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  1. A buddy of mine and I use to fish Ontario A LOT.  Fleas were a real PITA, until we bought line especially designed to "shake off" the fleas.  It's not round line but rather elliptical and therefore vibrates while being trolled.  This took care of almost all of the fleas that we encountered.  Without it, fishing was too difficult as you well know.  Justa thought.


  2. Holy Vegitarian Batman! Walleye is a no-no? Perch, bass? Oh dear. One meal a week? Sk8man, is that your sized meal or mine which will feed half of Wayne Co.? Fascinating to say the least! Thanks for the info.
  3. I do know that they make something called "sea bands" that are elastic and worn on the wrists. They use accupressure to keep you from getting sea/air sick. My wife uses them all the time. I hope this helps.
  4. I agree with Sk8man. I don't profess to know the solution, but there IS a problem. Should weapons designed to kill people not be sold? I don't know. Should people who have mental problems be allowed to posess assault weapons? I don't know. Insulting people for expressing their opinion never helped anyone do anything constructive. Please keep the good work folks. I do actually read posts and what you type makes me think.
  5. I had my aluminum 18' Starcraft painted a couple of years ago. The auto body shop said it was a pain as they had to do a "conversion coating". He said it had to be etched with acid first to get the paint to stick. Just my two cents. Hope it helpsl
  6. I smoked a carp a couple of years ago and it was okay. There is a "mud line" which is a DARK line of meat that runs laterally down the side. This dark meat MUST be removed, as it tastes like .. you guessed it, mud. Prior to filleting the carp I put it in fresh water and let it swim around for a day. That step was suggested by an online recipe I found. It is suppose to take the muddy flavor out of the meat. The finished product was very fine grained, and not oily. It tasted okay and had I not known it was carp, I'd have thought it was good. Try something new.
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