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  1. My first boat was a 16ft deep v Starcraft with a 15hp . The old guy that sold me that boat was a devoted Seth Green fisherman. Thru in his weights. Telling me about running figure eights . It's all coming back . I'll have to try it again from time to time. Thanks!
  2. Oh ok. Never had much luck with a Seth Green. Always ended up with tangle up mess. Thanks.
  3. What do you mean by old school?
  4. . There's the picture. New at this!
  5. . Spent Saturday morning learning from the best. He said it was a slow day. I was pretty busy ! My first Bow! Thanks again Sonny! Had a great time!
  6. Capt. Ron Signs, Bucktail Charters. Excellent guide! Check his website out!
  7. Thanks for all the info! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post of fish taken in the late afternoon !
  8. Is it worth trolling in the afternoon ? Always been a first light early morning done by 10 or eleven kind of person . Any body have any thoughts or tips they would like to share .
  9. Try Power and Paddle, Candor NY. About 20 miles south of Ithaca.
  10. For Sale : USA

    I'll take them 30. Send me a tex 607-768-1915 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Will be in Marco Island in February. Looking for any information on fishing conditions that time of the year. Offshore or inshore. Also any recommendations on fishing guides. Thankyou!
  12. Wow 13.8lb brown! That's a hog!! Best I could do was a 6.7 laker. Still a good time on the water. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Anybody have the results of the derby? Nice day on the lake.
  14. Anybody have any postings on the board? Not much info on what happen on Cayuga this weekend! Very slow for me. Only 2 keepers biggest 6lb. Pulling copper. Still on the learning curve!
  15. Ended up getting a Cannon Magnum 5 St. Will use it for the first time this Sunday. If it works out, I'll save up and get another next year. Will keep you posted. Thanks for all the reply's.