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  1. John has always been a great fisherman....even before the Lake Ontario scene. He was one of the top night fishermen on Canandaigua back in the eighties too. Always has been highly regarded by other fishermen including me I remember having "boat envy" even back then when I was night fishing out of my little 13 ft Whaler at the south end Just to get an idea of his approach to chartering take a look at the comments on his website.
  2. I think Stan is referring to California....not sure whether fresh or saltwater environment. Stan - Double check your swivel snap at the end of the wire if it is a split ring type replace it with HEAVY DUTY SOLID ring ball bearing swivel, One of the things that happens with the split ring type of swivel is the line or wire "nests" in the split section and with tension it cuts through the line or wire. Check out the wire for a few yards to see if any fraying sections...sometimes helps to use magnifying glass (especially us old dudes) Maybe use the "tie the wire" method of connecting it instead of crimping if you are doing that. If the wire is old or questionable try reversing the wire on the spool so that the back part becomes the front...I know it is a pain.... and easier to just put on new wire and go from scratch.
  3. You are right Brett these guys are best folks out there and you can always count on them to have your back or do the right thing. The FLT group has some of the most capable fishermen in the Finger Lakes in it and those of us that know them have a great deal of respect for them. I also think that LOU has helped bring fishermen together in ways that never had been noted or perhaps recognized before and that is a real plus as well. Your note is a real good example
  4. In another 3 weeks look for them in bay areas in early morning and evening hours small spoons or small sticks trolled in shallow and around docks etc.
  5. X2 on Progressive after switching from Travelers for over 30 years and never catching a break without any claims.
  6. Nice going Mike and sounds as though you and the kids had fun out there as well and that is what it is all about. Paul is a real good one to get the jigging tips from as he has this lake dialed in real well. Those weeds were driving us nuts the other day too....They were all over the place...
  7. Cayuga

    Long Point State park also has a very good launch and there are lake trout in abundance in that area without going too far. Fishing toward bottom in about 90ft would be a good place to start or when you start seeing them "on screen". They can also bein the upper layers of the water way out of temperature near bait too. They seem to be pretty active right now while the silvers can be more "elusive" . Definitely wise to experiment a lot with different setups for the the silvers and play with the distances to the lure as well. Small sized stick baits from riggers or even run behind flashers or dodgers can work too even from 7-10 color leadcores or 200-300 coppers. Be prepared to be dealing with lakers grabbing the setups for silvers They can be hard to keep away from your stuff
  8. Malin, or Accustrand (Cablestrand Corporation) have both worked fine for me for years.
  9. She is pretty quick getting to the rods too Nick
  10. Just an FYI- I'm not sure about the downstate part of the canal but on the upper part of the canal from Rochester west there is a speed limit and it is nowhere close to 25 mph> basically your boats registration number and description is logged in at any lock or lift bridge on the canal that you pass through by the operator and each operator is telephoned ahead of your arrival to the next lift bridge or lock with your information. If you arrive in real short fashion they can tell basically your estimated speed from the time it took to get there from the other bridge or lock and the troopers will be there to ticket you if excessive speed is recorded. This is mainly to protect the canal from erosion due to excessive wakes.
  11. I was looking for a project recently so I am putting two side planner masts together. 

    Do you use them and if you do when? Also which brand & size do you recommend?



    1. Neo1945


      Just Seneca Lake (forgot to include)


  12. John Oravec has been at it a long time he used to fish on the south end of Canandaigua out of Clarks Marina in the old days (back in the days of night fishing). Wonder if he is still wearing his Greek fishermans cap
  13. I hear ya
  14. WTG nice looking healthy fish Funny how last time out we had our lines set narly exactly the way you described and couldn't stay away from the lakers
  15. that ever true. Aside from whoever has written their Federal grants they are a bunch of idiots....