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  1. Fishstix, I'm interested. I think I sent you a PM. I'm somewhat new to the forum so not exactly sure of it went through. If you didn't get it, let me know and I'll post my cell. Thanks
  2. Beautiful rig. Really makes me wish I was looking. Goodluck with the sale.
  3. Launched out of Myers yesterday to a stiff south wind. Crossed the lake to the west side and set up. Deep roger was set at 40, and shallow rigger at 30. Both with sliders on. Started deep and worked into 40 feet of water. As soon as I got inside 50 feet I started marking alot of fish. It has seemed that all summer, even if I went fast, I caught lake trout. The goal for the day was to target everything except lake trout, hence the set high in the water column. As soon as I got to a 40 ft depth I turned to head back out, boom. Rigger starts screaming. I thought it snagged bottom but then realized it was the high rigger. Fish hit a sutton 44 down 30 over 40. 26 inches, didn't get a weight. Biggest brown I've ever caught.
  4. sstout

    Cayuga 9/1 rainbow trout

    I too was out this morning. Tried to target everything other than lakers. Ended up with this nice brown, coming from 30 down over 40. Same deal. Deep hook, so decided to keep it. South wind made the lake roll a little this morning
  5. sstout

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/19

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Hope to give it a shot this next weekend. Lily 2 glad you got off the water ok.
  6. sstout

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/19

    Awesome fish! I've fished cayuga hard for 2 years now and have yet to catch a rainbow. It's probably a dumb question but what is the best way to target them? Higher in the water column, faster, with smaller spoons than lakers? Any advice would be appreciated. I don't need specific lures or anything. You can keep the secrets, I just want to make sure I'm in the right ballpark. Thanks
  7. Just seeing how much interest there would be. I would like to go larger, 19 to 20 feet. The boats a 1975 starcraft holiday 16 ft closed bow. The main motor is a 1984 mercury 60 hp and runs great. It has hydrolic tilt and trim. For the right price I'd consider letting the kicker go too. It's a 2011 tohatsu 8hp 4 stroke. Kicker motor has control king up front. The boat overall is in great shape for the year. If you saw my thread I just replaced the transom. The floors are solid. Garmin gps and fishfinder could be included as well. The trailer had new hubs and bearings last year and all lights work flawlessly. Fishing equipment will not be included. I love this boat and have landed many fish in it. Also willing to trade for larger boat if interested. This would make a great starter boat. Price: $3800 without kicker, make an offer to include kicker and Garmin. Please, no low balls. If there's no interest I will keep it and keep using it. I'd just like to go larger. Thanks.
  8. sstout

    Newbie to lake O

    Hi everyone, just looking for a little advice. I am or will be a newbie to fishing lake O. I fish the fingerlakes a lot, but have never made the trip up. Something about lake O just intrigues me. The issue is, that I have a 16 ft boat. I've fished some pretty rough water in it on Seneca and Cayuga, but nothing like what the big lake can dish out. I'd like to pick a couple days that the wind is really calm this fall and try my hand at some salmon on the lake O. Any suggestions on launches that with a small boat I could get out to the proper depths? Also any gear suggestions for salmon? The boat is fully rigged for trolling with a gas kicker, downriggers, rod holders, garmin graph and GPS etc. Thanks in advance
  9. Well, a lot of work has happened since the last post. It's done. It took another very busy weekend but it's done. The hardest part was lining the hydraulics for the trim back up with the motor. After getting everything back together, there is no doubt in my mind that it is way stronger than the old one. I am pleased with how it turned out. Ended up being in between 30 and 40 hours total and about $600 in materials. Overall I think it's a major improvement. Back to fishing next weekend!
  10. I made sure it was out of marine plywood. Its 2 peices of marine 3/4 inch ply glued together, then covered with 2 coats of epoxy. I wanted to leave the raw wood look, so I then covered it with two coats of marine spare varnish. Last post until next weekend. After another full day of work I got it back in. Just a few little details to go and the motor is ready to be put back on. The black tape is to cover up the paint from the previous owner that was peeling off in the splashwell. It will get painted someday, but that is a whole other project haha. I'll seal it with some black caulk and it should match pretty well.
  11. Thanks everyone. It is definitely a big job. I'm pleased with how it is coming out so far. Smat64 I couldn't open your picture for some reason. I think I know what you are talking about. When I took the corner caps off the back of the boat where the transom is, the aluminium from the top of the gunnels extended over the wood of the transom by an inch or so. That made it so the transom could nt slide up and out. I cut the aluminum back just enough to let the transom slide up with a dremel tool. I hope that makes sense. I can post a picture of the cutout. Yes to new drain tubes. I also ordered the tool to flare the ends. You put a wrench on each end of the tool and tighten, and it flares the end over. Well, I finished the last coat of varnish tonight. It goes back in tomorrow
  12. Got the back of the boat painted today and the core covered with epoxy. Now starts putting it all back together...
  13. Got the new core cut and glued together today. Next step is covering the wood with epoxy. I was fortunate that the old transom was still solid enough to use as a template for the new one. I'm going to paint the back of the boat while everything is off of it.
  14. By top plate do you mean the strip of aluminum on top of the transom and end caps? My end caps were riveted on, so I drilled them out and the strip of aluminum was held on with really small nails. Half the nails were eaither missing or just pulled right out because of how rotten the wood was
  15. Well, I finally started it. After thinking about replacing my transom for 2 seasons now, I did it. Well, started it anyway. The boat is a 1976 starcraft holiday. I knew the corners of the transom were rotted but thought the middle was fine. I built an engine stand and with the help of my dad got both motors off. Then I disconnected everything and removed the core. Yup, corners were shot. You could push your fingers through them. The main part was sort of solid but starting to get soft. I'm guessing this is the original transom since it is in 3 pieces? Work will continue tomorrow. 2 sheets of marine ply, and some epoxy await.