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  1. The spiral eye idea is intersting. I had to look up what that was. I might try playing with that this winter. It would be intersting to see a rod like that loaded up and bent over would be like
  2. Hi guys. I'm looking to upgrade my downrigger rods. I currently have a couple of the okuma classic downrigger rods in 8'6 medium light. I like them, and think a medium light would work well. This rod would be primarily for teolling cayuga lake, so doesnt have to be king salmon heavy. It will be paired with a shimano tekota. I've come across the okuma white diamond rod. Anyone use those? Not looking to break the bank but want a better quality rod to go with the new reel
  3. Here's a better pic of the brackets and bar. This was before I re did my transom, so it's just a touch different now but the idea is the same. Hope this helps
  4. A little hard to see in this pic, but same set up. A bar attaching the front of the motors with ball sockets so each motor can trim up and down independently and not bind. Works great. The brackets are homemade for the motors that the bar attaches to
  5. What size would everyone recommend for a shimao tekota for a downrigger reel? I usually run 30lb main line to 50 to 100 ft of whatever leader, either 10-12 lb for the fingers or 20lb for lake O. Mainly fish the fingers though. It would be replacing an old made in USA penn 210. I have an okuma coldwater 30 as a wire diver reel but have always had my eye on the shimanos. Thanks
  6. Controlking for me as well. Installed it myself. Super easy. Have it right next to the throttle for the big motor where my arm rests. I just have to drop my wrist and the knob is right there for speed. Really handy
  7. I've always oogled and ahh'd over the crestliner commanders. Spent alot of time looking over one at the Syracuse boat show one year. When my current boat gets to the point of needing replacement that'll probably be the first I look at. That price tag though...
  8. I appreciate all the advice. I decided to bail on Owasco tomorrow. The weather is holding so am actually going to winterize the boat early and do a few projects on the old girl that I've been wanting to do for a while. Sorting out old wiring from the previous owner etc.
  9. Anyone have any advice on where to start fishing Owasco? I'm trying to target bows, browns, maybe the occasional laker. Walleye would be a bonus. I spend alot of time on cayuga and lake O on occasion but have never fished owasco. I plan on launching from emerson park saturday morning. Would you start east side, west side etc? Looking at a map there is a hump on the west side that rises from the bottom not far from the launch at the north. Maybe start there? Also, is there a kiosk or something to pay at on the way in emerson park or do you just pay someone on the way out. Never launched there. Thanks for any advice!
  10. Got one in 60ft last weekend. Mark's all the way out to 80ft. Lots of boats in the pack. Counted about 45 just close by
  11. Yeah. I will have to say it was my first time trying to jump a boat like that. My 16ft with the outboard down fit perfect with his 24ft stern to stern without anything banging together. I put my starting battery jumped to his. Stern to stern was the only way his cables were long enough to reach. 10 mins later his still wouldn't crank over. Must be his battery was deader than dead. Not how I pictured the first half hour of the morning going, but i had to atleast try to help.
  12. I totally agree. It only takes a second for something to happen. My life vest is always right by my feet and easy to grab but I like the idea of a Co2 vest. I'll have to look into that more. I've looked a few times but not hard enough to pick one out. I think that's a good idea
  13. I totally get your point. If it is rough I usually do wear my life jacket when fishing solo even in the summer. I didnt today since the lake was like a bathtub with no ripples or anything. But I know it only takes a split second for something to happen. I like the idea of a rip cord. I'll have to look into that 👍
  14. Saw the wind report for a flat lake so made the trip in my old 16fter solo this morning. Started the morning off trying to help jump start another boat at the dock with mine. 15 mins later I was off fishing and his boat was back on the trailer. No go getting it going. So, I was hoping for some good karma for trying to help out. Ran out to 100' and set. Blank screen. Trolled in to 80'. Lots of marks in 70 to 80 foot but couldn't get any of them to go. I started working shallower toward the river. Found temp down 50. I figured I'd work in from 80 until I hit 50 fow and them back out. Once I hit 60 ft a downrigger fires. It jumps and starts screaming. Spooled about 3/4 of the line off my reel before I could stop it. Got her next to the boat and she wraps around the downrigger line. I am solo by the way. I put the rod in my left hand and slowly reeled in the downrigger line until the ball got near the surface. Slowly untangled it and the fight was back on. When all was said and done she ended up being 36 inches and 18.5 pounds. White flasher white meat rig. Kings solo are like a circus but so much fun!
  15. Thanks guys. I might honestly start at 100 and work out. Maybe they are stacked deeper. I dont know. Maybe troll to 140 and then if nothing, move really shallow by the mouth of the river
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