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  1. I've been trying to buy them and ebay won't let me. So I don't know what is going on.
  2. ok thanks
  3. I'm gonna run these with the Chinook divers I picked up. About the max. wire I've had out on my 30 Convectors is right around 400' give or take. The Chinook divers are way more efficient at reaching depth than the regular divers I use. So I figure 500 of torpedo and whatever else in backing of braid on the rest of the reel. Just don't what poundage of braid to use or how much to use with the 500' of torpedo wire. I know on my Convectors and the Magda's I used to run 1000' of 7 strand just about filled'em up. If need be I'll bit the bullett and just get another spool of torpedo. thanks
  4. Wire with braid backing Went to the garage sale a couple of weeks ago at Point Pleasant I think it was in Irond. Anyways lucked out on a couple of Catalina 30's lc's. for a very good price for both. Cleaned them up and voila, like new(well almost). Point being is that the Catalina Series are about my all time favorite reels. Holy Mackerel turned me on to them when I started fishing the lake about 5 yrs ago. He gave me a level wind 25 that I used on my riggers and it took me about 3 years to find a matching one. So in Dec. or Jan I also picked up some Torpedo wire 19strand, new spool for cheap. I want to split it between the two Catalina's. How much and what type of backing to use. I want 500' of wire on both reels. Any advice and help is appreciated. Probably could have just asked that without all the background, but well, never mind! thanks PS I could just put the full spool on one and buy another 1000' but that stuff is expensive!
  5. Just want to give a shout out to Capt. Rich. Bought the Torpedo Wire and he delivered right to my house! That is service above and beyond. thanks again.
  6. Hello, sent ya a mssg via the forum here. thanks
  7. If that is a full spool of torpedo wire and you take PP I'll take it. I'll pay for shipping etc. Let me know. thanks
  8. Here is my Crawford handmade Falcon folding knife. Made in the early 90's. 154cm blade, 3.75" long, brown micarta handle slabs, all titanium liners, pocket clip and back spacer. I do not think Pat and Wes offer this model anymore. The knife is in I would say 99% condition. Some extremely small snail trails from my "sock drawer". Lock up is superb, sharpness is like a straight razor and frankly no wait to get a folder made by these fellas'. I have never used this knife, never sharpened this knife etc. etc. Asking $525 shipped. I take PP or M.O. The blade has a superb hollow grind and was pretty much all handmade at the time this was made. I don't need to sell this so if you got the coin you will get one outstanding handmade and very rare folder made by two of the BEST in the business. You can look them up on google for the website, and you will indeed see this is priced well below what they make and sell knives for. Hey Mackeral this would be a great side business to get into when your retire! Here is the other thing if you don't have any thing to add to this post please don't comment, Crawford knives are superbly handmade and EXPENSIVE. THANKS
  9. thanks, didn't have my phone with me when it happened. I'll get a pic up eventually though.
  10. Taking my Avenger out of the water this week and the boat moved off the center guide and the bolt holding the guider took a good splinter out of the center chine right under the bow. It was a bout 3" splinter. Anybody know how to repair something like this? Removing that guide roller for sure cause doesn't seem to do anything but cause me consternation when taking the boat out. thanks
  11. DV27 You are say you are trying to give him advice well maybe he doesn't want it. The boat ain't yours, you are not selling it, I don't think he cares what you have to say, and I don't think much anyone here cares what you have to say. You seem to stir the pot that is for sure. Like I said in the beginning if you ain't buying it keep out of it. Hard to believe a fella selling a boat has to deal with someone like you. I am also sure anybody buying the boat would have a professional survey done as I did. Just goes with buying an older boat and especially PY's with open weep holes. I have owned two boats since I started fishing 4 years ago. A Pro Line and a current Penn Yan Avenger. The Avengers windows open all around and there is a nice fan on the dash of the boat. I had an intellisteer put on it so I can sit on the back deck and tend lines. There are side screens in the windows, slide side windows that are big and front windows that open out so when your trolling you get a good through breeze, in colder weather it has a cabin heater, maybe his boat has the same. I am sure you could even put an a/c unit through the roof of the boat if someone so desired, I know other boats have them. So there ya go.
  12. Again another post of a fella trying to sell something and everybody and his brother gets involved. I have never seen anything like this on other forums. Everybody should keep the opinions to themselves if the item for sale isn't their own. If you make an offer on something do it via P.M. If the fella states he doesn't want to sell it off partially or whatever or in bits and pieces then fair enough. It's like everyone is an expert. Feel bad for the original poster. He didn't ask for anyone's two cents but every one seems to want to give it. Right or not. Aren't there moderators here?
  13. I fish out of Hughes and have a 5th wheel there. Yesterday the bite was on in the a.m. Seemed everyone was hooking but ME. Had a couple of nice diver hits but nobody home. Were you out of an Avenger by any chance. That is what I fish. thanks PS went right by ya if it was you I was heading back west to Hughes
  14. Nice work indeed. If I didn't own my Penn Yan, and if it didn't inspect out so good when I was looking at it I would own in some form or another a Sport Craft. Just love the looks of those boats. Good job!
  15. Had it installed last Fri. For the main motor. Works perfect. Can combine it with an auto pilot if I so choose. Keeps the boat on coarse and tracking straight even in a heavy chop. Nice with the remote pendant to run stuff from the back of the boat.