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  1. May on the Bar is GREAT fishing. I fish out of Oz but we trailer out there early season because it's worth it in Early season. Some of the best fishing you'll see on that lake. Sent from my SM-G973U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. The end of July usually means deepwater fishing. With that being said I run one of two setups when its just me and one other guy: 2 riggers and 4 divers(weather/current permitting) Or 2 riggers 2 divers and 1 chute copper. And i run a 25' sportcraft, I could run a more elaborate setup, but these just work. Dont overlook the stealth factor 4 riggers in the water is a big presence ESPECIALLY on a narrow beam. Long lines like copper are a must have in my opinion. So are flies and meat rigs. I'd wait until you're up there and buy what's hot. But It never hurts to have the classics, stud fly, hammer fly, crush glow spinny. I started with Penn Warfares on riggers and have since upgraded to Tekotas. Most guys running 20-30lb test and no fancy reel is needed with such strong line. I like light line with spoons, especially on those high sun crystal clear days, 12 and 15lb so that's where the better reels, and drags like a tekota comes in. I wouldnt be scared to run the 27s but the 17s are bit small. I also like a good reel with diver though considering the lack of stretch and therefore a lack of forgiveness. Sent from my SM-G973U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Just picked up my rig this morning after having my bellows done short notice by Slow Rollin(Bill) great guy. Very helpful, very knowledgable. I have no doubt I'll be contacting him for future work when I need someone!
  4. I'll take them. If they're still still available
  5. I too am interested will pic up if still available
  6. Bought it not realizing I couldn't network it. Bought for a stern unit. Looking to go to a bigger networking model. Has all the bells and whistles besides networking. Price is obo. Its like new in box, never mounted. Would trade for other trolling equip: planer mast(s), scotty 2116/2106, trees etc.
  7. I was interested in the scotty but I'm in SEPA. I figured I would have picked it up there rather than make the drive specifically for it.
  8. Will you be at the Niagra show this weekend by chance?
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