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  1. Fishing still remains consistent here at FH. Most are still out within the 140 to 250 range. 60 down range. Spoons have been working well along with bait. The bait fish are in so for those who fish them there are huge pods out in the bay out by the winery.....Welcome to Summer. Nice few days ahead rain comes around for the weekend. ...
  2. Its a center console shes right in the middle but yes toward the left of the console. And yea he got a good induction into what a salmon tastes like lol...I bet today we get some 10 footers out here. Its blowing hard....might change up the fishing..
  3. Well Summer fishing is in full swing. The Fish are anywhere from 140 out deep. Water is still cold and mostly clear.. Ive been marking fish mostly above 60 fow... Most fish are still in the teens. Yesterday I took my son and his family out. We spent about an hour or so hoping to get Brendan his first Salmon.. Fortunately with a little yanking and cranking we got one for him.
  4. Fishing is awesome so far. Browns and kings are still in close anywhere from 10 ft to 150 has been productive. Most fish range in the 6 - 10 lb range on browns and kings in the teens. It did slow down a little yesterday.
  5. I am curious....why is their never an association that bothers to post updates on the events they create....This seems like such a hush hush thing.....Updates conditions, fishing conditions...K a day....Nothing!!! I think these people who put these on should be more communicative online....why not...were not fishing
  6. Great fishing continues. Kings are being caught straight out at 90 feet. Browns still in close.Today was a no go. Six footers by noon....long weekend coming up but it looks like rain for this weekend. Hopefully this little blow doesnt change things.
  7. Well forget it today lol. Me and captain bill of positive thihkin were going to go out if the winds died but it just simply shifted out of the north making it worse lol....Feels like early March around here today ....Maybe tomorrow...
  8. How good is the fishing in Fair Haven. I just woke up, the charter boats that went out are already back with full boxes....nice browns 6-9 right in front of the park...It is breezy and cold out but here comes the sun...
  9. Fishing was great this weekend. Most browns are 6-9 but some nice kings in the high teens showed up. All within 20 ft of shore both east and west of the chute. The water color with the chop was a nice setup. The only negative was the black bugs all over the windshield lol...ohh well. Looks like a nice week ahead
  10. Great day of fishing today, batten down the hatches for now big winds are coming. We should get out tomorrow am when the winds shift west....
  11. I will say this. As nasty as it is today. Theres still nice fishing in the bay. Crappies died off about a good week ago, and the perch have taken over. They got big today which is generally a sign that carp season is fast approaching and of course Bull head season as well.... Heres some action from today lol...
  12. Fishing was good yesterday. The water was calm in the am, so those who went came back with some 5-8 with an occasional close to 10?? Plus a nice small spring king showed up in the mix as well....Of course we woke up to snow and breezy rainy conditions so today is a no go for sure.....The hot spots were right on shore to the left of the chute and out towards the second bluff....This weather should switch it up abit....look like 70 this wed....
  13. Well its not a good idea in the first place to try and pass (closely) any boat that is fishing, particularly now that many use side planers and those lines are often stretched out...When we fish we sometimes do get a little close to one another and we do our best to create communication on this is common.... Seems to me it was an isolated incident...Lol unlike in the old day when we used to fish the hole in the Fall and catch 30+ lb kings all day long and everyone was cutting in and out of the loop and dragging lines over lines, honking horns, and flipping birds lol....I miss those days lol..
  14. Yea the water seemed a little clear. And it is still cold...but 50's are a good temp see what you guys do today.... lol ill say this...the fishing inside the bay with an actual water level has made fishing real good....Perch are hittin lol... Now this is trolling lol
  15. No water levels are fine. maybe slightly high but thats about it. Looks like rain for tonight then we should be fine for the weekendt then it should be nice fishing for the weekend...