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  1. Nice video of a great time. Super job Joe!
  2. I will buy the Sam's Pro Releases
  3. Thanks for the replies (Bozeman Bob and Last One). This is a starting point. I do not know if Flo-Fast has gravity fed but I will check.
  4. Was wondering what brand I should look for (or features I should look to have) when purchasing a Portable Gravity Fed Fuel Tank. I am looking at getting a 12 to 16 gallon tank on wheels (probably want pneumatic tires) with a good quality nozzle. I need one for the side by side and one for a family member's boat on Seneca. What do you recommend. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the help with posting SOLD for my downriggers


  6. Hillside

    for sale : usa Robo

    go to the listing you want to change click on the three dots in the right-hand corner of the post choose edit click to deselect "for sale" click to select "sold/closed" save
  7. X2 - I bought some stuff from him and he is very easy to deal with.
  8. Ten Michigan Stinger spoons. In NEW and Like New conditions. $35 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  9. Lot A: Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size) In NEW and Like New conditions. $35 SOLD Lot B: Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size) In Like New and Excellent conditions (note the defect in the orange gold one & the difference in the green/orange taped ones). $35 SOLD Lot C: Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size) In Excellent condition. $35 (shipped within the contiguous US) Lot D: Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size) In Excellent condition. The extra pictures show the frog is metallic frog and the other is black/silver/glow. $35 (shipped within the contiguous US)
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