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  1. Nice buck. Im sure some more will take a dirt nap this weekend
  2. I wouldn't go to them if they were the last shop around
  3. Nice seeing the pic you guys are posting. Crazy month. Haven't been out yet. Not seeing much in kendal or my cameras not sending many pics. My sons getting married tomorrow. So been a bit busy. Congrats to the guys and women that have been getting or are out getting deer.
  4. Isn't shooting time end 6:30ish😳😳
  5. I am all for 1 buck. Season is long. If you want more deer shoot does. There are a lot of them.
  6. I have a few of these brand new sealers. Highly rated commercial brand. Stainless steel. These are $199 on Amazon. Selling for $150. These are unopened.
  7. Runs good tines great shape. Have video of running. $1200. It is off tractor now. Pto shaft included.
  8. Cannon battery end cable $25 new Cannon mounting base with lock for stx $45 Alum base and riser not sure of make $75 for the pair. Base 18" 5" tall Hole pattern 1.5 x 5.25
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