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  1. Sending you a pm with my phone no. thanks mike
  2. Sending you a pm on lot 3
  3. All take them and im going to send you a pm
  4. Let me know I just checked and still have your paypal info from rod holders I bought from you months back . thanks mike
  5. Yes that is ok if none are hand painted or smeared with magic marker . The last 2 out of 3 times I got spoons half of them have been screwed with if these are good all take them just pm me your info . thanks mike
  6. Would that be a 20 or 25 inch shaft motor your looking for ?
  7. outwest

    Sold / Closed sold

    Hi all take the spoon lot . just pm me your info and all do it here this afternoon . thanks mike
  8. outwest

    Sold / Closed sold

    Ok just let me know thanks .
  9. outwest

    Sold / Closed sold

    All take the 2 bombers and 6 challengers if you will sep. the reef runner lot . thanks mike 4404173359 .
  10. outwest

    Trout and salmon gear

    Let me know when you ship my spoons . Thanks mike