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  1. What brand of bourbon did you use?
  2. Spoon LOTS (Slammer, Yeck, Cunningham) Shipping is included to the 48 states. Lot 1 - Northport Nailers The first pink spoon has been touched up with nail polish and the last yellow spoon has some scratches. $19 shipped Lot 2 - Northport Nailers & Yeck The first spoon is silver (but looks black in the picture); the others that look black are black. $18 shipped Lot 3 - Unknown Brand The spoons are in very good condition. The backs of the outside spoons in the bottom row have nail polish on them. $19 shipped Lot 4 - Cunningham Custom Lures These spoon are in very good condition. The last spoon in the bottom row has nail polish on the back. $19 shipped (PENDING) Lot 5 - Cunningham Custom Lures These spoon are in very good condition but, some of the backs of these spoons have nail polish. $17 shipped (PENDING) Lot 6 - Slammer Spoons These spoon are in excellent condition. $18 shipped Lot 7 - Yeck Spoons These spoon are in good to very good condition. I took the best pictures I could. $19 shipped (SOLD) Lot 8 - Yeck Spoons These spoon are in good to very good condition. The last spoons in the top and bottom rows are missing paint. I took the best pictures I could. $17 shipped (SOLD) I am not sure how much interest there will be with these lots but figured I would put them out there.
  3. Sold / Closed

    I will take them, I will have to have them shipped.
  4. Nice fish P. Hunter! What a way to make the morning brisk weather on the Lake even better this morning. Did you use the same spread you had yesterday or did you modify it after the skunk?
  5. I put tape on the ones that get rubs or chips, so I will do the same with the poor quality finish on the newer Suttons. The hard part is making sure not to add too much tape to the flutter spoons (the spoons are almost as thin as the tape).
  6. I purchased six of the newly plated Sutton spoons around December. The silver plated ones turned color in the tissue paper they came in. At least I purchased some brass 44's, the color wont change with them. I also have a bunch of old (new) Suttons from 8-10 years ago - they are more silver than the ones made now.
  7. The Suttons are discolored - poor plating. The Great Lakes spoons are the good product.
  8. Yes, I have to agree this event was well attended. It got warm inside real quick. I am glad I got to meet Sk8man in person. I read a lot of his posts on here (one of many with much information to share). Thanks Les! The item I walked around with the longest were the 40 oz Seth Green weights I purchased as well. I also ran into Frogger who I am sure was shopping for more stuff we all "need". Fishy was busy, but it was good to spend two minutes with someone who will go out of his way to help anyone get setup with what they need (as I am sure most of the vendors at the flea market would do). I hope to see this event needing more space to expand. Definitely like fishing the streams on opening day or when the fish come in to spawn in the fall (shoulder to shoulder). Once again, well worth going.
  9. Drop in prices. Lots F and G are sold pending payment.
  10. Prices include shipping to 48 states. Lot A - Pro Kings (used, the top spoon has what appears to be nail polish on the front and back) $19 BACKS to "Lot A" Lot B - Central Basin Lure Co. Flashback Spoons (4" - Very Good to New condition) $15 Lot C - Jointed Spoons (5" - Good condition.) $16 BACKS to "Lot C" Lot D - Quick Silver - SOLD Lot E - Quick Silver - SOLD Lot F - SOLD Lot G - SOLD
  11. I believe the WATKINS flea market is March 26th. The BREWERTON flea market was the 11th of March.
  12. Prices include shipping to 48 states. Lot 1 - Pirate 55's - SOLD Lot 2 - Lot 3 - Lot 4 - Heddon Sounders - SOLD Lot 5 - Silver Leaf (3-7/8", the last three in the top row appear brass in color, the last two in the bottom row have been painted? - Good condition) $14 BACKS (the orange looks to be from an orange permanent marker) Lot 6 - R & R - SOLD