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  1. nope. Some debris is all, sticks etc.
  2. Its ice free now as I was out there yesterday checking water level and the camper and pretty much everyone else's camper. Lowest water I've ever seen in 10 yrs there. Most of the west side docks are sitting on bare ground with the east end of them in very very shallow water. Supposed to improve by 4/9 though. stay safe
  3. Here is a handmade filet knife I've owned for several years. 440c blade that is flexible, maple handle, full tang and actually just a gorgeous handmade filet knife. Purchased several yrs ago through a high end vendor of handmade knives. Specs are 6" blade that is razor sharp, nickel silver bolsters, and tiger maple handle that is very ergonomic to hold. Maker made sheath that has a pop type of fit and holds the knife very securely. I have never used the knife nor carried the knife. This is sold PS I don't know if this fella is even making knives anymore and it is my understanding that he was located in W. Virginia but I ain't swearing to it. REB knives just stands for his initials and his makers mark is on the ricasso all though lightly stamped.
  4. If these aren't gone I'll grab them. Hope you take PP if I get lucky with them. stay safe
  5. I agree with everything Starweld 16 said above about Slow Rollin, showed up when he said he was going to show up, looked at the boat and offered very sound advice as to what needed to be done and he GOT THE JOB! Offered what I thought was a very reasonable estimate with parts. Don't get no better than that. He is also very personable which is a big plus and takes the time to check the little extras that need to be attended to. Good to go in my book plus I don't have to tow that big tub anywhere. thanks and stay safe
  6. I tried callling again to no avail. I texted you too. Let me know if you received it. thanks
  7. Same thing happened 2 yrs ago to me in Sept. I have a 305 V8 mercruiser in my PY. Anyways it was what I ended needing is a new coupler, pinion gear, main shaft and upper unit and it was expensive. I had Mikes Mobil Marine fix it and I towed the boat there. Pretty involved repair and on a V8 Merc I know you have to pull the engine. Good luck.
  8. Looking to have someone look at my boat located at Hughes Marina, Williamson NY.  The boat will sometimes start and idle for a good 10 minutes or so and then quit.  Other times it won't start and when turning the engine over it will surge in rpm's and then quit without idling.  


    Anyways let me know of any interest, hourly rate, travel rate etc.  thanks and stay safe


    PS  I can meet you at Hughes anytime too.

    1. slow rollin

      slow rollin

      Call me when you get a chance. 315 2770893. 

    2. longbow


      Called the number twice and just had music.  I'll just pull the module inside the distributor cap and see if that works.  

    3. slow rollin

      slow rollin

      Try it again when you can. I may have been in a dead spotn

  9. I pm'd ya too, I'll take all 3 if possible, if not no worries. stay safe
  10. Hello do you still have the down riggers for sale?  Interested in them if you do.  I fish out of Hughes in Williamsville.  Let me know and stay safe

    1. hard knox

      hard knox

      yes still available call me .

    2. longbow


      Hey man disregard I fixed mine, or rather a buddy at the Marina did.  thanks

  11. Hello what type of plug do these have on them?  They do work like you said right?  Do you take PP cause that is how would pay.  thanks and stay safe

  12. I sent ya a mssg on the 54 qt. thanks
  13. Here is how I do it. I use a big tank filled with anti freeze that holds like 6 gallons maybe its more I'd have to look at it. I put the muffs on the out drive and start it up in neutral of course. I wait till it comes to temp.which will take a few minutes. Then I hook the muffs up to the tank with the antifreeze tank sitting on top of the stern and restart the motor. Takes about a minute maybe a bit more and the temp will climb to half way up the guage and then the pink anti freeze comes out of the exhaust manifolds. I run the tank till darn near 0 so I know it goes through the block. Has worked so far. I should note that I usually use -50 RV anti freeze. The reason I run nearly out is so I know for a fact its getting through the whole engine. If you don't warm you engine up first it seems to me the thermostat would prevent the antifreeze from going completely through the engine. I have a 305 V8 in my PY.
  14. Yep folks were fishing out of Hughes on Thurs. Saw several cars parked and a truck/trailer etc.etc. Maybe stop at his house on the way down to the ramp just to make sure though but like I said saw folks there that were out. His house is the big gray house that sometimes will look a bit green depending on the sunlight!
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