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  1. Hillside

    Adirondack Salmon Chowder

    Thanks for the recipe. Made it today with Brown Trout and Steelhead (told the kids it was Tuna). I will definitely be making this again...soon.
  2. Hillside

    Teach this Salty Dog About Mud Chickens

    1 oz. black, 1 oz. white, 1.3 oz, 1.4 oz., 1.5 oz and 1.55 oz 1 oz I use in shallower.
  3. Hillside

    Teach this Salty Dog About Mud Chickens

    I use both the round head and the one pictured.
  4. Hillside

    web site

    I have been on quite a bit yesterday and today with no issues. It may be your internet provider.
  5. Hillside

    2018 Sodus Pro/Am

    I am set observing.
  6. Hillside

    Top 3 atommik flies

    Ultra Green Glow Powder Blue Glow TG Fly
  7. I cook mine on the grill with the skin on and skin side down, when they are done the skin peel off, I scrape the dark off, and cut out the lateral line. Nice catch by the way Jason717.
  8. Hillside

    Spoon Holders

    The slats are foam I believe. He had a post earlier this year and it said: "For those of you that want a special mate storage box but don't think the $65 price tag is worth it. I'm with you, for roughly $x you can make your own. I think I am going to hot glue foam to the inside of the box and cut holes for 2 LED battery lights to energize the glow spoons". $45 is a great deal for the large box (if you need one).