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  1. Merry Xmas everyone, I hope U all have a fun safe holiday season. Not much ice or snow to report, Its been windy and cold...Again enjoy the holidays. Honestly it wont be too long b4 were all out here again..
  2. Good luck to those who fished the FH challenge today. Kinda breezy but should be ok.
  3. The fishing continues.....Congratulations to the winners of this weekends A-TOM-MIK invitational. After the gun shot sendoff most went East towards the dunes....the few that went west to Fair Haven got a taste of how good the fishing is.and made the correct choice because all three top prize winners fished Fair Haven... A special congratulations to my buddies aboard Time Flys 2 for their 3rd place finish in the tourney..Stick to your guns boys!!..Fair Haven represent!!
  4. This am the fish were in two areas...175 fow, 70 down , then beyond 250. Most are small around 10lbs but there gonna keep you busy. We did 5 for 6 in an hour and a half. Should be a great day tomorrow...
  5. Shes blowin today lol...nice and cool though
  6. Naaa we dont have a public fish cleaning station. ....Some marinas do but one would need to be a docker...
  7. No good, looks like water shifted the cold moved out abit, 3 ft rollers but a nice mud line to about 30 fow.....Nice day to sun out and fish the bay, maybe hit the lake tonight if she calms...until then...blue sky and sunshine...
  8. Yup np....I think the paddle has become very popular around these neck of the woods....Well its 2 45 am and i cant sleep so I guess i will start rigging the camera aboard the "Positive Thinkin" for todays Salmon action lol...Should be a nice morning... .
  9. I saw your boat coming in and out of the chute lol. It had those rod holders on each side lol...Good catch keep it up lol
  10. mrclean

    A-Hole with fireworks

    Sorry to hear about this. But this brings to light how people in Marina's and RV parks are really clueless and have little common sense primarily because they are in a vacation mode (thats the environment we live in) and they dont truly understand nor respect the environment we are in.... Some of you know of my cleaner I make. Ive traveled marinas and rv parks for 3 decades now and it truly amazes me how SOME ....not all...but some people who are in these places have absolutely no common sense and really dont belong around this environment.. And when you take those people and add their friends ......now your talking issues.....Again im sorry hopefully you get back to where you were...but in all honesty it wont be the last time something like this happens because there are way too many clueless people around a dangerous environment....
  11. They rent them at the state park and over by turtle cove as well... And the Perch are killin it out in the bay big time...Sunnies are starting to show up and the bass are really big this year.. Most salmon are in the 80 to 150 range but again your battling fleas
  12. I dont know whats hitting better the salmon or the fleas...you take your pic lol...
  13. Stay home its too hot to fish lol..
  14. Fishing still remains consistent here at FH. Most are still out within the 140 to 250 range. 60 down range. Spoons have been working well along with bait. The bait fish are in so for those who fish them there are huge pods out in the bay out by the winery.....Welcome to Summer. Nice few days ahead rain comes around for the weekend. ...
  15. Its a center console shes right in the middle but yes toward the left of the console. And yea he got a good induction into what a salmon tastes like lol...I bet today we get some 10 footers out here. Its blowing hard....might change up the fishing..