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  1. wrights landing and the city of Oswego is closed to any boat traffic right now. the lot is all torn up and no launches are usable. Your wasting your time going to Oswego.
  2. Keep at least six feet apart No more than ten people total around any fish cleaning station. Clean your fish, take your photo, go away. No truck tailgate parties or illustrious conversations of how great thou art lol. Put your boat in, pull your boat out..go home. Limit the people on your boat. I own a 23 foot boat. I should have no more than three people on board. I have a totally open bow. I also own a 40 foot double deck houseboat. I will have no more than 4 people on at any time. Wipe your **** down! Lots of hard surfaces on these boats....use a disinfectant cleaner. Charter boats.....The friends and family plan or medical employee essential worker excuse wont work. Its not worth risking your license. Be respectful of others regardless of where they come from. Wear a face mask of some sort. Carry your garbage in, carry your garbage out.
  3. I also think it has to do with their clientele base being from way outside the region. If one reads between the lines its clear that the states really dont want people travelling too far for recreational activities and those activities need to remain solitary.....That being said time will tell....
  4. Ohh yea. Im sure they will open back up if not already.
  5. Im sure this launch will open. Public un manned launches are included in this .
  6. The Public launches in Fair Haven are back open. Most likely my marina will open up tomorrow hopefully. Everyone just needs to keep their six foot distance and we should be good to go.
  7. Well they did this because CT and NJ marinas were open and boats from NYC area were going across the LI sound and down to the jersey shore. So to avoid that and other cross state contamination issues they opened New York Marinas up.....at least thats whats posted. I think its a good move but we all need to truly keep six foot distance on boats....Dont overcrowd them, take minimal people, fish, go home type thing
  8. However the charter business is still closed and will remain so. Good news for people with personal boat usage...
  9. wow I see that lol....good dump my boat in lol
  10. I wouldnt go that fast lol....They are just beginning the discussions
  11. Well you and everyone else that goes there. When they closed it and said july 13 that made sense to me because the mayor is giving himself a two week buffer before harborfest would start. Im one of the stage managers for harborfest, they still have not cancelled it yet but are monitoring this situation which to me is a nice way of saying most likely that will be cancelled as well. To put that festival on and secure headliners you would really need more than two weeks....And they have bolted the city of Oswego down they really have
  12. The real name of the guy who started this thread his name is mike too lol
  13. And Mike lol. You now have your answer on what is going on at fair haven. Everything is shut down to recreational nautical fishing. There is a stay at home order and NY PAUSE order until May 15th in New York state so its best to stay in PA for now
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