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  1. Where did u shoot the buck

  2. I have recently decided to list my property on center rd kendal ny. I have had whitetail property of ny look at it. I figured i would try myself and see what happens. There is 32 established fruit trees on property that is fenced in so deer dont get then. Selling for 65,000 Taxes about $1300 a yr 650 ish frontage. If you would like more info leave contact # Thanks John There is lumber but was told best if left for deer property.
  3. 16' 36" wide and 59lbs. Garage keep when not in ponds. Don't use selling for a neighbor. This holds 2 guys and a dog with decoys with ease. This is the predator model. If interested message me at 585 455 9030 with a contact # only.$600
  4. Thanks for input. I had a neighbor offer $40000 yesterday just word of mouth. He ownes property across street. Going to seek out a realtor to get a idea. With all i have done and mini fruit farm i thinking more like $65000
  5. I am looking for someone to give me a idea what my property is worth. It is in kendal ny. 18.7 acres taxes are about $1300 a yr. 10 aces thick woods and the rest scrub brush. There is a 30 fruit trees that are all fenced in with irrigation to drain water. These are young 4-6 yr old. Apple, pear, and plum Iv owned this for over 20yrs. This area is know for large bucks. Every yr me or boardering property owner kill a 140+ usually 2 and some even bigger. I will add pictures soon
  6. Well after 3 yrs of working on my boat and East fork installing some new power this spring i finally got her on the water. Been a few bugs and been out only a couple times. Well i enter derby with a couple friends and we headed out Saturday morning. Very slow lost a screamer at 9. At 10 we had a king hit the rigger out of temp at 50ft. It hit a carbon 14. Well when we got it to the boat to say we were suprised was a under statement. Biggest king i have ever boated. It was landed by a friend Larry who has never caught a king before. Final wt 27lbs 4oz
  7. Runs good. Been sitting a few yrs and my buddy asked me to sell it for him. Can hear run. The hood has some scratches everything seems nice. $1100 Contact me at [email protected] or this site. Email will get quicker response.
  8. That would be myself. Had survey done. Missed alot. But still got a good price on boat.
  9. Sierra mp39040 ignition switch $10 Seloc mercruiser 3200 $15 each anchor 10
  10. Seloc # 3200 $25 # 1312 30 3 paper back $50. Located in Greece
  11. Thanks i dont want to spend anymore then 500.
  12. Have a ar im setting up for yotes. Looking to go with a 50mm obj. Not night vison but early am and late pm hunts. Been looking at Vortex, leupod, and night force. What do you guys have and what should i stay away from. Thanks John
  13. Billy how do you like the new scope. Looking to outfit my Ar
  14. I could use some of that luck for sure this year
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