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  1. Yea the water is really high up. Its cold too. They say tomorrow will be cloudy, cold and west breeze like its been. watch for fog in the am. it rolled in today as well...
  2. Welcome to Spring! Ice is gone, the water is very high due to all the rain and for the few that have gone out its been slow. Ive found typically over the years very high water does make things more difficult even though as of yesterday there was a nice mud line out there. But it will pick up its very early. I should be in sometime next week after some needed clean up .
  3. Well it is melting quick. The park and chute are clear except or ice on the piers. Ice on shore is 90% gone. I would say this time next week with a little rain and 50's it should be clear (on the north end). Marinas still have ice but again its going quickly.
  4. Yea I was actually going to go up today and check things out but this dunckle weather just keeps me indoors lol. Ive been waiting for this tree to fall and I figured recent winds would do the trick lol this past two weeks brought it back to Winter status for sure...A nice warmup would be perfect
  5. What beautiful weather here in Fair Haven. Except of course if you love Ice fishing. Honestly its too nice out for this time of year. If you recall last year this time was sort of the same and then it got terribly cold in April so along way to go but ya cant help but love the weather....
  6. Ice is building nicely but todays rain and warm temps keeps me thinking it aint far away now lol
  7. Well for January Ill take it, not much snow on the ground, ice is formed down this end, chute was clear but thats it. Im sure it will really freeze in the next month or so. We are expecting more Lake effect tonight which has really skirted the area for now
  8. Just so everyone knows there is a white out in Fair Haven today with a snow blizzard lol
  9. Well we just had the two feet of snow across the area but the ground is still soft. thats why it melted so quick. It aint March yet lol. But its really not that far off.
  10. So basically all the snow we got is gone, its been warm and I guess one could put a boat in the water lol..It is crystal clear, calm and a nice grey day here lol. I was almost temped to throw a line off the pier lol..
  11. I saw one jump in the marina the other day. Just after the front moved thru. Its been cold and windy since then so perhaps this weekend we will see more action. I fished the hole a week ago and there wasnt anything in it. Its day by day at this point. I use storm lure (hot n tot) hot tigers they work the best for me this time of year.
  12. Lol Im looking for my white towel lol. I know its somewhere...Well I cant find it so im putting my replay of sugar ray leonard vs roberto duran Bout know.."no mas, no mas" lol.. Imo this is no big deal. I would be upset if DEC didnt do what they are doing because that would indicate they are throwing in the towel....Keep in mind they have done this before (adjust stocking levels) sometimes they have increased, sometimes they decrease. This being a non natural fishery (salmonoid) it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure it continues into the future.... Example: I have seen a drastic increase in the last 5 years alone in "bait fishing". For every one (bait) you take out of the water, put it in a bag, salt it, oil it, process it only to put it back in the water with a toothpick thru it..all that to catch a fish that is dependent on that "bait" in fact are contributing to the reduction of alewife population...true dat! I personally speak with the DEC boys several times a season. They constantly monitor our fish cleaning station and even dig in the barrels for heads....Do you know what their biggest battle is??? communication from Charter Captains who treat them like they are a 5 headed monster. They try and avoid them because they think their business will be ruined by their findings.....(this is from conversations i have had with them concerning the entire region in general not one specific place) I can only say this. I have fished on this lake for 50 years now. It started slow with little expectations and turned into a wonderful scenario we can all enjoy. Let DEC etc do what they gotta do, support them, give them your findings, be a little more conscious of what your doing....and everything will be fine..
  13. Nice going everyone. I hope you all do well this week. Kings are starting to stage but theres still plenty of time left. I start my state fair gig today so hopefully I can get up at least this saturday. Id say save some for me but since fishing has been "ehh" this year go get em all guys lol.....
  14. Nice it looks a little snotty lol. Save some for me ill be out later lol
  15. Overall today was a pretty good day some didnt move a rod while others caught some really nice kings. Congrats to all those who entered the Fair Haven Challenge. Some kings were well over 30lbs. Fish were being caught anywhere from 125 to 300. Temp was all over the place and a fast current made it tricky. Tomorrow she kicks up so most likely thats it for this weekend ....