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  1. They did open it, little sodus inn launch (bell ave). Boy the water came up another 2 inches in the past 3 days. Fishin is great so if you can get out there go get em. Its gonna be wet but heck its a holiday weekend.
  2. The bay itself looks fine from the avg glance. The east side of the bay between the park and the old shauns marina is the worst hit. The west barrier bar is and will remain closed you cant even get thru the twin gates its all flooded down there. Latest reports suggest mid june before it starts to really drop.
  3. Yes all ramps are still closed however i did here they may open up one of the village launches over the weekend but i wouldnt hold my breath on that. The issue is the park. cancellation after cancellation of course. the beach is flooded and realistically not much can happen there this weekend unfortunately. Bayside marina does have a few docks available, they can put small to mid size boats in. But again forget water tubing, wave runners, jet skis etc... yes you can fish its great out there. But keep in mind 5mph speed limit, no wake and honestly imo respect for the property owners around the bay and lake takes priority here. We actually have properties falling in the lake and honestly the last thing we need is us making more issues. As I always said in business. Thats why there is 4th and 10 and you punt.....You will always get another chance next time around... As you can see from the photo everything is gone (look in the back, that used to be the beach....
  4. Ill tell you what as much of a disaster this is I find it a novelty that I have carp, bluegills etc swimming literally where my fireplace was lol. I might actually develop carp wrestling .
  5. Well its a breezy day here today fishing still being awesome but unfortunately the water still keeps creeping up. Reports say it crests early june. Carp are spawning lol Right where my fireplace use to sit lol
  6. Wheres the photo of the winners board..
  7. Here is where we are at. Currently all launches in the Fair Haven Bay are closed until further notice. They have been in constant contact with the State and as of yesterday they were told the lake will not crest until the first week in June. They are expecting based on the current run off that the lake will rise another 5 inches plus a possible additional 3 inches based on forecasted rainfall. I can tell you that they are pretty accurate when they forecast this stuff. Please keep in mind this is not just a Fair Haven area problem. This is the whole south shore and into the St. Lawrence River issue. In fact “Bolt Castle” is closed due to no docks as a result of the high waters. The Village of Fair Haven is currently working with the three marinas to come up with a way to somehow launch boats possibly at Turtle Cove launch. Once we find out more I will post in here. If your boat is currently in the water you really need to be careful out there. There are literally full size trees floating around even in the bay at times and much more debris that has already put some boats back at dry dock so please be careful if you are able to fish. That being said, Captn. Bill and myself decided to head out for our first run of the season. As you know the fishing has been awesome, and it didn’t disappoint. This video has everything. You will see docks under water, countless sand bags thanks to the volunteers, the water almost to the top of the pier, floating trees just missing our planer boards, small fish and even the monster everyone wants to get. It has it all. But honestly this video is dedicated to those who cannot do what they want to do, to those businesses trying to work thru this disaster and finally to all the volunteers who helped out unselfishly those who are devastated by this once in a lifetime flood. Mother nature certainly thru everyone a curve. Hopefully this video keeps us all hopeful for a quick receding of the water, I will advise once I learn more....
  8. Most likely then so is the launch at the West Barrier Bar park (Local side of the pier). That launch was always intended for small boats and PWC stuff. With this water level its probably pretty decent. But they probably want to avoid any launches for now...
  9. yes it is.Get your winter coats on its gonna be cold the next couple of days lol
  10. They have been very busy putting sand bags around Little Sodus Inn, the state park , turtle cove etc....water is supposed to continue to rise...
  11. Northern Cayuga county joins the state of emergency list. Fair Haven is now preparing for flooding..
  12. Batten down the hatches we got some serious weather heading our way. Tornado watches for counties just outside Cayuga county.
  13. And I just wanted to make the 1000 post of this thread and thank everyone who has contributed and learned from this thread. Information is key and its nice to now have a four year history and one of the biggest updated and informational threads in this forum. And of course a special thanks to the fish for without them we are not here lol. Lets see what this weekend brings....
  14. The state park launch and the village docks are open. Water is still very high but is fine for launching boats....docking is another issue... This morning had a nice murk to the water. the few that went out early came back with full strings. Small standard fish for this time of year. But then the water turned clear by this afternoon and the fishing shut down. Unsettled weather for the weekend might bring the murk back. They did impose the 5mph ban in the bay until further notice.