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  1. How many seasons have you used it (how old)? I will be in the Buffalo area later this week if it is located near there.
  2. Sorry, I guess I did not see the line counter in the picture.
  3. What model are the squalls? Were they used ever in saltwater?
  4. Received the reel. As described and no problems. Thanks!
  5. Another PM sent.
  6. What model is this; 20, 30, or 45? What brand of wire? Thanks.
  7. PM sent about alpena diamonds
  8. PM sent on NK 28's
  9. I have a bunch of Northport Nailers and Yecks (smooth) but I can not tell the difference. Is there an easy way to distinguish which spoon is which brand. I believe the cup of the Yecks become flat but it is hard to tell. Thanks!
  10. These items have been sold. I was lucky enough to buy them.