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  1. What type of bracket for kicker Anyone know of decent fixed brackets for kicker motors? I've looked on the net and find plenty of the Garlick type that you lift in and out but want something fixed that I don't have to monkey with lifting in and out of the water. Let me know, thanks and info. is appreciated.
  2. never mind, you use rudders with engines a midship I assume.
  3. Well went with a 9.9 Pro kicker with a high thrust prop/gearing etc. Has power trim and tilt and am looking into the elevator type of bracket. They were on sale at Bass Pro in Auburn. Having it installed within the next week and a half. Oh yea the 25" shaft too. Gonna use an ez steer hookup along with my intellisteer for the main. Thanks for all the advice.
  4. SHOUT OUT TO GAMBLER Gambler offered a deal on a free Browning Compound bow. Well he wasn't kidding. Picked it up last night with all accouterments. Just a big thanks. Much appreciated.
  5. Well this is like pulling teeth trying to locate a 15h.p. kicker. Found a few 9.9's around both new and used. A local dealer can get a new 15 h.p. for close to 4 grand in 7 weeks, but frankly that is a bit to much money to fund one at least on my end. Still looking and leaning towards a 9.9 as that seems to be what is available. Excellent info. too. Appreciate it.
  6. Thanks folks. Excellent info J.P.
  7. What's the difference between a Pro Kicker and just a regular 9,9 long shaft Mercury kicker? Also is a high thrust kicker motor just a kicker with a larger prop on it? thanks
  8. What kicker to get and where Putting a kicker on my Penn Yan Avenger. About 24', with a 9.6' beam. Unladen weight about 4300 lbs as I read the brochure or there abouts as I recall. Looking for power trim/tilt, and separate binnacle mounted behind main engine binnacle. Any thoughts or suggestions. Would like to complete this asap so fire away. thanks
  9. Replied to you. thanks
  10. I'm interested in them. Do you take PP by chance? My sister in law lived in Saratoga Springs for years and now lives in Hoosik. She is comming down to our cottage on the weekend and she could probably pick them up on her way down. Let me know. thanks
  11. I've been trying to buy them and ebay won't let me. So I don't know what is going on.
  12. ok thanks
  13. I'm gonna run these with the Chinook divers I picked up. About the max. wire I've had out on my 30 Convectors is right around 400' give or take. The Chinook divers are way more efficient at reaching depth than the regular divers I use. So I figure 500 of torpedo and whatever else in backing of braid on the rest of the reel. Just don't what poundage of braid to use or how much to use with the 500' of torpedo wire. I know on my Convectors and the Magda's I used to run 1000' of 7 strand just about filled'em up. If need be I'll bit the bullett and just get another spool of torpedo. thanks
  14. Wire with braid backing Went to the garage sale a couple of weeks ago at Point Pleasant I think it was in Irond. Anyways lucked out on a couple of Catalina 30's lc's. for a very good price for both. Cleaned them up and voila, like new(well almost). Point being is that the Catalina Series are about my all time favorite reels. Holy Mackerel turned me on to them when I started fishing the lake about 5 yrs ago. He gave me a level wind 25 that I used on my riggers and it took me about 3 years to find a matching one. So in Dec. or Jan I also picked up some Torpedo wire 19strand, new spool for cheap. I want to split it between the two Catalina's. How much and what type of backing to use. I want 500' of wire on both reels. Any advice and help is appreciated. Probably could have just asked that without all the background, but well, never mind! thanks PS I could just put the full spool on one and buy another 1000' but that stuff is expensive!
  15. Just want to give a shout out to Capt. Rich. Bought the Torpedo Wire and he delivered right to my house! That is service above and beyond. thanks again.