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  1. I have 4 Traxtech holders if your interested
  2. No no no no no....Unfortunatly you need a new ducer.... Its actually a shielded communication cable... Should be able to get one cheap
  3. I will take all 4 if you ship to maine...thanks Dan
  4. I am interested in lot 10,Paypal and shipping ok? Thanks....Dan
  5. Alex I have Berts and Cannon tracks mounted on two boats. They both are very strong,i have out and down riggers with 5' booms and 12# balls and they don't hurt em at all even when its rough...Your gonna need to put a backer under the gunnel of your StarCraft if its aluminum ..A marine grade wood like a 2x6 if it fits would work great..Bolt the wood to gunnel then install tracks,some flotation may need to be removed to fit the wood Other materials can be used as backer as well I found that my tracks are a lot tougher than figured when I bought them. Buy them long cause you will fill them up !!! There are endless uses for tracks on a boat,they make a lot of accessories for them.... I say go for it.....
  6. Good morning Deerman...... Was wondering if those triple trees are still available? Call/text or respond here...thanx 207-319-4626.....Dan
  7. I prefer 12lb balls with a fin...shallow or deep... I don't often troll over 2.5 mph so blowback is not a big issue.. I tried the shark weights and did not like them at all !!! Fishing four riggers on a 24' penn yan they would cross cables steady !! Not good when it fouls your probe rigger, the weights seem to "swim" way to much !! Once the weight catches a current or is going up or down to fast they seem out of control... For me at least I believe weights of similar size and shape should be used at all times to keep your spread in control..
  8. It still amazes me how "DEEP" people get with everything these days, to damn sensitive!!! I live in Maine and I am gonna fish the LOC for two full weeks, The 40$ entry fee is a drop in the bucket compared to what it will cost me for lodging,food,gas,beer,cutbait and don't forget about the boat I bought this past winter.... If you break it down, its less than 3 bucks a day!!! Peanuts.... Just my opinion....Best of luck to all that enter.... Dan
  9. Not sure how old it is but retail is about 8-10 bucks... good dodger..
  10. Sold / Closed

    Weight are sold......
  11. Sold / Closed

    Lakebound88 I live in maine .. I have a boat in Pt Breeze...
  12. Sold / Closed

    I would like to sell all 4 with box together..... its a nice set .....I just have to many weights Keep in touch