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  1. Sk8man

    Brown trout rod and reels

    The Accudepth Plus' and Sealine SG's are the same reel inside at least for the larger ones (e.g. 57's)
  2. Sk8man

    Looking for a shanty!

    Just cut a few holes in the floor....and good to go
  3. Sk8man

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    Along the lines of doing something. I sent the URL of this thread to Brad Hammers at Region 8 as an "FYI" hoping to spark some interest in the issue..
  4. Sk8man

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    When you look at about any situation where money is connected to a resource human nature and greed comes into play. The solution here isn't really complicated - just bring the regs for this particular species into alignment with many other species protecting them while spawning, no selling on recreational licenses, and making the size and daily limits the same as for Crappies. It could go a long way in helping out. The correction for the overharvesting is obvious...but my hunch is it could be greatly reduced with those changes when the money factor is removed (and the formal restaurant side of it should be solved as well) and proper monitoring.
  5. Some good descriptive info in the above posts. Just as in perch and panfish jigging everyone has their favorite "moves" The use of a flasher was mentioned and for this type of fishing (e.g. over deep water) it can be VERY useful and instructional. Just peering down the hole in the shallow water for perch you can learn volumes about perch and panfish behavior and that is something that can make a ton of difference in results jigging. Unfortunately it isn't that easy in 80-150 ft of water so that is where the portable flasher or other more sophisticated unit comes in. Joe mentioned some of the jigging things to try, and although jigging "blind" can yield results the other half of equation for consistent success is figuring out the behavior of the fish in general and the one you are after in particular.The flasher gives you this "eyesight" capability in the deep water. On the flasher especially with a ZOOM function you are able to "see" the fish in terms of its relative distance from the jig/bait and assess movement toward or away from it in response to your jigging movement (e.g. the ones like Joe mentioned). You get to make judgments about which specific movements the fish is responding to or being turned off by and with experience you can tel when they are about to bite which is a pretty cool advantage. On a more sophisticated graphic display you can gain other important information such as a clearer definition of the position of the fish, and its path toward or away from the jig, the "following" path and a little better idea of its location near bottom or suspended etc. and again you are able to judge whether the fish is interested in the specific jigging movements you are making and allows you to experiment. It is excciting as H watching the different behaviors of the fish and it can be quite different for the different species. I have caught Atlantics in shallow water on the Fingers for example only a foot or two under the ice while looking down the hole visually, and if I had not been doing so I never would have known they were there as they just sucked in my perch jig without moving even the line itself
  6. Sk8man

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    The problem has many aspects to it not just as simple as that. Even the size of perch is a factor....the regualtion would make more sense if it was compatible with the existing 9 inch 25 limit regulation on Crappies on the Finger Lakes for example. I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade or create new laws..just lining out something for folks to think about. I 've talked with a lot of other fishermen who have expressed the same concerns and not all of them are on the forum.
  7. Sk8man

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    It would be a good start. It is my hope that the DEC shall in the near future re-visit the whole panfish issue. Times have changed drastically from the time that the regulations were formulated. The advent of the Internet (I've been on here before the Web and pics able to be directly displayed publically or videos), the vast improvements in technology such as depth finders and underwater cameras, and especially the ease of GPS recording, and a huge improvement in the specific information available has changed the entire fishing landscape and the regulations haven't kept up with the times as far as panfish are concerned. There is a large difference regarding fishing for them schooled up in bays and trolling the open water for trout in the large bodies of water, and even with respect to ice fishing. All of these things have increased dramatically along with the general human population increases and numbers of fisherpersons fishing for them. The perch represent a rather special class within the fishery as they can not only be sold, but they can be harvested even during the spawning period. Crappies have a daily limit of 25 and the perch should likewise be included as a consistent general daily limit on all panfish in the Finger lakes at least. Lake O and Lake Erie are a different matter. The 50 per day limit becomes excessive in light of all of the above for the Fingers and certainly is more than a family will consume in one day.
  8. Sk8man

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    Scott - Iknow what you are saying. I did have contact with the guy who seems like a very good and well intentioned guy by the way, and I let him know the video was well done, but that showing the cottages and specific shoreline areas at the south end of the lake and naming the lake is what I think is problemmatic. I am also convinced that he had no knowledge whatsoever of the situation and was just trying to share good info with the forum members and I applaude him for that.
  9. Sk8man

