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  1. Hillside

    In line boards- necessary Modification.

    I use the Sam's releases with lead core, and braid. I have not had any issues when using them. Pap, I use the split ring too (I have questioned whether I should affix it to the arm so it lays down, but it works so why even try?).
  2. Hillside

    Fishy Business

    His website says he is open Monday but his Facebook page says he is closed Monday. Give him a call.
  3. Hillside

    Fishy Business

    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. (607) 368-2306
  4. Hillside

    seth green rigs

    Here is one group of posts related to a Seth Green rig. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/16105-seth-green-rigs/?tab=comments#comment-513542
  5. My friend and I took our 11 year old girls out for some fishing (their second time). We went 14 for 19. One Steelhead (19.5" and back into the lake), 3 Kings, and 10 Browns (largest Brown was 13.5#). It was a fast early bite (first fish on at 6:40). We had two doubles (one we lost would have been a triple with the two girls each on a rod - maybe a good thing we had a miss). Best action was 26 fow @ 2.6 mpg.
  6. Hillside

    Fillet Knife?

    Victorinox 10" I also have a 7" Dexter sani-safe I have also heard the Update International Professional 10" Cimeter isn't bad (but it is a German Steel blade made in China).
  7. Hillside

    Sold / Closed Sutton Spoons

    I will take them.
  8. Hillside

    Rather disturbing info

    I have read before that garlic and cilantro help to remove mercury from the human body. I usually use garlic cloves when cooking my fish so I suppose that helps a little(?). Of course it helps if those around you do not mind the smell of garlic for the next two days.
  9. Lot 1A Silver Streak Mags. $24 shipping included (to the contiguous 48 states) Lot 1B Silver Streak (standard) $20 shipping included (to the contiguous 48 states) Lot 1C Silver Streak (standard) SOLD - $23 Lot 1D Silver Streak (standard) SOLD - $24 Lot 1E Silver Streak (standard) SOLD - $20 shipping included (to the contiguous 48 states) Lot 1F Silver Streak (standard) SOLD - $20 shipping included (to the contiguous 48 states) PM me