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  1. sstout

    Starting a total floor and interior rebuild

    I had some more time this afternoon, so managed to get the rest of the floor and foam out. What a mess the foam was. Found 2 mouse nests near the front of the boat. The foam was wet, smelly, mouse pee infested nastiness. I never want to do that again haha. Next step is a good scrubbing for both me and the boat.
  2. Well, I finally started the project I've been thinking about all winter. I started gutting the interior and floor of the old boat. I ripped up the carpet, and removed the side panels today. I also removed the rear section of the floor. I knew the boat has had mice under the floor from the previous owner but I didn't know the extent. Yeah, the foam was eaten and there was even a dead mouse in the foam. The plan is to get rid of the foam, gluvit the seems because they leak, new foam, new sealed floor, new vinyl on the floor and side panels, and new seats. Timeline: to be done for family vacation with it in mid July. Thank you for all of you that had the ideas on what to use for flotation foam.
  3. https://auburnpub.com/news/local/state-issues-health-advisory-for-some-owasco-lake-fish/article_f58ae3b4-bbbf-5f4e-98bc-f55903a0a429.html#tracking-source=home-the-latest
  4. sstout

    Replaced floor and foam in 19' deep vee

    me a step in the process. Sorry, I hit post too soon. Thanks for the info
  5. sstout

    Replaced floor and foam in 19' deep vee

    That came out really nice. How did you like the shark skin mixed with epoxy? Did you just add it to the top coat of epoxy? I'm doing the floor and foam in my boat in the next couple weeks and am torn between laying vinyl flooring or going the route of a textured paint or epoxy. I planned on epoxying the floor before putting the vinyl down as one more layer of protection, so the texture would save
  6. No, I actually replaced the cable and am using them.
  7. sstout

    What to use for flotation foam

    I like the idea of spray foam, but how do you apply it so that any water that happens to get in the bottom of the boat for some reason still gets to the back where the bilge pump is? With the sheet foam it would sit on top of the stringers which would allow any water to flow back. I appreciate all the ideas. Certainly more choices than I first thought. Thanks
  8. This might be a repeat of a previous thread, but what do people recommend for flotation foam under a new floor? First thing this spring, I am gutting my boat and sealing the rivets with Glu vit. Then replacing the foam, floor, and installing a completely new interior. I don't really want to use ping pong balls or pool noodles. I'd like to use actual foam if possible. Should it be closed cell, open cell, and where's the best place to get it? Thanks in advance
  9. Fishstix, I'm interested. I think I sent you a PM. I'm somewhat new to the forum so not exactly sure of it went through. If you didn't get it, let me know and I'll post my cell. Thanks
  10. Beautiful rig. Really makes me wish I was looking. Goodluck with the sale.
  11. Launched out of Myers yesterday to a stiff south wind. Crossed the lake to the west side and set up. Deep roger was set at 40, and shallow rigger at 30. Both with sliders on. Started deep and worked into 40 feet of water. As soon as I got inside 50 feet I started marking alot of fish. It has seemed that all summer, even if I went fast, I caught lake trout. The goal for the day was to target everything except lake trout, hence the set high in the water column. As soon as I got to a 40 ft depth I turned to head back out, boom. Rigger starts screaming. I thought it snagged bottom but then realized it was the high rigger. Fish hit a sutton 44 down 30 over 40. 26 inches, didn't get a weight. Biggest brown I've ever caught.
  12. sstout

    Cayuga 9/1 rainbow trout

    I too was out this morning. Tried to target everything other than lakers. Ended up with this nice brown, coming from 30 down over 40. Same deal. Deep hook, so decided to keep it. South wind made the lake roll a little this morning
  13. sstout

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/19

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Hope to give it a shot this next weekend. Lily 2 glad you got off the water ok.
  14. sstout

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/19

    Awesome fish! I've fished cayuga hard for 2 years now and have yet to catch a rainbow. It's probably a dumb question but what is the best way to target them? Higher in the water column, faster, with smaller spoons than lakers? Any advice would be appreciated. I don't need specific lures or anything. You can keep the secrets, I just want to make sure I'm in the right ballpark. Thanks