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  1. The original floor in my starcraft was 1/2 inch plywood. My only thought with aluminum is what it would feel like in the summer heat? I replaced mine with 1/2 inch douglas fir marine ply, coated both sides in epoxy, and then vinyl for the flooring. Should last a long time hopefully
  2. Fished that area last sunday, only one laker. Fished around myers then north Monday, only one laker. The last laker hit at 2.6 mph according to gps down 20 over 40. Going to try again sometime next week. Itll pick up shortly here
  3. I agree. I am currently fishing solo. Here's my process. Fish the nearby lake. Ramp is 6 miles from my house. I can usually get a couple trips in before needing to get gas. I pack my coffee, I pack my food. Leave my house, get to the ramp, wait for it to somewhat clear, and get out. If I have to stop for gas I dont go inside, just use the pump. As much as I'd love to fish browns, making the hour and a half trip up is too risky in my book. I dont want to have an issue on the highway. I dont want to have to stop for snacks. I want to make the least points of contact that I possible can. The only way I can justify it in my mind is to fish solo, no stopping, and 6 miles from my house.
  4. I drove through myers this past weekend and it did look like the level has come up quite a bit. Thanks for the responses. I'll post a report after a shakedown run
  5. Any recent word on Myers launch? Pulled the boat and am planning on fishing this weekend. Myers is closest, then treman, then taughannock. Would prefer to launch at one of the first two mentioned. 16 ft starcraft. Thanks
  6. I second the nautolex 88. It has held up really well on my floor. I tried to use some 3M spray adhesive to get the vinyl to stick on the sides by the gunwales where theres a pocket to store things. The next week the vinyl fell down. Used nautolex 88 on it and it has held great
  7. It's a mechanic/bait and tackle/dealer. I think they are deemed non-essential and are closed. Atleast that was my thought on it.
  8. I store my boat indoors with a mechanic that rents out a barn. Needles to say the mechanic is closed for the foreseeable future so who knows when I'll actually see the boat this spring. So, what to do? Build a skin of frame kayak to fish from. This was an old kayak I picked up for $40 last summer. I have fabricated about 80% of the wood pieces from new since most were rotted. Then spent the past few weekends sanding everything. Going to varnish it and put a new nylon and urethane skin on in the next few weeks. Then add some rod holders and a crate to the back. Should be neat.
  9. Looks like lots of solo trips for me on my boat coming up. Always wanted to name her either "seeking solitude" or " the mistress". I think both are fitting for what this spring/summer of fishing looks like so far. I'm just hoping they dont do a statewide shutdown and lock us all inside. Get out while you can
  10. Thank you! That video made it so clear. That's what I was thinking in my head, I just couldn't figure it actually rigged out
  11. Gotcha...makes sense. Thanks guys.
  12. I set up my first wire rod this winter. Just bought a slide diver and am looking over the rigging instructions. Anyone use one of these with wire? Do you run the wire to a swivel, then attach mono to run through the diver, and then a leader after the stop bead for the diver? I wouldn't think you'd be able to run the wire through the diver? Any info on rigging would be awesome. Thanks
  13. Oh, and the cable for the electric start/alternator is run to the battery that has my electronics and bilge pump wired to. That way theres juice flowing back to it. Then the main motor is on it's own starting battery that is just used for that. That way the battery that is getting drawn down is getting charged by the kicker. Then the battery for the main motor is just for starting that. It's worked well and hasn't failed me yet.
  14. I have an 8 hp tohatsu 4 stroke with electric start on my 16ft starcraft. Love the motor. Super quiet, super smooth, and enough power for a backup if the main doesn't start. Great little motor
  15. It's pretty easy and laid out great. Did the whole floor in 1 continuous piece. I really like the nautolex vs the old carpet. Hose it down and its clean. If your going to take the time to re-do the flooring you might as well use a good quality product so your not doing it again anytime soon.
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