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  1. Watch for when surface temp hits 65-70 . It's still in the low 50's -high 40's .
  2. Any recent pics of Wright's landing launch ? The last day I saw it was the day it closed and it was OK then.
  3. 50 over 120 to 160 on Mag wonderbread . No hits on standard size spoons.40 foot leads.
  4. With Wright's closed, went to Hugh's Marina for first time .Nice spot to launch . 3 salmon before 8am , then lost the bite .Extra 20 mile drive but worth it.
  5. My hits started when my top speed was around 3mph or more ,
  6. The pics I saw from Mexico looked like boots were needed there .Also it's a long ride in a 17 footer !
  7. Could anyone tell me how far the launch is from Syracuse ? Looking for alternative for Wright's I already have to come up 81 .
  8. I launched there today with no problems. It's a shame the launch is closed because the boat slips can't be used .Went 4 for 4 on salmon and now have to wait for Canada to say the Lake can be lowered to fish again.
  9. Thanks , Guess I've got to see if I can find lures in my tbox to copy some of the ones you used .
  10. I was hoping things had gotten better than when I was up last week.
  11. Mike , I've fished the lake since 1982 and never saw the lake the way it's been in 2017 and this year.
  12. Fished for salmon on wed. Missed one at 6;30 am and not another release. West was 42degrees east was 50 . Just have to hope you get a good breeze before Saturday . .
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