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  1. Oswego docks

    Thanks for checking. Now if the wind would co-operate I would be up this week. Everybody's pics of their catch is driving me nuts.
  2. Oswego docks

    Thanks , I'm just trailer impared when the dock is to my right for some reason when I back up. Even after 30 years.
  3. Oswego docks

    Just checking on whether short launch docks are in. I'm sure Hunted found out that the booth is normally not until college is out.
  4. Oswego docks

    Just making my weekly check on whether the finger docks are out at Wright's . My boat is in the garage waiting to go if the weather breaks.Seems things are getting worse instead of better .
  5. Oswego docks

    Thanks for checking .Since I launch alone , I 've been spoiled by having t launch docks in.
  6. Oswego docks

    Any movement of the docks this week ?
  7. Oswego docks

    L&M, Thanks for the reply.Your info last year helped keep me dry knowing whether I needed hip-boots or not to launch out of Oswego!
  8. Oswego docks

    Has anyone seen if any dock work has started at Wright's landing ?