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  1. Where are you located?
  2. I live on the Greece shoreline. I'm taking on heavy wave hits from northeast. Enough to shake the foundation of my home and rattle plates in my cupboards. I've never seen it this bad. Neighbors getting flooding. Folks, when your out fishing be very conscious of floating debris. My dock, along with many others are being ripped apart. Trees are being uprooted, branches, etc. This is getting down right ugly. My thoughts are with people in the Sodus Point area, as I understand they are experiencing much worse conditions. Peace, Steve....
  3. My personal experience, seeing a problem like this one. It goes to a "Government" Agency, and they get involved by shutting off all fishing, getting their own people in there and doing their own "Bait and Shoot" per say. Using tax dollars to fund their overtime and taking the dead carcasses off to the dumps. A no win for the people, at all! Making decisions and Laws that the Police can't enforce because the Judges let the offenders go free . Mean while Charlie Chan b**ches because he's a business man, and Police are harassing him over a few Salmon. The Police in this City have more on their plates to handle with crime then go down to the River and get into it with the Locals over some Salmon Grabbing. You folks said it yourselves. You make complaints over the years, and nobody seems to care. It's really a catch 22. We see videos of the trash that is left over after the Salmon runs. Salmon River, Oak Orchard, Burt Damn. etc. No respect and very little support from Gov. Agencies. Sure, we see a couple of videos of poachers getting hauled away. It makes us cheer! It's the same as when we see a "Street Leval" drug dealer getting arrested. We cheer! What about the King Pins running the Cartels? They don't seem to get touched. Why? They're part of "The System." I don't know, I just felt like putting in my nickels worth here. Don't hate me for it. The answers don't come easy on these issues. Have fun fishing! And watch out for flyin lead down there. It's not worth any of you not showing up for dinner because you tried to express your opinion to people that would rather do you bodily harm, than throw their Salmon back in the river. respectfully, Steve....
  4. I never did business with Henchen's, so I can't comment on them. But, I will say always respect Service Men and Women as well as 1st responders. "Tight Lines and Good Times!" Steve....
  5. Thanks for the invite Dr. W. I went through C.G. Aux. Course in Rochester in 98' I used to fish out of Salmon River back then. I towed a few people off the big pond in the past. People were unbelievably grateful when they saw me approaching. I wasn't a "Tow Boat" but couldn't not help someone in need. You folks are really special people for who you are and what you do. The "Big Pond" gets a little scary when the sun goes down or she starts crankin out waves. I live on the Lake, also. I call the Coast Guard when ever I see a flare out there and am constantly looking through my binoculars. The C.G. Station in Buffalo, N.Y. is where all dispatch is done. They always check the area on their maps to see if Coast Guard U.S. or Canada is in the area doing maneuvers. This year, I'm going to check and see how to make a donation to Coast Guard Auxillary. If you know how I can do it, please forward the information to me. Thanks in advance for any info, Doc!. You people DO make a difference. Steve.....
  6. Nice pics! Looks like you had a fun time! Steve....
  7. Hi, Wolfman! I just wanted to reach out to you as I have seen the very reasonable prices that you have set on your clean-out. You are a very decent Guy that is helping other fishermen to achieve their level, like you have. Wishing you the best in your years forward! God Bless ya, Guy! Steve......
  8. Hi, Dr. W. I certainly have done my volunteering at various organizations through the years, From C.U.R.E. to a Rep. both State and Local for my Union. Unfortunately, I am disabled, Doc. with a debilitating back injury and the after effects of heavy Chemo. treatments back in '05. I'm presently turning my equipment, my knowledge and my time in getting my Son's boat "Seaworthy" before it hits the water, again. Respectfully, Steve......
  9. Starcraft are nice boats. Beautiful platform for someone starting out. Sounds like you've had a good time with her. Looks to be rigged nicely. Best of luck on the sale! Like saying good bye to an old friend. Best wishes to both of you on your future ride! Steve.....
  10. My thanks and appreciation to the Coast Guard Auxillary! My Son was fishing off Braddock's Bay an @ 70 feet of water last night. He picked up his rigs around 6:30PM and his engine failed. After trying to start it for a few minutes, he realized that it was more than he could handle alone. He called me up, and I contacted 911. They in turn called Buffalo Coast Guard, as they dispatch. An all points went out for anyone in the area to tow my Son in. After 10 minutes of waiting for local boaters to respond, the auxillary called, and we had a 4 way conversation going. Everyone was informed on the process of getting my son in. Braddock's Bay was not an option, as the C.G. boat would have bottomed out in the shallow channel. So, they towed him into the Port of Rochester. I remember taking the Coast Guard Auxillary safe boating course. They prided themselves on being the "Boater's Friend." They are not there to ball you out, or issue tickets for possible violations. It was dark when they finally got him into port. He was cold and it can be a very lonely place out in the big pond all alone! I guess what I'm saying is: Never be ashamed about asking for help, or assistance in a situation on the water. Even if you vessel isn't up to par, a little tongue lashing is better than a foolish pride putting you in further danger or worse. The pair that picked him up, I remember as former career teachers in the district that I too retired from. A great husband and wife team. Thanks folks! By the way, my Son is 29. He's a tough Guy, but even tough Guys can get a little intimidated by the unknown elements of Big Lake O. BTW, he had flares on board but was smart enough to know that gas fumes and a flare would have been an explosive combination. He had his 18" Lap Top computer with him to do a Facebook video. Instead, he opened up the Lap Top and shined it towards the rescue boat and they were able to see his location. Steve......
  11. OMG! That's impressive! Thanks for sharing that. It's quite a structure for Bass fishing, too! Sonar units have come a long way. I'm looking at 2 guys right now just off the creek mouth with a dive flag. Maybe it's you? They are pushing boats, even jet ski's in and out of the channel. The depth is knee deep, as you are probably aware of. Thanks again for the great video! Steve....."Be Safe!"
  12. The "Laura Grace" is behind my home in @25 feet of water. This Summer there was a buoy out there, which was never there before. people went out in small boats to try and pull the buoy with no success. Good to know, if it happens next year, I can call the U.S.C.G. and check it out. By the way, I liked the video but, couldn't get out of my mind, the scene from Jaws where the guy appeared in the window of the wreck. Steve.....
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