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  1. This was a kind gesture. Hope someone in need can use it. Downriggers are not cheap.
  2. Missing Fisherman Found Dead

    That was an interesting read J.D. The why and how of this incident is still being investigated. I don't know if speculating on any one cause is a good idea. If anything we can learn from it. It is always sad to see these tragedies. Especially, when it happens to people who share our passion for the water and fishing. Condolences to his family and friends. Here is an article I found online that covers a lot of reasons why boats sink and how to prevent it..
  3. The best strategy in battle fishing is not to battle at all. Play defense at the wheel. Run your riggers close and bounce the bottom for staging fish or so I've heard.......
  4. This a very nice well maintained boat with all the bells and whistles. Good luck with the sale Wayne.
  5. No deal!!!............J/K GLWS Nice rig for someone.
  6. Hello Everyone

    Welcome. Very cool to see their environment up close and personal.
  7. Mexico Today

    Nuts for sure!
  8. They are nice downrigger reels. GLWS
  9. Weight of this Atlantic?

    Great Atlantic no matter. I'm going to say 16/17 lbs I caught one back in 2010 that was 32" long with about an18" girth. It weighed 20# 6 oz
  10. Atlantic Fish ID

    A coho will have a white mouth and more colors of the rainbow above the lateral line. They can look like dark steelhead at times. The Atlantic is more brownish in color. Kings are dark green to black. When I caught this Atlantic I pretty much knew what it was, but another fisherman back at Wright's Landing in Oswego insisted it was a brown trout. He had a big rig all decked out and I thought well maybe he's right. It looked like he's been around awhile. I still had my doubts about it being a brown though. To be sure I wasn't losing it I went to Fat Nancy's who had a shop in town at the time. When my friend Captain Andy Bliss took one look at the fish in the well he knew right away. My first thoughts were definitely confirmed.
  11. Atlantic Fish ID

    True Al. The length of the mouth stops at the end of the eye while it goes beyond the eye on a brown trout.
  12. Atlantic Fish ID

    The caudal before the tail is thinner on the Atlantic Black spots on the gill plates on the Atlantic X shaped spots on the Atlantic My friend Mary with a beautiful Atlantic
  13. Interesting history of this road. I was told that it was built to accommodate trucks of WWII POW's. No mention of that here although Fort Niagara was a POW camp. The deterioration of the road is mentioned in the Wiki.