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  1. Went 14 for 14 (ten Kings, two Browns, one Coho, and one Atlantic). Kept a Brown, the Coho, and a couple of Kings. Setup at 6:45 and nothing but marks in the first hour. Then we started picking away at them. The majority came on the riggers down 20 to 35 over 50 fow. The Browns were higher on the divers. Speed at the ball was 2.3 to 2.4. All but one came on spoons (UV green, black, and silver and UV blue, black, and silver). A great day!
  2. Glad you sold it quickly. If it had been an outboard, I would have bought it much sooner. Nice boat!
  3. I have one Like New Magda MA 20D used once five years ago and then put in storage. $40 (includes shipping to the contiguous U.S.) see below for the second reel I also have one NEW in box Okuma Magda 20D $40 (includes shipping to the contiguous U.S.)
  4. To The Top This post causes the original post to appear at the top of the first search page (based on recent activity within the post itself)
  5. I use VMC 1X strong 9650 size 2 (in a pinch, I have used Eagle Claw 2X strong 374F size 1 [these are a bit longer]).
  6. Two separate lots of Michigan Stinger Standard sized (3-3/4") spoons. Each lot is ten spoons. Each lot is $30 shipped (to USA). The spoons are all in Like New to New condition. Honestly I think these just sat in a tackle box and never saw water. Any dark spots on the back of the spoons is due to the lighting (and my poor photography skills). LOT #1 LOT #2 Payment by PayPal
  7. Thanks for the recipe. Made it today with Brown Trout and Steelhead (told the kids it was Tuna). I will definitely be making this again...soon.
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