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  1. The spots help in determining, too. Browns have round or rounder spots while Atlantics have spots that look like x's.
  2. This boat has been sold. Thanks for looking
  3. Bruce, I'll pass along your number. I don't know if it is still available or not. Thanks
  4. shadster

    Sold / Closed 1984 Sea Nymph Fish and Ski

    Posting this for a friend whose husband has passed leaving her this boat to sell. It is located in Wind Gap PA. Boat is in great shape for it's age with the motor meticulously maintained.
  5. Intake and hoses for the live well or the fitting on the pump itself have a tendency to crack over time and allow water in. Might want to check those
  6. Are there hook regulations at the mouth of the tribs?
  7. Sadly,there's a fine line between fearless and crazy. Prayers for all involved.
  8. Never good to hear of these incidents. Prayers. People need to know their limits and those of mother nature
  9. Thanks. I saw where Montour/Watkins glen was raging on FB
  10. Where is this waterfall? That's nuts
  11. Can you imagine how boring it would be without it being scripted? I enjoy the show and take it for what it is. It is both fishing for big bluefin tuna and entertainment. That is something most of us will ever do to start. Tyler and Duffy had their act together when it mattered most and caught a lot of fish together. RIP Duffy.
  12. It looks like a Crystal Minnow with that humped back. The lip looks like the suspending model by its position on the face.
  13. This was a kind gesture. Hope someone in need can use it. Downriggers are not cheap.
  14. That was an interesting read J.D. The why and how of this incident is still being investigated. I don't know if speculating on any one cause is a good idea. If anything we can learn from it. It is always sad to see these tragedies. Especially, when it happens to people who share our passion for the water and fishing. Condolences to his family and friends. Here is an article I found online that covers a lot of reasons why boats sink and how to prevent it.. http://www.boatingmag.com/how-to/30-ways-to-sink-boat-and-29-to-prevent-it
  15. The best strategy in battle fishing is not to battle at all. Play defense at the wheel. Run your riggers close and bounce the bottom for staging fish or so I've heard.......
  16. This a very nice well maintained boat with all the bells and whistles. Good luck with the sale Wayne.
  17. No sharks....no deal!!!............J/K GLWS Nice rig for someone.
  18. Welcome. Very cool to see their environment up close and personal.
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