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  1. Used to be a weekly ritual with me and my doggo to check on our camper and others each week but since last yr. Norm has kept it blocked off. Although checking our cottage earlier this yr I walked over to see how things were. Something to do anyways. stay safe
  2. Thanks ya'll. Yep I'll go with the Alpha. Does anybody know why the folks that sell the outdrives need the serial numbers from the motor? I had the original 305 in it before it went bust and it ran like a champ. thanks and stay safe
  3. Have to put a new outdrive on my re-motored Avenger. Put a 350 in it last year and apparently the advice I rec. with the outdrive that was on it and reused apparently was bad advice as the outdrive got chewed up. So its back at old Arnies cause they put the motor in and am having them install and outdrive this spring. What should I get an Alpha type that was on it or a Bravo. Let me know what you all think. thanks PS cost is not a contributing factor at this point
  4. I have PP too and he doesn't use it. Just sayin
  5. Don't have the app you need for payment. I only have PP so I guess I'll pass on these. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  6. I'll grab these, just get me your PP info and I'll get the funds to ya today. stay safe
  7. Was over that way yesterday a.m. for browns. 70' saw some good hooks but no bite. Ran out to 170 and headed back towards Huggies and had one nice king take a black carbon down 70'. That was it. stay safe
  8. So I had a new engine put in my Avenger. Alternator went bad and Martins sold me a new 70amp marine alternator that charges the batteries right up. However the kicker doesn't seem to charge the batteries up as well as the main motor. I have a 2 battery system, a crank and deep cycle. Does it make any difference which battery the kicker is hooked up to? The kicker is 3yrs old and runs excellent. I noticed with the main engine running the riggers which Penn Fathom Masters work excellent as in pretty fast up and down. Not so much with the deep cycle which is a year old, and the crank side is new this spring. So feed me brothers of the Great Lake. thanks and stay safe PS Where the hell are all the fish and I fish out of Huggies Marina
  9. I'll grab these. PP on its way. stay safe
  10. nope. Some debris is all, sticks etc.
  11. Its ice free now as I was out there yesterday checking water level and the camper and pretty much everyone else's camper. Lowest water I've ever seen in 10 yrs there. Most of the west side docks are sitting on bare ground with the east end of them in very very shallow water. Supposed to improve by 4/9 though. stay safe
  12. Here is a handmade filet knife I've owned for several years. 440c blade that is flexible, maple handle, full tang and actually just a gorgeous handmade filet knife. Purchased several yrs ago through a high end vendor of handmade knives. Specs are 6" blade that is razor sharp, nickel silver bolsters, and tiger maple handle that is very ergonomic to hold. Maker made sheath that has a pop type of fit and holds the knife very securely. I have never used the knife nor carried the knife. This is sold PS I don't know if this fella is even making knives anymore and it is my understanding that he was located in W. Virginia but I ain't swearing to it. REB knives just stands for his initials and his makers mark is on the ricasso all though lightly stamped.
  13. If these aren't gone I'll grab them. Hope you take PP if I get lucky with them. stay safe
  14. I agree with everything Starweld 16 said above about Slow Rollin, showed up when he said he was going to show up, looked at the boat and offered very sound advice as to what needed to be done and he GOT THE JOB! Offered what I thought was a very reasonable estimate with parts. Don't get no better than that. He is also very personable which is a big plus and takes the time to check the little extras that need to be attended to. Good to go in my book plus I don't have to tow that big tub anywhere. thanks and stay safe
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