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    I started fishing for trout and salmon with my dad in the late 70s. In 1980 I opened my rod building business, John's custom Rods, and have been crafting Great Lakes trolling rods ever since.
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  1. I added a link to the Yachtworld ad that has some photos taken on the haul out day last fall. Tom from Swans has some additional pictures. Note that the complete list of equipment is listed here on LOU, the Yachtworld ad has an incomplete list.
  2. The North Coast 24 is now out of winter storage and has been transported to Wilson, NY and is available for viewing. Updates to equipment list: I've updated some equipment descriptions. I also added some additional equipment going with the boat that I left off the list initially.
  3. The boat is scheduled to be pulled from winter storage sometime this week.
  4. Now out of winter storage and available for viewing. Photos from haul-out day last fall are viewable here: https://www.yachtworld.com/yacht/1988-northcoast-24-express-outboard-7980384/ Note that I've updated and added some equipment not previously listed 1988 North Coast 24 Express Two 2007 Suzuki 175 4-stroke with SS props, approx. 6-700 hours (serviced fall 2021) 2013 Venture dual axle trailer Custom fiberglass Hard Top Two Cannon Digitroll (5 TS), with deck plates, swivel bases, locks, and covers Raymarine Autopilot (Evo 200) FishHawk Humminbird 1159 and Helix 10 dual-displays: Radar, Fishfinder, GPS, data network (software updates performed 2021) Canvas and drop curtains – some newer, some older Cannon track system on both gunwales with 6 Cannon dual axis rod holders 10 Cannon single-axis rod holders on hardtop (6 on top and 2 on each side mid-height) 2 Big John electric planer reels with a forward mount pulley system VHF, stereo Full tank of gas Preservers, CG equipment, some dock lines, and other misc. related equipment is included New in-box "Whale Gulper Grouper" fish box pump, you install to replace the original fish box macerator pump New in-box Ritchie Navigator compass. Available for negotiation: Two Cannon Digitroll (10 TS), with deck plates, swivel bases, locks, and covers Boat is available for viewing and is being brokered through: Name: Swans Marina Address: 2 O'Connell Island Wilson, New York, 14172 Phone: 716-751-6877 Ask for Tom, he can provide info, additional photos, and will arrange showing the boat. $29,900 / reasonable offers encouraged. 1.html
  5. Changing over to the Torpedo swivel roller tip is a little more challenging to do than replacing a common ring guide. Unless something has changed, there used to be only 1 size tube for the Torpedo tip. To install it correctly (with long-term durability) you need to build up the rod tip with thread and epoxy rod finish, let it cure, and then mount the torpedo tip with rod tip adhesive. If you skip building up and fitting the rod blank tip to the roller guide tube, it wont hold up long term.
  6. I have 3 heavy-duty 30° flush mount rod holders. One older matching pair (the two on the left in photos), and a third is newer. They are all heavy-duty chrome-plated bronze rod holders, each tube is welded to the flange. I buffed and polished the top surface of each rod holder; they cleaned up nicely. The white tube liners on the older pair do show some discoloration (see photo). I would rate the older matched pair’s overall condition at good, and the newer single is very good. Pricing: Newer rod holder on the right PayPal Friends and Family $25 shipped USPS with tracking or PayPal Goods and Services purchase $26.06 shipped USPS with tracking Older matched pair on the left PayPal Friends and Family $40 shipped USPS with tracking or PayPal Goods and Services purchase $41.50 shipped USPS with tracking All three rod holders PayPal Friends and Family $55 shipped USPS with tracking or PayPal Goods and Services purchase $56.95 shipped USPS with tracking If you are interested please post in thread and send me a LOU message. Thanks.
  7. The nicest multi-species aluminum fishing boat I've seen in the 18' range is the Ranger VX 1788DC. It's the only 18' aluminum boat I'm aware of with a 102" beam. It also features a wood-free hull construction which, in my opinion, is hugely important down the road if you're planning on keeping the boat for a long time - no rotten floors or transom to deal with. I think they start about 43K with a Merc 150 and trailer.
  8. Back in the 80s when people were building double boards out of cedar, we'd move the pull point fore/aft to adjust them. If I recall correctly, we settled on a board that had two holes, one for faster salmon trolling speeds and one for slower walleye trolling speeds; we’d move the hook from one hole to the other. If I recall correctly, the faster salmon hole was the one towards the front and the slower walleye hole was behind it by an inch or so. If the principle is similar, it might help to try a pull point slightly behind the current location. You might try fashioning a bent offset pull hook to fit in the existing hole in the board to reposition the pull point. Try to keep the pull point the same distance offset from the side of the board as that is a factor also – if you change that you're changing two things at once.
  9. Under-powering a boat so severely is a sure way to vastly limit your pool of potential buyers.
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