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  1. Frogger and Sk8man, Without you two helping me boat wise and fishing knowledge wise, the learning curve would have taken a lot longer. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. THANK YOU.
  2. Lines in at 6:15 and done at 2:15. Went 11 for 12. Four keeper steelheads (three before noon) and a nice salmon ended the day. One salmon wrapped around the downrigger cable after a 15 minute fight and there went the line. The rest were too small (3 steelhead and 3 kings). We went out to 250" and had lines from 25" to 90' (riggers and wire) only one on the leadcore. Early it was green and sliver then we changed to blues. We did not expect it to lay down as it did and then the sun baked us. Black flies were biting but the sea fleas were not that bad but present..
  3. X2 I used to use Eagle Claw 374
  4. I bought mine from Fishy (knowledgeable and easy to deal with).
  5. I went with the GO9 XSE Active Imaging 3 in 1. Thank you to everyone for your input (especially wallyandre).
  6. Thanks again. I am looking into my options today.
  7. Thanks for the replies (I value and appreciate the input). I just don't know which HDS gen3 and up models are worth looking into other than the HDS Live 9 that would work. Yes, the controlking for the kicker is going on.
  8. I purchased a Lowrance Outboard Pilot Hydraulic Pack hoping it would work with my current Lowrance unit...it does NOT. I am not too concerned since I was thinking of doing an upgrade anyway. The question I have is, what should I upgrade to? I was considering the Lowrance HDS-9 LIVE with Transducer but I am not sold on its performance reviews. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Cuomo sure is getting a lot of free TV time running for President. Joe Biden is beginning to sweat with 15 states delaying the primaries and the possibility of a push for Cuomo. Sorry to go off topic.
  10. PM sent (if C3M doesn't get them, I will buy them).
  11. Thank you Inthebox! I did not remember the glow ladder under the green and had a feeling I was missing something. I knew someone would remember.
  12. Eagle claw 2/0 (2X) or VMC 1/0 (same gap but vmc are a little shorter than Eagle Claw) for mags. Eagle claw 1/0 or VMC 1 for standard size. VMC 2 for Dreamweaver superslim
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