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  1. Raymarine ev200 not finding my steering,
  2. One is North Of The Ridge 1546 E. Kent Rd. 585 682 4376 The other is Riverview do not know add or phone.
  3. Agree with sk8man only better deal you could get is free. Best Christmas gift anyone could get.
  4. Eric if I buy any more spoons Kay would make me sell the boat.
  5. I will give you $5.00. Gotta wait in VA Beach right now.
  6. Just think what the state lost on sales tax, gas tax, and income tax alone.
  7. I use plugs from electric trolling motors they are 10 ga wire and work great.
  8. I like the idea. Would willing to help with one at the oak.
  9. Why do they stock these fish for fisherman to catch or to die of old age.
  10. I like the first screwup that new shinney skeg scares all of the fish my way.
  11. Duane I am at a loss for words you will be missed. My condolences to his family.
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