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  1. Finally got some time to troubleshoot this this weekend. It was just a clog. I took a long price of wire and ran it up the tell tale hole. A bunch of little rubber pieces from the old impeller came out. I got the ears hooked to the hose and started the motor. The stream is super strong now. Must have been clogged. Thanks for the advice everyone
  2. Thanks for the ideas everyone. I'm hoping to get to work on it tomorrow. Another bit of info, is that the motor was stored in my basement all winter. Still could be a spider nest in it I guess
  3. When you remove the thermostat, where do you out the garden hose in? Do you put the water in where the thermostat goes? Also, I was going go remove the lower unit again to double check that everything is ok. Should i flush it with the lower unit off?
  4. Tohatsu 8hp weak tell tale hole stream So, just replaced the entire water pump assembly. The impeller, upper and lower cases, and all gaskets this winter in my kicker motor (Tohatsu 8hp 4 stroke). Water tested it this past weekend and the stream coming out of the tell tale hole is week and sort of dribbles out. The old impeller partially melted at the top. Could there be bits of rubber blocking the water tube? There shouldn't be anything wrong with the water pump since it is all new. I appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  5. Cayuga flood motor boat rumor I don't know if it's true or not, and I heard it word of mouth, that because cayuga lake is at flood stage there are no motor boats or wakes allowed. I was planning on trolling this Sunday. I can't find any news articles stating this ban. For all I know it is just a bunch of bull. Anyway, does anyone know if this is true or not?
  6. I have a 16 ft starcraft. I run an 8 hp tohatsu fourstoke. Trolling speeds from 1.5-3 mph it runs at low rpm and is super gas efficient. I can't speak to a 5 hp, as if it would be enough, but I know the 8 is a great size for my 16 ft.
  7. Cayuga

    Nice! If you don't mind me asking, what were you getting them on? Spoons, flashers and flys?
  8. I just picked up a Garmin echomap 53cv with the built in gps and lakevu maps at Bass Pro during their spring classic sale. Retail is 450 on sale for 280. I think they had limited supplies though. Still worth a look. I think the sale goes to March 2nd or so.
  9. Not to change topics, but does anyone have any experience with Garmin lake vu vs. Navonics?
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm leaning more towards a garmin unit with lake vu. Anybody have any experience with lake vu? I primarily fish Cayuga lake. Is it included in their lake vu package?
  11. I'm looking for opinions of the best fish finder for $500 or less. It'll be replacing a 12 year old lowrance unit, so I'm sure it won't take much to be better. I primarily troll, and would love a built in gps. A couple I've looked into are the Garmin echomap 53cv, lowrance hook 5 and 7, lowrance elite 5ti, or the humminbird helix 5. Any opinions or other suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks
  12. I wasn't sure how to post pics. Here are some pics below. $200 obo for both
  13. I have two Penn Fathom-master downriggers for sale. One is a 600 and the other a 620 with the 4 foot boom. Both work perfectly. There's no cable on the 600. I just don't use these. They both have rod holders attached.
  14. Thank you everyone for the advice. For the fist time trolling, I hooked four fish, but landed 3. They were all lanlocked salmon, with the last one being a decent size. Sliders definitely work. Blue and silver spoons worked the best. Not the best picture, but I've added the last fish.