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  1. These are very well done, better than the asking price, least ways I think so. Yep I speak from buying some and they are indeed nice.
  2. I'll grab 2 from ya. Just pm me your PP address etc thanks
  3. I want to grab some of these. Any chance of putting a red bead in the center of the other two beads? Let me know what other colors are available. thanks man
  4. I mssg'd ya. I am down at Hughes for the summer
  5. Ya know something y'all could just mssg. him instead of stepping all over his thread etc. I gotta say this is the only site I've ever belonged to that allows that kind of thing.
  6. This might be a long shot but looking for a couple of Black Beauty trolling rods. Med/light action, 8.5', with triggers on the handles, would consider without triggers too. Let me know thanks
  7. I run wire on the Dipsey rods but this year I am going to try 50lb power braid. Supposedly the fleas won't stick to it as they drove me nuts last year. On my diver rods currently I use 7 strand wire 30lb. and on the end of the wire I put on about 35-40ft of braid that way I can wind the wire all the way on to the reels and you dn't get any kinks.
  8. Nah not till the spring. Adam is just to busy this time of year. I just might go with a whole new out drive, have to wait and see the cost of one vs. the other. Donald told me if it is within 5-600 bucks vs a new out drive he'd go with the new out drive, so Peggy heard that and his word is gospel to her so she wants to do that, but don't know if Adam wants to put on a whole new out drive. Water is pretty low now anyways and everyone is pulling there boats and Norm is pulling docks out. Kenny is out today on a charter, has one tomorrow too. Pretty bouncy now though so he is in close least last I saw of him he was. See you in the spring my brotha.
  9. Hey Bob how's it hangin! Had a good time at Cole's last night. Your camper sure is loud though! Tell Berta hey and give Julie a good pat for me. See ya in the spring. PS this fella keeps his stuff in A-1 shape, just sayin
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