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  1. Attwood 911337 navigation plug in $15 new Adjustable light 26-42" $20 Sierra mp39040 ignition switch $20 3 mercruiser manuals make offer Seloc manual 1312 and mercruiser 3200 $20 each 2 anchors both 15 each Outboard motor bracket $40 Can't find any tags. All this stuff was on a boat i had before.
  2. Seloc # 3200 $25 # 1312 30 3 paper back $50. Located in Greece
  3. Thanks i dont want to spend anymore then 500.
  4. Have a ar im setting up for yotes. Looking to go with a 50mm obj. Not night vison but early am and late pm hunts. Been looking at Vortex, leupod, and night force. What do you guys have and what should i stay away from. Thanks John
  5. Billy how do you like the new scope. Looking to outfit my Ar
  6. I could use some of that luck for sure this year
  7. Well get to my property and realize i forgot mu boots and insulated pants. Hunting in undergarment and sneakers. Tracks everywhere. Haven't hunted this stand this yr
  8. Congrats to your daughter Tom and the rest.
  9. You guys seeing deer great. Tough yr. See a few doe once in awhile. Back at it in am.
  10. Nothing wrong with a cap of a big old doe.
  11. Anyone had success rattling on 2nd rut.
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