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fish whistle

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    brunswick maine/ Point Breeze
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    fishing,fishing and oh ya fishing!
    obviously I have other interests but
    fishing is my thing
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    Sebago Lake/ Oak Orchard
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    Fish Whistle/Bite-Me

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  1. Albright knot is a perfect choice , we use an Albright for tying braid to copper,wire,mono with 0 problems. A drop of knot glue never hurts....
  2. I dunno guys, seems kinda odd either way to me like my dipseys and slide divers as intended...works just fine jmo
  3. I have two seagates with 300' of 30lb copper and 700'of 50lb power pro braid for backing.... I use Albright knots for backing and flouro leader but I don't like shrink tubes I prefer a drop or two of knot glue.. Works great for me.. Be patient with copper if this is your first time using it,takes a little getting used to.Take your time letting line out and stick with one copper set up till you get comfortable with it. One feisty king can make a mess of your coppers and divers quick !!
  4. I received the fishing reel today......excellent condition ! Thank you
  5. Does it have a four blade prop ? Looking to upgrade my kicker on a 23' Penn My 9.9 honda had to have a four blade to keep the rpm's down. The honda runs great but no electric start or remote.....what is the weight ? Thx Dan
  6. Hey Gasman, I have a bunch of extra rod and reel combos. All good stuff. I must have 30+and I use about a dozen,27/47lc lead cores /diver rods etc. Any thing in particular you looking for ? I could use those bases to swap out a couple warn ones on my boat in Pt Breeze I can go through inventory tomorrow .. Let me know...…..Thx Dan
  7. Relax. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Sale pending Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Keith Wall , I can send bank ck out in the morning if that will work, I don't have pay pal 

    Keith Wall

    43258 Debra ct

    belleville Michigan


    1. fish whistle

      fish whistle

      That's fine,I will send them when I receive it...Make sure your address is on the envelope just in case


      Dan Robey

      42 Alexander Rd





    2. Kwall


      Ck in the mail

      thanks Keith 

  10. You got it Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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