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  1. John 585-455-9030 Sent from my 6045O using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Nice pictures and good luck with your dog
  3. Longspurs u had a good late season. Woody great dog picture. Very versatile dog u have Sent from my 6045O using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Hunting today did good on geese. Young dog had hard time with a couple of big geese. He did great otherwise Sent from my 6045O using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Good shooting guys. A bit rough today for myself and pup. Went out and decided it wasn't safe. 1 more week
  6. All i know is i cant wait. A good friend has geese by the thousands hitting his fields and lot of ducks. Only issues they show up when they want. Which means all day in the field. Just praying they are there Saturday. Be safe and shoot straight
  7. Willy i let the mixing set for a day in fridge and stuff and set another day. Yiu dont want to soak them in water. Iy will get into casing. I have always sprayed cold water on them untill they get down in temp then air dry with fan, refrigerate for a couple of days then freeze and eat. Another trick is when defrosting them wrap them in paper towel and defrost in fridge.
  8. Rob this has been a great forum to read all yr. Congrats to all tje guys who hit the big one. Now i have a question. I used my buck tag during bow. I just read that if you dont use your buck tag during regular season you can use it for any fun loving during muzzle loader. Never knew this was informed by a fellow hunter. Any input. Thanks John
  9. Nice buck Rob
  10. Good luck Rob hope to see pic in am
  11. I personal think are season is too long. October 1 - December 22
  12. Great deer
  13. Last chance for bucks for me today neighbor saw an eight-point chasing Thursday told me taxidermist next Road over shot a really nice buck yesterday afternoon they're out there just tough to get. The buck he shot had three main beam's
  14. Great deal for your daughter
  15. Yes good luck everyone it's been a long season up early heading to Iroquois long walk back in