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    brunswick maine/ Point Breeze
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    fishing,fishing and oh ya fishing!
    obviously I have other interests but
    fishing is my thing
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    Sebago Lake/ Oak Orchard
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    Fish Whistle/Bite-Me

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  1. Very interested in trees. Can you ship to Maine 04011? I do have friends near Rochester. Thx Dan Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. You can get parts from Tuna Tom.....Dragmasters
  3. I knew I was missing something !! That sounds like a good deal to me,
  4. Albright knot is a perfect choice , we use an Albright for tying braid to copper,wire,mono with 0 problems. A drop of knot glue never hurts....
  5. I dunno guys, seems kinda odd either way to me like my dipseys and slide divers as intended...works just fine jmo
  6. I have two seagates with 300' of 30lb copper and 700'of 50lb power pro braid for backing.... I use Albright knots for backing and flouro leader but I don't like shrink tubes I prefer a drop or two of knot glue.. Works great for me.. Be patient with copper if this is your first time using it,takes a little getting used to.Take your time letting line out and stick with one copper set up till you get comfortable with it. One feisty king can make a mess of your coppers and divers quick !!
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