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  1. Just sent another . By chance are You going to the Trollers Flea Market at the end of the month in Watkins Glen ?
  2. outwest

    for sale : usa Items for sale

    Sending pm all take both lots of spoons if still available .
  3. Yes we intend to hit a couple of the wineries also . We are staying at the south end of the lake by Watkins Glen and thanks Sk8man for the photo shot of the show looks good to me ! And thanks for the responses .
  4. Hope its a good show me and the girlfriend just booked a stay at a bed and breakfast for sat. so we could come to the show and browse around and were coming from northeast ohio and going to make a weekend of it !
  5. outwest

    Loaded questuon...

    270 is a great choice and its what I use over in pa, and everybody that responded to you has great answers for you to think about . The only thing I can ad is do you ever think you will use it for anything else ? Maybe Black Bear or a Elk hunt ? Good luck and put a good scope on it with some good bullets and practice with it !
  6. If it falls thru all take them and all just double check tomm. thanks mike
  7. Sending you a pm with my phone no. thanks mike
  8. Sending you a pm on lot 3
  9. All take them and im going to send you a pm
  10. Let me know I just checked and still have your paypal info from rod holders I bought from you months back . thanks mike
  11. Yes that is ok if none are hand painted or smeared with magic marker . The last 2 out of 3 times I got spoons half of them have been screwed with if these are good all take them just pm me your info . thanks mike