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  1. If you take PP I'll take them. Just pm your pp address and I'll get funds to you. thanks
  2. I have an IO in mine, 305 merc, w/4 barrel and a Pro kicker PS over sized trim tabs too
  3. You should do a search from a couple of years ago and see my tribulation with Arney's in Sodus Point. Speny over 6k on a rebuilt motor, 2 stroke Johnson Ocean Runner 225. In the 2 years I had that motor I may have gotten 20 hrs. on the water out of it and i ain't kiddin. Another fellow fisherman from our marina has taken his Merc. 4 stroke to a well known service provider again in S.P. but not Arney's. Dumped several hundred bucks into the motor and they couldn't even come close to fixing it, and finally took it to Sager Marine in Canadaguia . They might have fixed it for him. I haven't seen him this week yet to find out. I would have to say off hand the fella that gets the most props and pos. f.b. here on LOU is Hank in Port Bay.
  4. me too great boats. These boats have a nice wide beam at 9.5'. Very stable and don't get blown around alot in the wind cause they are low slung, heavy too so a good rough water boat.
  5. These are very well done, better than the asking price, least ways I think so. Yep I speak from buying some and they are indeed nice.
  6. I'll grab 2 from ya. Just pm me your PP address etc thanks
  7. I want to grab some of these. Any chance of putting a red bead in the center of the other two beads? Let me know what other colors are available. thanks man
  8. I mssg'd ya. I am down at Hughes for the summer
  9. Ya know something y'all could just mssg. him instead of stepping all over his thread etc. I gotta say this is the only site I've ever belonged to that allows that kind of thing.
  10. This might be a long shot but looking for a couple of Black Beauty trolling rods. Med/light action, 8.5', with triggers on the handles, would consider without triggers too. Let me know thanks
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