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  1. Well its mid july and we are in a Summer pattern. Kings of mid size are being caught between 100 and 240 most action as of yesterday came from the 100 range. Lots of biting flys, fleas have subsided for now. The weather should be awesome for this coming week so if you can get out one should. I was going to post this in the classified but I figured I would get better reaction from here. Im looking for a few kingfisher golden boys. If anyone has any they would like to sell please let me know. tks
  2. The beach is open but the launch is still closed and will be for awhile yet. You still cannot get from the pond to the lake thru the channel by the diving boards. Water is still up to the bridge crest Last I checked there was still a pond where the beach volley net is.... Camping is fine ,. wood is available, Mid Summer fishing patterns.
  3. Alot of people have had that problem. I noticed many camps dont even have boats in the water. Cant even get to the hoist. It is slowly coming down and even once it does there will still be a lot of surveying done im sure.
  4. No there were not. But the fishing was pretty steady. Browns were being caught in the hole just outside the chute. Nice ones, One was almost 16lbs which is currently leading the board. Some came in with some nice small to mid kings. Those were taken outside 200 fow. The lake levels are dropping. Salmon season is here just in time.....Lets see what this week brings weather wise.
  5. No its still up there, its only gone down about 3-4 inches since earlier in the week. These heavy rains we got yesterday and today wont help either. Their is still a 5mph speed zone throughout the area. thats probably going to be there for quite some time.Time will tell....
  6. Well as expected the lake picked up big time yesterday. They were able to get the wounded warriors off and gave them enough time to get some really nice kings. Congratulations to all who participated. The water did come down but came back up as a result of all the rain. Fishing is still really good with salmon coming from 120 -180 range. She should shape up to be a nice fishing 4th.... Here is a photo of some kings taken at the wounded warriors. Great job Popeye....
  7. good luck to all the wounded warroirs fishing tomorrow. Fishing should be fine kings at 100-120 browns in around 70 Should be a great day Winds will be kicking up Sunday. The lake went down and came back up 5mph speed still in effect for the area Sent from my ST1009 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Well it went down a few inches. Which to us looks like a few feet lol. But then storms rolled thru Sunday (fathers day) and that only slows the process down. It is drying but a long way to go yet. I had some friends camping at the state park over the weekend. Park Management told them the launch will remain closed for the season. They figure once the water does get down then exposed damage will most likely be an issue, cleanup and safety as well. But honestly people need to slow down in the bay. Were seeing way too many instances of boaters going full throttle for one reason or another. One can claim ignorance but its been so much documented the 5mph limit ....My understanding is there will be a "presence" on the water as we approach the 4th for this very reason..... But the water is coming down its just gonna take more time is all...I still have a dock on top of my dock lol. Fishing is slow so were not missing much. Lets see what this weekend brings.
  9. Heres an interesting report on the upcoming battle between NYS and the International Joint Commission (IJC) in regards to the lake flooding. Basically the Governor is blaming the IJC for a series of blunders which ultimately caused the problem. They basically maintain that water levels were normal in comparison years up to April... But this will give you an idea of whats ahead once the water recedes..
  10. Happy Fathers day. I must say it looks like Summer around here. The water is dropping still along way to go, still 5mph in the bay. Summer like fishing patterns consisting of lakers, steelies in and around 120. tough day for most
  11. Well the water has come down about an inch or so. One wouldnt think thats very much but in the scheme of things we'll take it lol. Nobody really has been fishing this week so not much to report on that. They say that by the 4th it could be down as much as six inches. That remains to be seen.. But please keep in mind that there is a 5mph limit through the entire bay and 600 feet offshore as well. There were a few instances where some boaters didnt adhere but I think they just didnt understand that its the entire it should be. Plus there still is a lot of debris. I just saw another boat on its trailer, lower unit destroyed due to a log....Gotta watch your speed, gotta watch where your goin... Finally ill be in the water. I may take her for a shakedown fathers day
  12. What great weather finally. Water is still high most launches still closed (bell ave is open) docks are available at bayside. The brown fishing has slowed , small -mid size salmon are being caught in 140 ft range. Winds did pickup today but after some minor raiun overnight tomorrow should be fine conditions. 5mph in bay and within 500 ft still in force
  13. Im certain the lack of posting is related to the lack of fishing particularly in areas where the flood has really slowed fishing to a crawl....
  14. Lol I was wondering how they do that Ill try it, might as well, they swim right up to the camp almost lol. Its real windy today out of the west, nice and sunny though. I drove thru the state park, not too many campers at all. Beach still flooded out and so are the launches.The brown fishing is starting to slow abit but some caught small kings at 75 fow over the past weekend.
  15. Ohh they are in the bay by the chute. Higher waters bring fish in real close. A friend of mine was at the beach over the weekend. They saw a big brown sitting in the pool that used to be the beach volleyball area lol... Ive even got carp spawning under my camp lol. I may take up carp wrestling lol