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  1. There may be but Ive never seen any.. Actually I was there last night with the kayak.They are all over the bay this year..Like I said there all skiddish. I think this clear water has something to do with that.
  2. Boy the fish are skiddish this year. The water is really clear so you can see them. They seem to swim away from anything other than another salmon. The clear water makes it this way...Ive tried everything for the past two days, cleos, hotntots, horse hair jigs etc...nothing, they just swim away from them. There all jumping like crazy too....I think this is our 20th year of this stocking here (I may be wrong on that timeline) but maybe these guys are just getting too involved with each other and skiddish due to the clear water. Ill keep at it as long as they are there. They really jump at night constantly and slow that down in the am...
  3. I left dock last night around 4 15, went out to the same area., winds died down it was nice and calm. Im just sitting there casting my naked lady cleo in and one jumps right next to the kayak, and got me wet lol. That was the excitement for me. They are definitely jumping in here for sure. found some dead ones floating too. I think this wet windy weather today should bring more in. its raw up here, waves well over the breakers.
  4. You can put it in at any of the launches. Parkings there too. or you can put it in at the west barrier bar park (across from the state park). That will put you right at the chute. Yea there in here now. Looks like the run is in full swing. Im gonna try tomorrow. This rain brings more in too!!. Im using Little cleo's, some big jigs and of course my hotntots lol..
  5. Well Salmon are now coming into the deep bay. Lost of jumpers. I fished last two days no hits but that should change soon.. Water actually is at a nice level perfect for spoons....
  6. Ok this thread needs some photos lol. Ive been seeing more salmon jumping in the bay. Fish are in the hole and middies are out deep at 250+.Some steelheads and cohos were taken but no biggie really. Pretty soon they will be in close and hopefully we can get some of the black big boys lol. We shall see were gonna try some new tactics lol. However great bay fishing due to this warm weather cannot complain...
  7. Well we certainly are getting into a Fall pattern. Im curious how the run will be this year with all the high water we had. I took my kayak out yesterday and salmon are jumping in the bay. by the chute and by the Marina. There are still kings out there. Best bet is fish the hole for now early am , late night if you can. Should be a great weekend weather wise..
  8. Well it was a fun piratefest weekend for sure. The west winds came up during the week mixing up the fishing for this weekend. Overall it was pretty decent, most working 150-250 down over 100. Water level has dropped so were back to just where we should be for now. Biggest fish I saw was a good 28 lb, Avg daily catch per boat 2-4 since Saturday. Winds kicked up today, its breezy now. Rest of the week looks just fine...
  9. I love hole fishing lol. Well the 5mph speed limit has been lifted. The winds blew pretty heavy out of the west so today is search and destroy. Weather should be fine for this weekend and the FH Challenge (or the "Werner cup" as I call it lol)
  10. Fishings awesome. Fish are pretty much everywhere. 120-250 and beyond. Most in the range of 10-15 but some nice 20+ came in yesterday. A 30 lb fish got the K a day at the invitational in oswego. Still a 5mph limit but that shouldnt deter go get em...
  11. After the mix up temp was down as far as 140. Most fish caught are still in that 150-300 range. Size ranges from 6 -15 lbs. The lsi launch is open. West barrier bar is still closed, state park launch done for the season. The water has come down around 8 inches and the 5mph might go well into September. Good luck to all the Fair Haven represent at the A TOM IK invitational. Looks like rain for the weekend hopefully that makes fish go lol...
  12. Hey anyone got a kite lol. If I tie it to my kayak it will pull me ....
  13. Happy Friday. Full Summer mode here. The water is receded but we still have the 5mph limit. Fishing has been real good that past two weeks. A few days ago it seemed to slow down to a more Summer pattern. Most kings are in the 15lb range. 120 -250, 75 down seems to be the area. Metal has been working fine. Unfortunately the winds pick up tonight and right thru the weekend. Please keep in mind Lake Ontario is not a place to fool around in. Its not smart to go out to 400 fow in 6-8 ft waves with a 21 foot boat with no more room than the dog house, just to prove a point. Its not a good idea to put your passengers in jeopardy. No captains yellow life jacket will save you at that point. Bad things can and do happen out there. And no matter how good you think you are.....your not! so dont put yourself and others in harms way.. Be safe have a great weekend.....
  14. Well its mid july and we are in a Summer pattern. Kings of mid size are being caught between 100 and 240 most action as of yesterday came from the 100 range. Lots of biting flys, fleas have subsided for now. The weather should be awesome for this coming week so if you can get out one should. I was going to post this in the classified but I figured I would get better reaction from here. Im looking for a few kingfisher golden boys. If anyone has any they would like to sell please let me know. tks
  15. The beach is open but the launch is still closed and will be for awhile yet. You still cannot get from the pond to the lake thru the channel by the diving boards. Water is still up to the bridge crest Last I checked there was still a pond where the beach volley net is.... Camping is fine ,. wood is available, Mid Summer fishing patterns.