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  1. sstout

    Laker with worms around stomach?

    After doing a little reading on Google, I do think it was the pyloric cecae. They did not move at all and were isolated to one organ. Thanks for the responses.
  2. Total newbie here. I got a nice lake trout this morning. I went to gut the fish and when I slit the belly open it looked like the stomach or intestines was surrounded my some sort of worms? I don't know how to describe it. The fish otherwise looked healthy and faught like crazy. Now that it's gutted it looks nice and clean. Have others ran into this with fish they've cleaned, and is it safe to eat? Thanls
  3. sstout

    Water temps

    Fished Cayuga this morning. Saw surface temps from 36.5 to 38.
  4. sstout

    Gunwale painting or covering up?

    Thanks for all the feedback. Wow Frogger that looks great. I think paint is going to be the way I go. I'll have to get some of that primer to start
  5. sstout

    Gunwale painting or covering up?

    Thanks guys. I should be able to get a decent sized chip. What paint would work best? Does it have to be automotive paint?
  6. As I've got spring fever, I'm thinking about either painting the gunwales of my boat or trying to cover up some of the paint chips with something. She's and old girl, and was re-painted by the previous owner. After years of downrigger weights scratching the paint he used, this is what it looks like. Anyone have any ideas on how to color match boat paint? Or something to cover it up with. I've thought about blue textured vinyl. I obviously still want it to look good. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, newbie here and probably a dumb question. With this warmer weather I'm thinking of hitting Cayuga lake for some perch fishing. I know taughannock bubbles the boat launch. Anybody have any experience fishing Cayuga in the winter? I saw two guys out on Seneca today. Boy it's got me itching haha. Thanks for any answers
  8. Hi everyone, I have a family friend looking to offload his boat. It's a 1992 galaxy 21ft walk around. It's got the 4.3 v6 with Volvo penta duo drive. Motor runs great but boat hasn't been in the water for 3 years. Also, it's been in salt water. The lower unit looks pretty narly. He made me a deal for next to nothing, I mean hundreds of dollars, to take the boat. Is that outdrive shot? Anyone have any experience with these boats
  9. Hoping to target rainbows this weekend I'm hoping to head to Cayuga on saturday and wanted to target rainbows and salmon. I've been pretty consistently catching just lake trout. I can't seem to catch a rainbow, brown, or salmon. I've used spoons, and flasher flies. But no luck other than lake trout. I know speeds are a little higher for rainbows and salmon than lake trout. I've been setting 2 riggers, one at 70 and one at 40 both with cheaters on. I'm still fairly new to this and trying to sort everything out. Any ideas are much appreciated.
  10. sstout

    Cayuga 7-22

    Cayuga 7-22 Took my 17 year old cousin out yesterday morning to try for some lakers. She had never been out on a lake the size of Cayuga before, hasnt fished much at all, and needles to say was nervous at first. Then as soon as the rod flew up, I made sure the fish was on, and handed her the rod, it all went away. She had a blast. Well, we both did. It was a great morning. Definitely one for the memory books. Launched at long point and went north. Lots of debris in the water, and water is muddy. We did 3 lakers in 3.5 hours. Not great, but atleast she got to fight a couple.
  11. sstout

    Gambler Rigs on fire this norning

    Riggers. I hit bottom on the way down and then brought it up 2 to 3 feet.
  12. Gambler Rigs on fire this norning A little back story. Went out fishing with dad two weekends ago out of Myers and didn't move a rod all morning. I picked up a couple Gambler rigs per suggestions, and headed out this morning to give it another shot. Major shout out to Gambler rigs. We launched out of long point and headed north this morning. Set up in 100-120 feet of water. Put one of the Gambler Rigs on behind a set hammerheads and couldn't keep the rod in the water. Even dad, who tends to be a little less optimistic than I am, was smiling and having fun. Fished from 630-930 and boated 11 lakers and missed two off the back of the boat. Fish were all a decent size with 3 being well over 24 inches. Definitely a day for the memory books.
  13. Doing something wrong on cayuga I'm still fairly new to trolling and am struggling a bit. I have been fishing south of Taughannock the past couple weekends, with only 1 small laker caught last week saturday and not a rod moved today, fishing both about 5 hours each day. Any thoughts on my set up or technique would be greatly appreciated... I am targeting both LLs and Lakers, pretty much anything that bites. I run two downriggers with cheaters, so 4 spoons total with flouro leaders on each pole. I primarily use spoons. One rigger set to 70 and the other 40, with speeds 2.0 to 2.3 on the gps. Tried trolling both north and south. I used all colors of spoons, blue, pink, purple, orange etc. Couldn't get a rod to move Last year it seemed like I had better luck. I was thinking of trying some spin and glows to switch it up. I just want to make sure I'm not way off track with this. Thank you!
  14. sstout

    Scenery pics

    Cayuga last weekend
  15. sstout

    Tohatsu 8hp weak tell tale hole stream

    Finally got some time to troubleshoot this this weekend. It was just a clog. I took a long price of wire and ran it up the tell tale hole. A bunch of little rubber pieces from the old impeller came out. I got the ears hooked to the hose and started the motor. The stream is super strong now. Must have been clogged. Thanks for the advice everyone