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  1. Good luck bro. Keepem wet.
  2. Hey Mike, look at a good used PY and get a survey on it before buying. Love the Avenger we have, nice hard top, heavy boat for its size, wide beam at 9.5' as I recall and with all the talk about stability the secret I have found is running trolling bags off the sides when it is pretty rough. Will suck you right down on the water and takes a ton of pitch and roll out of the boat. There is a reason you see so many especially at Hughes! Not the fastest out there but a good solid platform to fish off. Don't let anyone kid ya either Lake Ontario when it is rough is rough.(period) As you well know! No matter what kind of boat you have you're going to feel it but you can mitigate the wave and bounce action somewhat too. I wanted a wide transom and got it in the Avenger and it is a compact design for the size of the boat. It is a dry ride too and a good hard top to get in out of the weather. Just put the kicker on it this summer and even with trolling bags out when it is really rough and snotty the Big Foot keeps right up with the waves for controlability. Lots of good boats will be coming up I would imagine. But everyone thinks bigger is better for a ride and it ain't especially with a big tall hard top. Lots of trade offs to be considered. Good luck man
  3. Yep like I said nice boat! Congrats
  4. Well hate to see this Rich but I understand completely. Rich is docked just up from me at Hughes and I can attest to the fastidiousness of his maintaining his boat. He is a very fine fella and the boat is TOO! Good luck brother.
  5. I sent ya a p.m. too, don't know if it wen through or not. thanks
  6. I don't know the product number, but it is the same as CLR only BETTER. It is rust, stain, and calcium remover. Comes in a blue colored gallon jug at Home Depot. Sorry that I can't remember the product number. But I think in the first post I mention rust, stain, and calcium remover.
  7. Bunch of us will be out Sat. Went out Tues early with the wife and went west as far as Orbachers in 140 to 120 and from Orbachers back to the New Houses just west of the Marina had good screens. Was a wee bit choppy though! Always someone around to give you hand if need be.
  8. I'm trying to cut down on the beer intake! How'd ya do last weekend Slooo Motion? Heard a bit of motion sickness with your fishing buddy. Saw ya coming in when I was heading home. 5 plus footers will do that though.
  9. Yep that is my ultimate fishing boat. Just sayin. If you ever consider a trade for a HD Electra Glide let me know. thanks
  10. Attach about 30' of braided line to the end of some new wire. That way the wire is completely wound up on the reel all the time and does not allow for kinking the wire when attaching divers and such. I am on the second year of using the same wire on both diver reels and haven't had a kink yet of any kind. This tip was given to me by the late Charter Capt. Larry Basset of Sea Dog Charters.
  11. I just float the diver down the shoot with a free spool no drag and my thumb on the line controlling it as it goes out. Get to between 50 and 60 feet of line out and put it in a rod holder or on the rigger rod holder itself. Then I use the reel handle to click the anti reverse forward and loosen the drag a good bit to let the line go out by itself. I always look at the rod tip too, make sure it is moving up and down as the line goes out. Never tangle nothing at least since I've been using this method. I also use about a 30' leader of spider braided line so the wire is always wound up in the reel and doesn't kink. On my second year using the same wire and still have full reels on both my diver reels without any kinks etc.etc.
  12. That wasn't so hard now was it.
  13. This isn't ebay. Simple to post a price with the descritpion.
  14. Again had it on my arms and hands to no ill effect. Didn't affect anything on the hull other than taking off the crust and lime stains and long hair that was hanging off it. Used a high pressure washer to remove it. Cleaned my trim tabs to look like new as well as my outdrive. My transducer is still working as it should too. It is way better than using muriatic acid which is really caustic. I used that last year and didn't enjoy it one bit but it did clean the boat half way decent but with alot scrubbing . It was a buffered compound though and not pure muriatic acid. To me the ZEP'S was much safer and way way more efficient. thanks
  15. I don't know about it melting the paint on my trailer. I had it on my arm and hand to no ill effect. Didn't effect my trailer either and actually cleaned up a bit of the rust spots on it. Put it on my engine outdrive, kicker, trim tabs, transducer etc. Didn't hurt anything nor me hands or arms. It's pretty slippery feeling so I am assuming it has surfactants in it. All I know is that it worked for me. Says its made to use on metal too as a rust eliminator. Use at your own risk I guess. I was happy with the results.