Cayuga Perch

    My father-in-law would say the guy is "operating on low voltage"
  10. If you are not encountering water fleas braid is your best bet 10-30 lb. Any mono will have substantial stretch very little to none with braid and it has smaller diameter for less water resistance (e.g. Power Pro etc.).
  11. Very well said. There has never been a time in my memory at least that the importance of maintaining a rational perspective has been more important, and having a sense of moral responsibility to our citizenry of paramount concern.
  12. sThis should be a lot simpler than people are making it. Respect your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans by following the rules set forth. Nobody likes it. It is inconvenient and engenders the emotional reaction of "Nobody is going to tell me what to do or that I can't go fishing etc." This is a time to put our personal preferences and differences aside and pull together to help slow down this emerging train wreck. Putting self or others at risk is immature, selfish, and not in the spirit of being a good citizen at the very least. This is the most serious situation we have had in a long long time and in my lifetime I have never seen one this potentially disasterous.
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