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  1. Selling because I bought a new boat, a 24ft Thompson. Boat is in Easton, PA and also can be traveled to be viewed or fish up in Pulaski, NY
  2. any stickers can be removed if this would be a hang-up for someone. I know a lot of people were stung by THE KING OF STING finger lakes tackle, I just never have taken the time to remove it
  3. And a roll of carpet which I was gonna use to redo gunnels and front deck this winter
  4. Also has a custom kicker steering mount to bolt onto main motor, forgot about that. Also everything goes with this boat except tackle and shark weights
  5. 2000 Tracker Targa 185 custom trolling vessel For sale is a 2000 Tracker Targa 185. 90 HP tracker(mercury) outboard. MinnkotA terrova 80lb thrust trolling motor w/autopilot-spotlock. Great for keeping speed and direction while trolling. Have 2 size 31 federal batteries to power motor, as well as a switch to change to the 2 rear 24 batteries which power electronics and riggers. Great for electric only lakes 2 cannon Mag 10 STX downriggers one year old Cannon base multi ratchet rodholders Fishhawk TD 4 w probe an extra screen Humminbird 1199ci HD SI fishfinder w lakemaster chip Lowrance marine radio 3 bank GUEST charger for rear batteries 2 bank GUEST charger for front batteries LED light up front for heading out in the dark 12 fishable rod holders total 6 rod holder storage up front Planer mast w planer boards Now for the expensive stuff I had this entire boat completely rewired front to back, everything on the boat is wired into a fuse panel up under the dash, 3 panels with an entire open panel for adding anything new. Riggers and fish finder are wired to a fuse block as well to keep them from ever being fried in case something did short out. Spent over 4 grand wiring everything professionally and I have all receipts from the marine tech for everything I have done Carbs have been hydrosonically cleaned and rebuilt. Entire fuel system was rebuilt and now has a fuel separator to keep any water from getting into the carbs. (Meaning you do not have to run ethanol free gas, I run 89 and have never ever had a problem in 3 years doing so). New voltage regulator, new plugs an caps, rebuilt lower unit, didn't need it but did it anyway, new water pump this year, full service every spring and fall. I rebuilt the entire back deck this spring with new carpet and new marine plywood. Rewelded alot of gussets under the flooring. Added floor drains into the back which drain out the rear of the boat. So if you ever get pinched and taking water over the bow, no worries boat drains. Also put 2 new bilge pumps in boat, one is an auto bilge which cycles every ten minutes to check for water. Installed highest powered wash down hose in boat as well to get rid of fish slime and blood off carpet. Custom storage built in Double Reinforced gunnels of the boat inside and out to handle downriggers in waves Regasketed transom and new bolts an completely sealed Comes with canopy and boat cover Rebuilt trailer last year, all new bearings, hitch, and 3 new tires, 190 a piece for tires best I could buy If you have any questions please call Rob hildenbrand at 4848960242 or text if you want to view or have any questions. Have all records of all the work done showing cost over the last few years Asking 10,500.00 OBO
  6. Would you be interested in a fully rigged 18.5 tracker targa 2001? Nee cannons 10s, fishhawk, 90hp motor, terrova trolling motor with 5 batteries N switches for power to trolling motor, cannon rod holders, humminbird 1199 HDsi fishfinder, lots more extras, just redid back deck as well. Ill try to go get some decent pics quick
  7. Is this boat still for sale? If so how close to Pulaski are you? Id like to check it out sometime this weekend. Very interested.
  8. ok bought my derby ticket online and we are fishing tomorrow. Is that all I need to do???? My buddies are wondering. I bought mine weeks ago but never received anything in the mail or nothing. Just wondering what the 411 is with buying it online. Thanks a lot
  9. Im selling my two tx-44 boards if anyone is interested. Used them once. Bought a planer mast and big boards now. Make an offer there brand new
  10. oh its not going to make me stay home that's for sure. Just thinking may need to fish deeper for em. Mud sharkin
  11. Yeah I know it lol. Im going regardless. Charter mission. Just sitting in PA right now waiting for Friday. Guess I have too much time to think haha
  12. Just wondering what this weather is going to do with the kings. Does barometer even affect fishing the lake or are kings deep enough that its meaningless. Ive been wondering this. Fishing out of mexico Friday. Looks to be a fairly flat clear day Friday and with barometer being sky high just wondering what the game plan should be... Thanks and tight lines
  13. Ok maybe someone can explain to me what is going on here. Im going to post some pictures up to show this a little better. Small puddles of what looks like 2-stroke oil is coming out of little port hole above the lower unit oil fill plugs, and also leaking out of little hole behind the water intake on lower part of motor. No clue whats going on here.Its not a ton of oil. about half dollar size came out of hole back by the prop, and about twice that amount came out of hole by the lower unit oil check plug. I have one more picture but im just having a problem loading it. Its the picture of where oil is leaking from that little hole back by the prop. Please any help here and an understanding of whats actually going on would be great. Thanks a bunch
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