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  1. I think Mr 580 is right on the mark. Again, speed is a critical factor and depending on lure especially after a cerain point the line bows upward with a belly in it. It is thought to be the swaying action of the leadcore in the water that attracts fish and they will come both vertically and horizontally to check it out and as it is some distance from the boat they may not appear on the fish finder either.
  2. I had them on 30 lb Sea Flee mono but they could be shaken of on the way in they were tougher to get off on the wire. However we also had them on the 150 lb downrigger wire
  3. X2 For those folks that keep looking for that perfect rod that you get the true feel of the fish fight you are looking in the wrong place. There is nothing that compares to the feel of a big laker being pulled off the bottom on copper with a Twin Minnow or Pfleuger spoon at the end of it. The sudden 'thud" ( feeling like you are snagged up on bottom) with the vicious head shaking and struggling while gradually coming to the boat all the while worrying about keeping the boat under control and possibly losing your fingers even with a leather finger or gloves....nothing in the world like it! Think I may have talked myself back into it
  4. They usually spawn in late October through November/early December
  5. Cool pics of the kids and the obvious enjoyment Any of the females will have eggs but it is the condition or status of them that makes a difference. They shouldn't be spewing out of them yet if that is what you mean most will be unripened around now.
  6. Bob needed a little excitement anyway and his eyesight isn't all that great as I was under the fish with the net
  7. It (heat from sun even when in container, vehicle or boat) can also happen to some plastic stickbaits that get really distorted out of shape. The heat will also melt plastic baits....don't ask how I know this
  8. I still use 2 10A's and have a Digitroll 2 as well. The slow retrieve can be a plus... I re-rig things when the ten pound shark weight is on way up.. I have used the faster new riggers on other people's boats and I don't care for them. If you keep the water out of them, adhere to the 10 lb weight max, and treat them with care (all mine have the covers when not in use) they will hold up fine. I've had mine since 1985 and the only thing I have done is replace the power cords with the new ones which are a real improvement. The older ones often crack and can short out so it is worth the money to get the new ones. They may or may not have auto stop of the weight so if not just adjust the drag so that it is tight but not 100 percent tight and the weight will slip (and make a noise) when it gets to the top. It is also a good idea in case of hanging up on bottom I believe the camo coating on the Marlins was supposed to protect against the salt water environment at least that is what was advertised at the time.
  9. Yep possible as I believe they were the saltwater version of the Mag 10's originally.
  10. It looks like converted older Mag 10 with a Digitroll board because the Digitroll II's were all black I believe and they have a Digitroll insignia on upper part at the base of the arm of the boom. The older Mag 10's and 10A's had the lighter duty motor which maxed at 10 lbs.
  11. Here is a better pic of the type of fly (the other was a combo green and white by the way).
  12. On the water just before 6 AM on the Admiral Byrd boat. Started in about 140 ft water trolled to 270 and back in 3 kings- one on downrigger set at 100 ft with Dreamweaver 42 on it 17 lb king, another smaller one about 6 lbs on (?) spoon and downrigger around 100 ft. and another king in about 260 ft of water on wire and flasher fly Wonderbread Spinny with homemade Googly eye fly out 275 and 2 or 3 setting. Two other hit and runs with nobody home, All fish came on starboard side of boat despite similar setups on port side. Most turns in direction were from starboard to port suggesting that the fish may have wanted things run at the higher outside speed.We were running from about 2..4-3.0.Fleas were pretty bad and even were on downrigger wire.. Ran a 300 copper with magnum spoons the entire time without any action on it both from board and down the chute. Oh lest I forget. Bob caught all three fish and had the two hits.....He was driving and quickly jumped to secure the starboard side of the boat right at the start....something fishy about that....literally
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