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  1. Looks as though it has been worth the wait. Congratss guys
  2. Sk8man

    boat cover

    If you really want it done right get an acrylic cover custom fitted to your boat by John Mann of Sodus Bay Canvas at Sodus Point. Keep it waterproofed by using the outdoor version Scotchguard periodically. Place an extendable pole inside the boat if stored outside so snow will slide off it and then cover it with a tarp secured by bungi cords. It will last many years and keep your boat in perfect shape. Tarps by themselves are OK for temporary situations but over winter high wind can rip them and/or rip the grommets out of them in high wind combined with adverse weather exposing your boat interior. It is worth spending money at the outset not having to worry and protecting your substantial investment.
  3. The shark fin type. PM me if you have and are interested in selling them. Thanks.
  4. You could also probably use very small shirt buttons and thread the leader through two holes therefore possibly making it "adjustable" as well as holding the items in place.
  5. Ready or Knot makes a good point. It really does depend on how you intend to use it and what features are actually necessary (not necessarily desired as a lot of stuff ends up not being used). If only a fish finder is sought Furuno is day in day out year after year dependable and is the way to go. If you fish for multi-species in addition to trolling for trout a such as walleye etc. and use mapping extensively the combination units made by Humminbird, Garmin, and Lowrance etc. offer more sophisticated charting features which can be pricey and some enticing but seldom actually used by many folks (e.g. down or side imaging etc). So regardless of the unit selected it should fit your actual specific fishing needs and is worth the time to think it through and do your homework researching it rather than relying on other folks opinions (although they can be helpful information-wise). Another aspect worthy of consideration is the American belief that "size matters" . In reality "bigger is not always better" despite the enticing quality of it. *Advanced selection of the space available for locating the unit selected is critical and the ability to clearly see the display (especially in bright sunlight) and not have the unit interfere with other important things such as the steering wheel
  6. Nice job on the video as usual. There are some take-aways from it about Lakers and their habits too if close attention to it
  7. Just an FYI but some legacy (older) computer operating systems do not support Webex (e.g. Windows XP)
  8. It sounds good but unfortunately we aren't the ones controlling things in the decision making process. There is certainly an "unevenness" in the various lakes involved. For example with Canandaigua Lake I think the decision was more based on keeping things consistent among the lakes rather than any actual shortage of rainbows. Seneca on the other hand may be a different animal and especially so with the stocking of an additional variety to supplement the existing population which appeared to be struggling. The DEC claims that the Angler Diary data is important in the decision making process but there are inherent problems with the data collection and interpretation process in addition to diminished sample size itself (e.g. fewer reporters) as it may not truly be a representative sample for a variety of reasons. When you have a small sample of fishermen submitting the data that are primarily trolling, browns are going to be underrepresented in the results because in the Fingers trolling may not be nearly as productive as some other techniques (e.g. still fishing with live bait which isn't done as frequently anymore), and is quite different than fishing them on Lake O for example for much of the year. Sometimes the data is greatly skewed by a given reporter who allegedly accounts for a large part of the data totals for a given species and presents a question in my mind about the veracity of the data and subsequent interpretation. In short I don't think anyone at present has a real accurate handle on the situation for the Finger Lakes.
  9. I use 50 lb test Big Game on my twinkies and I tie a couple half hitch knots where I wish the spacing to be and I have never had one break or anything yet because the breaking strength of the line is well above what is needed. I wouldn't do it with smaller diameter mono or fluoro though as fluoro is too brittle without any stretch at the knot. Crimps can be used but you have to be very careful in the crimping of them not to put undue pressure on the mono or fluoro that will degrade its strength.
  10. Looks like a good reason to spend time in the stand Sean
  11. Yeah even the PIA ones that raid my bird feeders didn't bother getting up this AM
  12. I agree Mike.....just following this thread makes me almost wish I had continued hunting....I still get the urge to be in the woods at this time of year after all these years.
  13. I have to hand it to you guys you're some hardcore dudes
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