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  1. Thanks....Theres some big fish in our bay this year. Im not gonna lie lol...This kayak trolling stuff is really fun lol
  2. West is best they say and today that came true for Time flys Sportfishing who took a group from Nikko baits for some testing and fun on a hot lake. After a fun day on the lake they came back with three salmon and one steelhead. The big king was close to 20lbs Its awesome to see nice fish come in again. Hopefully the trend continues.. Lol...
  3. so I went out tonight for some bay fishing. Started out casting and drifting for about a half hour with no results. So I changed a jig and started trolling and ended up with this guy. He was 21.5 and close to 7lbs on a scale...Once again my little Doc Demon pole held fine....I gotta go get another one of these poles there perfect for a kayak...Gonna try it again in the am..
  4. Has fishing picked up in Fair Haven since the end of May??? Nope! Unfortunately it has not. I have not seen a hard june like this in years. The water has not changed. The winds pretty much either out of the west or the south??? sometimes even east lol...Water is getting warmer but still is cold. Bait fishing in the bay has been good for the most part. Lets hope for an awesome July and August. But hey! Today is fathers day so get out there with your kids and you wont even realize the fish are not there lol...
  5. So since the browns and salmon are still very slow I went out this morning in my kayak with nothing more than my camera and my mini dock demon pole. I had this simple jig with a tail on it and casting it out..The bay is glass this morning. All of a sudden I felt the line hold and this little zebco reel started screaming as if it were one of my downrigger rods. Short of it, I hooked this pike, I fought it for about 10 minutes. It did nothing but get me soaked. I forgot my rod holder so I put the rod between my legs and paddled back to the marina dragging it in like the old man and the sea lol. Luckily a fisherman cleaning his boat assisted with a net. A nice 34 inch pike. We released it back in the water safe and sound. Biggest pike I ever caught in the area.
  6. Yea pretty much the winds did kill it. totally clear very cold water well below 50...We were hoping for some strong nw winds last weekend but that didnt happen....Obviously it should change cause of the time of year we are in
  7. So here we are in the middle of fishing season the real battle is not between the human and the fish but rather the human and the virus....How does it feel to be hunted btw lol... Back in March fishing was hot. Kings, browns all being caught just outside the chute. Problem was nobody really could fish. For those that did make it out, they did well. Water was setup perfect. However now that we can get out to the lake the situation has changed there and fishing has been poor to say the least. How bad may you ask??? Welp charter captains have reduced themselves to pike fishing in the bay. Plain as that!. Will it change??? yes it will and of course this long running thread will continue to update us all....
  8. wrights landing and the city of Oswego is closed to any boat traffic right now. the lot is all torn up and no launches are usable. Your wasting your time going to Oswego.
  9. Keep at least six feet apart No more than ten people total around any fish cleaning station. Clean your fish, take your photo, go away. No truck tailgate parties or illustrious conversations of how great thou art lol. Put your boat in, pull your boat out..go home. Limit the people on your boat. I own a 23 foot boat. I should have no more than three people on board. I have a totally open bow. I also own a 40 foot double deck houseboat. I will have no more than 4 people on at any time. Wipe your **** down! Lots of hard surfaces on these boats....use a disinfectant cleaner. Charter boats.....The friends and family plan or medical employee essential worker excuse wont work. Its not worth risking your license. Be respectful of others regardless of where they come from. Wear a face mask of some sort. Carry your garbage in, carry your garbage out.
  10. I also think it has to do with their clientele base being from way outside the region. If one reads between the lines its clear that the states really dont want people travelling too far for recreational activities and those activities need to remain solitary.....That being said time will tell....
  11. Ohh yea. Im sure they will open back up if not already.
  12. Im sure this launch will open. Public un manned launches are included in this .
  13. The Public launches in Fair Haven are back open. Most likely my marina will open up tomorrow hopefully. Everyone just needs to keep their six foot distance and we should be good to go.
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