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  1. Thank you Inthebox! I did not remember the glow ladder under the green and had a feeling I was missing something. I knew someone would remember.
  2. Eagle claw 2/0 (2X) or VMC 1/0 (same gap but vmc are a little shorter than Eagle Claw) for mags. Eagle claw 1/0 or VMC 1 for standard size. VMC 2 for Dreamweaver superslim
  3. I remember the spoon being silver and black on the front. What I have forgotten is, was is a green ladderback sticker that was added? Thanks!
  4. Sell the picture? You asked for a picture of the spoon, not if I had any of the spoons? LOL
  5. Here is a picture of two of them. They are glow spoons.
  6. If three hooks, I take the front off (but leave the split ring, I go one size up in the middle, and the back one stays the same size. If two hooks, I go up one size in the front and stay the same on the back.
  7. DANG! I forgot about Ronnie James Dio...add - Holy Diver
  8. Pantera - Drag the Waters Jimi Hendrix - May This Be Love Golden Earring - Big Tree Blue Sea Stone Temple Pilots - Where the River Goes Peter Gabriel - I Go Swimming Beach Boys - Kokomo Beach Boys - Cool, Cool Water Kid Rock - All Summer Long U2 - Every Breaking Wave Michael Bolton - Sittin on the Dock of the Bay COUNTRY Carrie Underwood - Something in the Water Scotty McCreery - The River Brad Paisley - Water Alabama - Tennessee River
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