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  1. Since 1984 I've fished out of Oswego with the same boat , a 17 ft great lake special. 15 to 600 feet depth about 15 days a season . Watch weather , stay under 3 foot waves , and decide that some trips the boat will stay on the trailer ! Mine has a 60 hp Yamaha on it .
  2. Congrats on the wedding and also getting on the lake ! Good luck with both.
  3. I've used a standard shotgun primer for 15 years .Killed 20 - 25 deer with inline . Never bought special inline primers and they worked just fine but I do favor Federals .
  4. That's why I fished at Hugh's Marina west of Sodus , 10 bucks and a bathroom. Half mile to the fish .
  5. Went 6 for 8 on today on ff.Down 60. Broke I swivel and now a salmon is swimming around with my ff in its mouth.
  6. Heading to Hugh's tomorrow am . Can anyone give me a current depth for 50 degrees ? Still haven't bought a fishhawk yet .Thanks
  7. No pics but launched there Tuesday with a 17 foot boat. At least 10 trailers in lot. Take 12 inch boots to use short dock.Water the way it was in late May.
  8. How's the flea population ? Even with the small dock being pulled 2 weeks ago , I still plan on coming up this week ,Was the bite on spoons or flies on Friday ?I'm just going to have to be careful around the big dock and control my complaining .I glad some nice fish are coming out of OZ
  9. Did they put the temporary dock back on the middle launch dock ?
  10. I put my lines down in 2 or 3 shots to let the lure get a chance to catch up . My high speeds drop fast also.
  11. I got there this am at 4:45 to launch after a 200 mile drive because the pics posted from last Friday showed the launch only had a few extra inches of water from when I was there on the day they closed. When I pulled in to look at what I was to deal with I saw that the bums at Wright's had removed the first temp dock so you would actually need hip boots to get to the bridge on the floating dock. I can't believe it would take the city more than an hour to make the access to the short docks high and dry .I ended up driving to Hugh's Marina west of Sodus where the owner prepared for high water with sand bags to keep the launch useable and dry.Wasted another hour going to Wright's for no good reason.
  12. Any info from sodus this week ? Trying to decide on Hugh's or Oswego for the am.
  13. Any decent salmon getting caught out of Oswego ? Planning on bringing my boots up to fish this week.
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