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  1. Small light weight spoons for the Atlantics (e.g. small Honeybees, #8 Sutton, small orange or lime green Acme Looter if you have one). The Atlantics will probably want the presentation much faster than the lakers too. Lakers should be in the 90 -100 ft range I would suspect and without the depth finder I would be starting on a diagonal from shore and trying to reach bottom with some weight as I go along until you can't reach bottom or you connect. They are going to be bottom oriented at this point in the season in the colder water. Run a very short leader off the thumper with a heavier spoon on it
  2. Gill - If you are getting the bass you need to be DOWN....I'd try some weight added? Also if there are any stores around there that carry Lake Clear Wobblers (attractor) the large copper/silver one is worth a shot with a small to medium spoon behind it (about the size of a Sutton 44)
  3. Instead of taking off the solid ring from the Sutton cut the treble off and replace with an open eye Mustad Siwash SS salmon single hoos (1/0 size)
  4. I don't disagree with what you are saying about the wave perception Chris and I know you are correct. I also think TeamRampage68's advice is something to consider. By the way, I wasn't in the 12 footers intentionally ( in my 13 ft. Whaler no less) an unanticipated electrical storm came out of the west/ northwest with very high winds while fishing out deep out of Sodus Point and I barely made it back to shore. The folks on the pier were cheering me on because the huge boats were also struggling to get back to shore. I later saw on the news that the waves were 12 ft... they seemed like the Empire State building to me at the time and I had about 6-8 inches of rain and water in the boat too My scariest time ever on the water.
  5. I don't think there is really anything "magical" about this . The color matching thing is probably more of a 'human thing' than related to the fish catching process. It is most likely the combined action of the flasher or spinney catching the attention of the fish and being in close enough proximity for the fish to either grab or chase it and the fly appearing "vulnerable" or "wounded" following the commotion of the attractor. There may be certain colors that are enhanced by particular light levels at the time or particular water color or characteristics or the interaction between these but to think a fish is going be turned off because something doesn't match is human thinking not fish related in my view. A lot of fishing includes a strong element of superstitious behavior too...I am guilty of it as well but I also recognize it for what it is In truth there is no magic or single answer to this you have to experiment on the place you are fishing at that point in time (e.g. light levels, wave characteristics etc.) to see what may or may not work.
  6. I guess my point is this : If you are new to the lake and in a 12 or 14 ft boat you shouldn't rely ONLY on the buoy data or even the weather reports regardless of where they come from because there can be many other factors perhaps unanticipated or not included in the data. For example it may be updated in intervals such that you may look at the info when you get up in the AM and leave for the lake and arrive there an hour or two later things may change significantly like the predicted wind direction and velocity for example and this may alter the data that you saw before leaving and when you arrive at the lake things are quite different and usually not "calmer" either. Another thing I have wondered about is whether debris (significant right now in the lake) may gather around the buoy perhaps and keep it from rising accurately?). I have never seen the actual lake wave levels lower than the buoys have reported. The buoy reports are certainly much better than nothing as is true of the weather reports but things can and do change quickly on Lake O and you always have to be on your guard out there and not take anything for granted while out there or even before departing from home. She can be very unforgiving of "mistaakes"
  7. I know what you are saying Chris and it is similar to judging fish weight but I've also been trolling for over 50 years on Lake O and all the Fingers except Otisco and have experienced 12 footers on Lake O in the past as well as having fished both oceans and I can tell 2 ft waves vs. 3 to 4 footers pretty accurately. Sometimes some of the buoy reports appear inaccurate to me when I get out there.
  8. in Lake Goerge provides servicing if you need it and they have parts as well. Good folks to deal with.
  9. Matt - Hold off until we talk later this afternoon....
  10. Nice going Mike. Hey....Nick.. was that one from Seneca?
  11. Brian - Congrats on avoiding the much dreaded "skunk" Mark and I were not so lucky today. We arrived at Hughes to a relatively calm lake at 5AM after an hour ride and motored out to 230 ft to start the day. We set out 2 wire dipseys one with flasher fly and other with spinney fly and a 300 copper with a magnum spoon and three cheated downriggers. We had one release on the downrigger and it appeared like something didn't quite fully get ahold of the slider. Wer changed everything but the kitched sink until 2 PM without even the slightest touch and we never marked a solid fish and only one small pod of bait. Interestingly, we never marked even a laker on bottom despite fishing out to 560 ft of water and back into 120 ft. We managed to snag a large branch with the downrigger at the end of things and tangled up two wire dipseys and a downrigger so we had a little excitement anyway The bottom line is however a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work
  12. Good luck.  I think the conditions should be allot like today but you never know.   Good luck and hope you guys do well!!!

    1. Sk8man


      Thanks for the well wishes :) Unfortunately we struckout today but it was not for lack of trying....just one of those days and we never saw anyoone out there catch anything either and there were a couple of charters workimg near us much of the time. There is always next time.... Les

  13. Thx for the report and nice work. We'll be out there in the AM after them too.
  14. And there is always the first time I launched my 13 ft whaler and forgot the plug.....looked behind the truck to see my dad struggling with it and waving wildly and we had quite a time gettig it back on the trailer.