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  1. Wildcat

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    I ran 3 on my old boat [10' beam] but on this boat [8'9"beam] I like 2 riggers, 2 wire dipsy, 2 copper. With clearer water seem to do better 2 downriggers.
  2. Wildcat

    Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    I have two of them on my boat, great running engines. Mine are 2006 year and I have about 1550 hours on them each no problems. Trolling on one engine I burn about 1/2 gal a hour while pushing 8000lbs of boat fully loaded. For service I go to Frontenac only 20 miles for my house.
  3. fished for browns went 9 for 11 couldn't pattern fish. We fished west all the way to port bay, 8 to 22 FOW best water 14 to 18 FOW temps 44- 46* fished stick baits and spoons, all but one fish was caught on spoons. Super slim veggie and stinger die hard did most of the fish. Used 1/2oz and 3/4oz clip on weights so spoons would run deeper and even ran a small dipsy set at #3 setting out 14' with a small 1 1/2" spoon behind it and guess what 2 browns took it. Overall it wasn't a bad first trip out it's nice to be back on the water.
  4. that's a good day, thanks for the infow
  5. fished 7/14 lake flipped couldn't find kings went 5 for 9, small king, 1 steelhead. 3 lakers. I'll try again next week
  6. thanks the boat is new to me, only fished out it 10 times, still getting use to a catamaran boat
  7. hughes 7/12 Fished 7:00 to 2:30 with my dad and his friend, went 12 for 19, 9 kings 3 lakers, the largest kings were 17lbs, 18lbs, 19lbs. fished 120'-180' with 120'-140' being the best. Die hard mag spoon, spin doctor flasher/fly mountain dew, and a meet rig the crew of thrillseeker showed me [ sorry can't tell you what it was, sodus pro am this weekend]. downriggers, 450' + 500' copper, and dipsy all took fish. I want to Thank Vince and crew of thrillseeker for all the help dialing in my fishing program.
  8. picked up a ride thanks for looking. buy the way, I am a 100% free observer keep me in mind for future derbies on the east side of Ontario
  9. first trip from Hughes Marina fished out of Hugh marina June 14, went 3 for 5 all kings was only able to boat small kings [13lbs and under] lost 2 fish that were around 20lbs. Fished 100-200 fow but 140 fow was must active. 1 fish 400' copper with a silver spoon, all other fish were dipsy #3 setting out 250-280 foot, flasher fly combos, "mountain dew flasher fly", and a "white flasher uv green fly".
  10. thanks I'll try letting you know soon
  11. what is the cut-off date to sign up for the big fish Friday, and salmon slam?
  12. oswego pro am observer I'm available to be an observer for the Oswego pro am, I have observed in the Wilson harbor invitational before. Send me a message if anyone is interested. Art O'Mara