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  1. That's a good price. I would figure much more.
  2. The people who do it shot it base coat clear coat. 2 stage. This is more durable then single stage. That's a big boat so you need large area to paint. Prep work is everything. Has to be sanded good clean no wax. A good auto body shop might be able to help. Then it has to be wet sanded and buffed out. This is a expensive job. Good luck
  3. Bought for my walkaround hoping it would fit. A bit to narrow. The poles are 2.5 and 1" dia. All four are 80" long. Fibergalss top is in good shape. Just dull. Also have locking overhead encloser. Top is 53" wide and 70, long. If interested email me. Much easier [email protected] Also has lights that can be wired and large light to mount on back Located in rochester near river. Will not ship $625
  4. New floor 12yrs ago by dealer. New transom fall 2019 no hrs. Johnson 88 special is motor no power trim. Same as 90 with power. New water pump, lights, tires, seats. The outside has calcium build up from sitting in water. Also the decals on side are scraped up only issue. This has been tuned up and needs nothing. Compression 105-115. Email [email protected] any questions $3700 or bo Bought another boat
  5. I have a boat i need to put on stands. Would rather rent. I need 3 for about a month. Thanks John [email protected]
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