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  1. Best of luck to you out there. Stay safe and have fun...that is what it is all about
  2. Planer boards

    Probably Otter boards.
  3. The 30 lb mono is the main downrigger line followed by a #8 Spro swivel to which a section of fluoro leader (length is personal preference I use about 25 ft). I use 12 lb fluoro for the Finger lakes and 20 lb for Lake O. To that a solid ring ball bearing swivel is attached. This is for spoons from the down riggers and possibly sticks althogh smetimes I omit the swivel for sticks. If you plan to run flasher/fly or Spinny/fly from the riggers no extra leader is necessary and same for wire line just attach the swivel of the main line to the attractor on the riggers and to the dipsy with the wire. Hope this helps
  4. Seneca Fish Camp

    Good luck Ed. Hope we can connect in person this season for sure.` Les
  5. I troll vs trollmaster

    I should think it would be labeled "water resistant' rather than waterproof
  6. Water temps

    About that probably today as it was 39.8 (on two devices) yesterday afternoon on Canandaigua.
  7. Downrigger stacking, help

    Use sliders instead of stacking maximize the number of lures in the water and minimize rod use. Sliders usually catch more fish too.
  8. Keuka Happy hooker splash

    Nice going Brian
  9. Water temps

    38.2 - 38.5 Canandaigua north end today
  10. Water temps

    Geez Jim time to break out your bathing suit
  11. Ah OK thanks. If I decide to do it I'm going to rig some of the heavy duty ones on gimbal mounts but I still haven't made up my mind to spring for them.....
  12. pa223 are yours like the first pic?
  13. Salt water kicker

    The 25 inch shaft IS the extra long shaft. The issue would mainly depend on the range of adjustment in the bracket and how it is positioned on the transom. A plus about a longer shaft is that it often will give better steering and not let the prop come out of the water with large waves like short shaft motors often do. On the downside they need to come out of the water when you choose to use the main motor at speed or they drag in the water with a rooster tail and perhaps the prop spinning aand none of that is good for the lower unit etc.
  14. Salt water kicker

    Aside from possible issues relating to salt water use, age of motor and the care given the motor,. you may wish to check the length of the shaft as many of the sailboat motors are extra long shaft and depending on your boat and kicker setup (bracket or transom installation) the motor may reside too low and be actually riding in the water and "dragging" when you have it in the maximum upward position during non-trolling times.
  15. I believe these particular models are designed for dipsy use and appear to be sturdier than the other models commonly used and which are less expensive.