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  1. Sorry I'll pass on the $250 but thanks for the offer!
  2. Thank you Sir. I just found another 3 Clearwaters I'll send along also. Thanks again and good luck this season!
  3. Efishent

    Sold / Closed Mostly NK's

    Sold, thank you.
  4. $320 was last month's lower price.....however, today's April 1st lower price is $310 lol
  5. Efishent

    Sold / Closed Mostly NK's

    Sale pending.
  6. Efishent

    Sold / Closed Stingers

    Sold, thank you.
  7. Sold, thank you
  8. $65.00 Shipping Included U.S. only. PayPal only. Please PM if interested, thank you.