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  1. Thanks for the info. I may have to just work a little smarter launching the boat at Mexico.
  2. Where do you get updates on when Wright's will reopen after the oil spill ? I'm 200 miles away and have a hard time finding out much . Since I launch alone , I need their docks .Thanks
  3. Good Luck . Glad to see a local will be a Captain !
  4. Tenth trip to Oswego this year . Great day to be on water . Started at 350 and zigzaged to 550 from 7 to 11. A couple releases and lots of bait but nothing in boat. Motored in on 6 inch waves for a great end to season . I've had better seasons for catching fish , but it's good to just get on the lake with my little 17 footer. Hope to be back on the water in May.
  5. I've been running Berkley Big game in 30lb test . seems to work on fleas . 40 lb may be better on a calm day .I just check my dipseys more often if on calm water . Waves cut fleas down quite alot .
  6. I ended up ordering a 7 strand from fishusa . Thought it might be better for cutting fleas .Thanks for the info .
  7. Where did you get the fish hawk clamp for your down rigger boom ? Mines in the boat and with long booms , it's always stuttering because the cable is not long enough .
  8. Thanks , I can't remember the brand I originally had on the reel or the lb test
  9. I need to replace the wire on my dipsey rod . Any info on what to replace it with would be helpfull since there seems to be alot of different wire out on the market .Thanks for any replies.
  10. Fished 6-12 on wavy lake with little boat . 100 to 400 and all water put about a foot of fleas on my 12lb test per hour .Next trip the heavy line and big reels will be on boat. Last release the fleas clogged the guides and before I noticed the gears broke in reel and lost fish. By the way , that was out of Oswego.
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