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  1. Seneca dead fish

    I heard back from the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association and they replied with, "I HAVE TO BELIEVE THIS WAS STILL THE RESULT OF THE SEWAGE SPILL AND NOTHING ELSE".
  2. Seneca dead fish

    tmag, thanks for the post and the sharing of information.
  3. Seneca dead fish

    Independent Incinerator expert to cite problems, and offer alternative solutions Residents, Businesses and Organizations Hold Educational Forum on Proposed Trash Truck and Rail Incinerator Project Romulus, NY – Weeks after applicant Circular enerG has had multiple opportunities to present its side of the proposal, concerned citizens, local businesses and several organizations are hosting a community forum to discuss the dangers of, and possible alternative solutions to, trash incineration. “We are urging the Town Boards of Romulus and community members to hear from Dr. Paul Connett, environmental chemist and world renowned independent incinerator expert about the negative economic, health, and environmental impacts associated with trash incineration,” said Yvonne Taylor, Vice President of Seneca Lake Guardian. “Hundreds of concerned residents have urged the Town of Romulus Planning Board to reject the unnecessary, dangerous proposal to build a massive truck rail and trash incinerator facility at the Seneca Army Depot, and we hope that they will take the time to become fully informed and respect their community’s wishes by rejecting the plan immediately.” The forum will include an introduction by Judith Enck, former EPA Regional Administrator. “The Finger Lakes must not become the state’s garbage dump,” said Joseph Campbell, President of Seneca Lake Guardian. “Hidden under a false guise of ‘renewable energy,’ this project would undermine the region’s environment and economic potential and endanger our communities.” Free and open to the public. WHERE: Romulus Central School Auditorium 5705 State Route 96 Romulus, NY 14541 WHEN: Sunday, January 7, 3pm
  4. Seneca dead fish

    The information from these posts has been sent on to the Seneca Lake Pure Water Association. The more who get involved the better. I once was told the fungicides being used are worse than the pesticides and fertilizers. On another note, it is a fact - if you life on the lake your best bet for a green lawn is a sump pump on the bottom of the lake connected to a hose to water your lawn (better than any commercial company - their stuff they use has already run off onto the bottom of the lake).
  5. Seneca dead fish

    Sewage goes into our waterways whenever there is a storm with large amount of rain (or a large quantity in a short period of time), the plant can not handle the volume. So this may happen once or twice a year maybe. I would love to know the amounts however, they are estimates that are reported to a government agency. This is much different than when the worker left the valve open. They plant (municipality) was fined and they (their taxpayers) paid the fine. I am unsure of the amount of the fine though.
  6. Lot 4 Sold to Ksgls195. Just Me, Ksgis195 PM'ed me an hour before your post (thought I'd let you know).
  7. 8'6" Cabela's DepthMaster Trolling Series Rods (two) BRAND NEW 8"6" Downrigger Rod Model DMDR-86M Line Wt. 10-25 LB. $20 EACH - I will not ship. I live in the Canandaigua area and could meet somewhere reasonable.
  8. Seneca 35,000 gal spill

    Unfortunately when Penn Yan (I am sure other places too) gets heavy rains, sewage is released into the waterways, they do not have the capacity to handle all the water at once.