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    brunswick maine/ Point Breeze
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    fishing,fishing and oh ya fishing!
    obviously I have other interests but
    fishing is my thing
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  1. Yup, better oil pressure as well.
  2. Hard to beat a one handed Cannon……. Ford /Chevy argument though.
  3. The fish hawk TD has never been used, still in original package. I bought it new 2 1/2 years ago just never used it. Package is still sealed.
  4. Magda’s and mooching reel sold
  5. The 40’s with wire are sold
  6. 1 Fish hawk Td never opened…….. $ 100 Shipping included, PayPal preferred Pm with any questions.
  7. I got these spoons years ago at Narby’s tackle shop Pt Breeze….
  8. If you like these spoons just give me name and address and I will send them to ya…I have a few I already use so I don’t mind sharing . The browns around Point Breeze love this spoon…Send me a PM with your info and they are yours 🎣👍🏻
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