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  1. Nah not till the spring. Adam is just to busy this time of year. I just might go with a whole new out drive, have to wait and see the cost of one vs. the other. Donald told me if it is within 5-600 bucks vs a new out drive he'd go with the new out drive, so Peggy heard that and his word is gospel to her so she wants to do that, but don't know if Adam wants to put on a whole new out drive. Water is pretty low now anyways and everyone is pulling there boats and Norm is pulling docks out. Kenny is out today on a charter, has one tomorrow too. Pretty bouncy now though so he is in close least last I saw of him he was. See you in the spring my brotha.
  2. Hey Bob how's it hangin! Had a good time at Cole's last night. Your camper sure is loud though! Tell Berta hey and give Julie a good pat for me. See ya in the spring. PS this fella keeps his stuff in A-1 shape, just sayin
  3. longbow

    Need a new Boat Trailer

    What are target bunks?
  4. longbow

    Need a new Boat Trailer

    That is a good idea. I'll look into it.
  5. longbow

    Need a new Boat Trailer

    So I fish a PY Avenger. The current trailer I have just seems a bit to small but it came with the boat. It is without question the most difficult load trailer I've ever dealt with or experienced. The boat just doesn't want to center correctly on the trailer. The former boat I owned a Pro Line just seemed to glide right up on the trailer and center itself perfectly every time. The Avenger is very heavy too, with a 9.5' beam and a length of 24'. The unladen weight of the Avenger according to a brochure I have on it was 4300lbs. So looking for a trailer that will work better and just be easier to load. Any help is appreciated. thanks
  6. Read this on the WHAM website. One fisherman lost and one rescued. 9 miles from shore near Point Breeze. Boat took on lots of water in 5-7' waves and capsized. The fisherman were in the water for 2-3 hours. Canadian freighter and a couple of fisherman from Ohio rescued the one fella and recovered the second fella. Similar instance with no fatalities happened here a few weeks ago out of Hughes. Big water and the 4 guys in the boat and it took on water and Pultneyville fire and rescue towed the boat in and Wayne County sheriffs brought the 4 guys in. The boat if I recall was a Grady White and water up over the gunwales but it didn't sink. I know we have all been out in snotty conditions and probably have fished when we really shouldn't have. Sure is unforgiving when you F up. Stay safe.
  7. how do these mount. Do you need tracks or do they screw down right to the rail. thanks
  8. Yep pretty bouncy out of Hughes yesterday afternoon too! My brother is visiting and frankly didn't care for it to much. Only fished a bit but did manage a very good brown right off the bat.
  9. longbow

    Sold / Closed Moor sub troll

    Sent ya a mssg. concerning above sub troll. thanks
  10. longbow

    Banging noise

    Do you have bumpers hanging out over the side when running?
  11. I don't think SD is the one that needs a chill pill. What are the rules for folks commenting in for sale posts here on the forums. Other sites I visit or am registered with don't allow undo comments in for sale posts. Anyways SD good luck with the boat whether you keep it or sell it.
  12. Couldn't have said it better myself SD
  13. Just let me know the cost. Actually gonna have you ship to the Marina I stay at in the summer. Hughes in Williamson. Just mssg. me the final cost and I'll get pp funds to you. Shouldn't be a whole more expensive cause they ship by zones. thanks
  14. I work in Webster. I can drop them off on my way home and get the money then.


    Jim G

  15. How much ya think shipping would be to Irond NY? I'll grab them regardless. Just let me know the full price and I'll PP ya at some point today-tomorrow time frame. thanks