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    brunswick maine/ Point Breeze
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    fishing,fishing and oh ya fishing!
    obviously I have other interests but
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  1. I have the same AP on my 23'Penn....It locked up once a couple years ago and i had to pull the pin to steer.. Then it worked ok but i sent it to Raymarine in New Hampshire and they informed me that the AP is NON serviceable and discontinued..The helm unit is near impossible to find anywhere new but i found 1 in the UK last winter and bought it for about $500 ,(the compass and computer are available everywhere) I still have the old drive unit on the boat and the steering is a little sticky at times but im not gonna install the new one until this one fails completely cause i dont think i could find another...Wish you luck cause a new AP is $$$$$
  2. Good morning,I will take it if its not already sold.....
  3. Looking for a pair of Daiwa Saltist 40 Levelwinds for a couple short coppers....non-linecounter preffered...Would need to be shipped to Maine Thx....Dan
  4. Looking for a pair of saltist 40 levelwinds (non-linecounter preffered) for a couple short coppers... Would need to be shipped to maine ...Thx....Dan
  5. I would go with an okuma sst kokanee rod,they come in 7 or 71/2 foot .. We use 6-10 lb test line on them and love it..Most of our salmon and trout in maine are 1 1/2-5 lbs and these rods make it fun..use small line counter reels with mono or we even use 12lb leadcore on the 7 1/2 footers with no prob ( 5 colors)..All the other rods mentioned are good choices but I think you will like the light action of these..they have a trigger and the graphite rod blank is exposed on your finger and you feel everything..under 50$
  6. I am referring to the white boards not the wooden boards
  7. That's not typical with amish boards... I run them anywhere from 50-100' out from the boat off of the hardtop and they pull like a mule, they almost run to tight where there is not much of an angle to the tow line and lighter lures take a long time to slide down into position..
  8. Very interested in trees. Can you ship to Maine 04011? I do have friends near Rochester. Thx Dan Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. You can get parts from Tuna Tom.....Dragmasters
  10. I knew I was missing something !! That sounds like a good deal to me,
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