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  1. Thank you. I accidentally came across them at the Dreamweaver site three weeks ago and "had to" order some.
  2. Ross Reels CLA 4 These were my step-father's and he only used them for three seasons at most and did not use them for the last three years. I do not fly fish. I hope what I am asking is a fair price. Both reels only come with the orange backing line. Reel #1 $90 shipped Reel #2 $90 shipped
  3. Magnum Dipsy Diver (Luhr Jensen) with package of 4 additional rings. $20 shipped.
  4. Penn 330 GTi $40 picked up, $45 shipped (within the USA). The lead core is no longer on the reel (no line comes on the reel). The pictures show any sun fading and any boat rash. Works as it should.
  5. SOLD Cabela's DepthMaster Metal DMM45 $40 picked up or $45 shipped (within the US) It has 1000 FEET (the sticker states yards but my mind was wandering) of wire (not sure of the backing). Line counter works as it should.
  6. "$40 tyd" means $40 To Your Door, so the $40 includes the shipping.
  7. Thanks guys! I am sure they will help me out. Now, I have to make time to call them while I am on the boat.
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