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  1. longbow

    What Size Reel for Leadcore

    Yep filled it just about perfect.
  2. longbow

    What Size Reel for Leadcore

    I used one of my old Okuma Magda Pro's size 30 that worked perfect. Used braid for backing about 200 yds of I think it was 40 lb.- 10 color-100yds of lead core made by Kastking, and 15lb kastking flouro carbon, used 50 ft for the leader. I used and albright knot for the connection between backing and leadcore, and a willits knot for flouro leader to leadcore. thanks
  3. longbow

    What Size Reel for Leadcore

    Figured it out.
  4. What size reel should I use for leadcore. I have 100yds of 10 color lc, braid backing, and 20lb leader. thanks PS I have a choice of Penn 209's, 309's or Okuma Magd Pro 30's.
  5. I think it was 25lbs 10oz. At least that is what I thought the scale said when they weighed it. The Fish Bopper is a fish catching machine. Where there is one there is more for sure. Just a good sign for the lake.
  6. longbow

    Chinook Divers

    I use them, solid black and frankly never had a problem like everyone says with the line being cut on the edge of the diver. They release easy and are easy to reel in. They pull hard though much more so than the Luhr Jensen type plastic ones. I still use those on occasion too.
  7. longbow

    Best trolling reels???

    I'm sold on Okuma brand of reels. I have several Convector's but the best imho are the Catalina 25's if you can find them. The high speed convectors are nice too. I use those on my diver rods. Matter of fact if anyone out there is reading this post and you have some 25's l.c.'s in excellent working condition I have a very nice custom Floyd Medlin stag handled fixed blade in damascus steel and maker made sheath I'd swap ya. It is unused. Floyd passe a year or two ago so this is kind of rare now. He had a fine reputation as a knife maker. thanks
  8. Capt. Ken puts on a great show and gives you your money's worth that is a fact. He is a wonderful and accommodating skipper.
  9. longbow

    Wire rods

    I use a palomar knot to attach to the swivel and a modified albright knot to attach to the wire and I've never lost anything off the end save for a fish or two. I can't really tie a decent knot using the wire to attach to anything. I watched a buddy tie a wire knot a haywire twist, he did it in seconds and it looked perfect when he finished. He didn't use any braid or such thing but did use snubbers.
  10. longbow

    Wire rods

    When I first started fishing the lake I would have to change my wire a couple of times a season it seemed. There was a Charter Capt(Larry Bassett-RIP). in our Marina/Campground that turned me on a to a method he used for wire. He would simply tie into the wire end with about 30-35' of braid. That way the wire wraps totally around the reel. There is no give to the braid so you can tie it directly to whatever type of swivel and then hook it on to your diver. Haven't chanted wire in 3 years and still have a full spool of it on the reels.
  11. I'll take the rods as long as you do PP. Let me know when you get a chance
  12. I still use a set on occasion on my PY Avenger. Best trolling bags made bar none and a killer deal on them. Just sayin. Good luck
  13. Oh yea if it doesn't work out let me know. thanks
  14. So the Catallina is gone too? thanks