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    I know looking initially at this post some assumptions may be made, but underneath are some very real issues that vary greatly from the large expanse of lake Ontario and its bays. There are guys that come from all over and the Rochester area to Canandaigua; some of whom are there nearly everyday perch fishing and selling the perch. This fishing pressure has become much more intense in recent years with the apparent decline or deterioration of the perch fishing on Seneca. They take several limits sometimes because nobody is there to check. I have personally seen a couple of guys there at the launch that had way over their limit and a good number of the fish were in the 7 inch or so range included. Right up until the mid 2000's you could cruise around the lake in the shallows and huge schools of perch would scatter everywhere. Now you see an occasional small school of usually small perch if any at all. Yes there are still perch there but they are under a lot of fishing and overharvesting pressure. Some of the vehicles at the launch leave late morning and then reappear in the afternoon. It doesn' take a detective to figure out what that means as it happens routinely. If someone doesn't live nearby it would go unnoticed. These smaller lakes are a very different situation than the bays of Lake O which I have also fished for years. The fish can much more easily be replenished in the bays by fish from that huge lake. When guys come to lakes like Canandaigua and use cameras to spot the largest schools of the largest perch (in large part female spawners) pretty much all year long unrestricted; it becomes very clear that the resource is not infinite as some folks wish to believe. Froggers comment is directly on target. A lot of us release the jumbo spawners and keep fish 11-12 or so inches...the dinks go back in as do the real big girls. These guys decimating the perch fishery for money have no regard for the fishery or maintaining it, or saving it for the future fisherpersons. They just move to another part of the lake or another lake until that is also used up. I'm all for the new grocery store ontherise but the selection becomes somewhat limted when someone throws a grenade inside.
  10. Sk8man

    Rodent deterrents

    Are you sure they are mice and not VOLES? Big difference in behavior and feeding. A few years ago I trapped 68 of them around my house and lawn during the month of March. A couple got in the cellar and I got them on glue boards, but they don't respond to peanut butter and the usual stuff on traps. The ones I trapped outside (before they could get in) I discovered that they have poor eyesight so I carefully checked out every trail they were using and placed standard mousetraps strategically at all Y" s or junctions, near corners of the foundation etc. and I had several each day that bumbled their way into them (NO BAIT). They are much more destructive than mice and they also carry ticks and other "wonderful" things and if they die inside they smell to high heaven. Until I discovered what they were I was having little luck with the baited trap approach and that is why I'm mentioning this. Thye look a lot like mice but they have stubbier and thicker tails and smaller ears.
  11. Sk8man

    Jim Fredenberg

    Welcome to LOU. I think you'll find it a bit different here than other boards. Great bunch of people willing to share information and ideas and help out others.
  12. Do you have a good pic of your boat ....might help generate ideas if the exact situation is known.
  13. Sk8man

    All done with Rage broadheads

    Sounds similar to the problem often encountered with many hollowpoint handgun bullets when material plugs the hole they fail to expand. Doesn't seem to take much either paper, flannel etc.
  14. I'm not defending Trump or the NRA or the positions of extreme gun advocates for that matter. I worked as a mental health professional for more than 30 years and am a Vietnam Era veteran. Being a veteran does not necessarily predispose someone to gun violence, but in some cases the things experienced by some vets may create mental instability, and it is well known that many of these problems are missed, and not properly followed up on or effectively dealt with in our society in general, or by the military in particular. The reporting process in this issue is unreliable, inconsistently applied or not forwarded to other relevant agencies, is sometimes non-existant, and definitely flawed and discontinuous in many cases. Our democratic society with Freedom of Speech, Second Ammendment Rights, and the heavy emphasis on Free Will and Freedom of Expression, and States Rights carries with it significant problems in the area of societal control as well as the many positives, and the consistent monitoring and intervention of various authorities is complicated and based on often solitary or questionable incomplete facts or acts. In other words, as soon as someone does something that others perceive to be problematic, perhaps bizarre, or even potentially dangerous the hands of many agencies are tied by existing Constitutional considerations, combined with inadequate processes and facilities, and/or budgets with which to deal with the problems. In New York State for example, the previous mental health facilities complete with monitoring and oversight functions regarding "patients" either on an inpatient or outpatient basis have been disbanded without replacement processes being in place over many years. There are many people out there without such necessary treatment, medications, follow-up or monitoring, and it is nearly impossible to get people into existing treatment situations or facilities; especially against their will. Much of this relates to previous abuses of power exerted against individual freedoms by bureaucracy, Constitutional issues are highly involved, and most of all budgetary and financial considerations. Some previous decisions by our government has put money before people in a short sighted way and we are left with the societal problems which now are more complicated by many things (opioid crisis only one recent example) as well as much more expensive to try to fix. At present we as a society don't seem to have any competent mechanism to cope with this mess; especially as long as the government puts building expensive bridges and naming them after their father instead of focusing on the real problems confronting us. Can you tell I've had 3 cups of coffee today?
  15. Sk8man

    High winds on Sat

    Just make sure you are safely strapped in to a very solid tree in a real good stand. 40 mph winds are nothing to mess with.