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  1. Another option to consider is using snap weights on what you have so you don't have all that reeling in of line.
  2. I would say to all the people out there "sitting on the fence" about entering "Go for it". The derby is a lot of fun, can be a great family event, and the odds regarding winning prize money is a heck of a lot better than buying lottery tickets stc. The lake may not be the easiest fishing these days but the challenge of it is what it is all about. A derby like this is not all about catching the MOST fish....it is about catching that one LARGEST fish out there and luck plays a role in it for everyone so everybody has a chance at it whether in small craft or large or with all the latest "gizmos" and electronics. Where else do you get a chance at $10,000 for just having fun?
  3. Sk8man

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 5/7

    Thanks for the info Dan you had a pretty eventful day
  4. Guess maybe might want to bring envelop with your info on it. Hughes marina has the envelop system and it has worked OK over the years
  5. So you pay when you came back in if launching earlier?
  6. Sk8man

    Canandaigua Abandoned boat

    Nice work Dan. Could have been a bad scene and looks like you saved that guys boat too.
  7. I keep my entire setups in large zip locks including dipsies and all saves a lot of time....just hook up to wire and go. Often just switch out flies or Gambler rigs or go to another complete setup.
  8. Nice going. They are one heck of a lot of fun
  9. Ridiculous suggestion especially with covid concerns and bureaucratic factors surrounding food preparation etc.
  10. That is a tough one to call I'd say the chances of screwing up your boat are greater at Sodus though. It was built way too high up and is not a floater as it should have been. VERY awkward coming back in especially.
  11. I don't blame them for not using the public launch as they probably don't want to screw up their boats. That thing is the most poorly designed launch I have ever seen and I thought before they did the "renovations" that they were going to improve things but they actually messed things up more. Whoever did that work could not have been a boater or fisherman.
  12. Congrats to John. You guys have some great fishermen in that group.
  13. There are a number of real good copper guys in the Geneva area of Seneca but right now with the derby approaching they may have lock jaw
  14. At least you got out there for a look Dan Beats the heck out of lawnwork
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