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  1. Hillside

    Hook replacement for Stinger spoon

    I use VMC 1X strong 9650 size 2 (in a pinch, I have used Eagle Claw 2X strong 374F size 1 [these are a bit longer]).
  2. Outwest - be sure to hit a couple of wineries.
  3. Pending payment from Shorthanded.
  4. Two separate lots of Michigan Stinger Standard sized (3-3/4") spoons. Each lot is ten spoons. Each lot is $30 shipped (to USA). The spoons are all in Like New to New condition. Honestly I think these just sat in a tackle box and never saw water. Any dark spots on the back of the spoons is due to the lighting (and my poor photography skills). LOT #1 LOT #2 Payment by PayPal
  5. Hillside

    Adirondack Salmon Chowder

    Thanks for the recipe. Made it today with Brown Trout and Steelhead (told the kids it was Tuna). I will definitely be making this again...soon.
  6. Hillside

    Teach this Salty Dog About Mud Chickens

    1 oz. black, 1 oz. white, 1.3 oz, 1.4 oz., 1.5 oz and 1.55 oz 1 oz I use in shallower.
  7. Hillside

    Teach this Salty Dog About Mud Chickens

    I use both the round head and the one pictured.
  8. Hillside

    web site

    I have been on quite a bit yesterday and today with no issues. It may be your internet provider.