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  1. Mike, The new boat looks great . Makes mine look even smaller than it used to . Ended the season Wed. with a 27 pounder out at 400 ft . See you on the hard water this winter .
  2. Mike . I agree with Logger Gen , I had Okuma on the dipsey rod for 3 years and just threw one away since the bearings went out just reeling in the dipsey.
  3. We ran green ff all am with no hits .2.5 to 2.9 mph . maybe to slow?
  4. Fished 6 to 12 , 1 3lb salmon on a line I was checking .trolled ff and spoons with no releases . 350 to 550 down 105 , 115 ,& 125 .Nice day but no marks would co-operate.
  5. Went east Thursday 150 to 450 . 6am to noon . Same thing , 1 shaker when checking a line and no releases .tried 8 spoons and 4 different flies fast and slow with no luck . Saw some nice marks but no takers .
  6. Mike , In the 80's point Breeze was 5 miles from my house . We caught 30 - 35 pounders on standard dipsey's out of my 14ft trihull . Fishing out of Oak Orchard has always been great .
  7. Tried out the new X2 Fishhawk today. Worked great . Fished 350 to 500 .Temp down 40 feet was 48 . Caught 2 lakers , 2 steelhead , and a 15 lb salmon by 9am . Nice morning and no waves All on an Alewive Stinger .
  8. I'm hoping 48 hours of west wind wakes up the fish on the eastern end of the lake for next week .
  9. That's the way it was last Thursday , went thru fish for 6 hours without a hit . I was trying to decide if this week was worth coming up but now I think I'll wait till next week . Looks like some west wind is coming over the weekend .
  10. Nice catch . You're going to force me to get the boat out of the garage .
  11. Hachimo , for years I also look at Lake erie weather forecast to see what might be coming . Remember lows come in blowing south and highs come in blowing north . I've been guessing the forecast for over 30 years . Pretty important with a 17.5 foot boat !
  12. With Oswego closed , I'm looking for a new launch to fish out of and Fairhaven would not add too much mileage to my day trips .Any help would be appreciated on info on launches in the area . Last year I used Hugh's but I'd like to find a launch a little more on a main road to save time .
  13. Thanks ,That might settle whether it's open or not for me .
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