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  1. Adm Byrd

    Hydraulic steering

    Email or call Seastar tech support - they where very helpful for me!
  2. Got to Hughes 6:30 this morning, pretty good size rollers, we set up in 350 FOW and trolled NE into the waves with the big motor, was a slow bite and couldn't keep them hooked, they would even jump and sound and then "let go". Eventually the wind settled down and we just wandered between 350 - 600FOW with a hit here and there. The wires where dead for us but had rigger bite at 65 - 90 feet down, had an old NK 28 that I painted the back black parked all day at 65' and it got us a 28# beast that we thought was going to spool our 47H - 45 minutes later we got it in the net. A short time later the 100' rigger took off through our setup and kept on going eventually jumping 3 - 4 hundred yards out, before we could get him coming in the 65' took off again and we landed an 18# king. As I brought the missile fish back to the boat he felt more like an old boot, then started looking odd how he was coming in, a 10# that somehow got hooked in the meat at the base of his tail - was fun when he took off though!!! The big guy went 27.5 on Hughes scales 3 hours after we caught him.Now I need to the paint back on that spoon.
  3. Adm Byrd

    We need more leverage

    My fishing partner has arthritis and doesn't have the hand dexterity to comfortably turn standard size reel handles. Our Daiwa 47's are getting old and maybe ready for retirement, I have some oversize handles on those but he can run our SG57LC3B"s and the high speed retrieve Okumas that I have leadcore on. I'm sure others on here have the same concerns - what does everyone use? Thanks, Bob
  4. Last week we fished in 200', this week we went out to 450' and found temp down around 90'. We pointed the auto pilot at 23 degrees, didn't pay any attention to speed and set up colors that worked last week. When we finally got a break we where at 712' and had 8 fish so we turned around and went back, ended somewhere around 16 fish - kings and steelies. The dipsies where on fire first, them the riggers and then the cheaters - lost all my larger orange taped spoons. Liney accidentally got a birds nest in a wire rod and yup it took a hit - who said fishing is cheap! towards the end the 100' rigger took a shot and the fish acted different - stayed deep, didn't scream much.....till it headed for the boat, went over and under 2 dipsies on port side, jumped clear of water 20' off side of boat and sounded then came back up through dipsies 2 more times then went for rigger cables, went around 2 of them, laughed at me from 8' under surface then sounded again cutting wire on the cable - This is why Sk8man says: "THEY CALL THEM KINGS FOR A REASON" and why I keep going. Now to see who has best deals on spoons & cable Our speed was around 2.4 and rarely had to turn to get a hit - the fish gods where smiling on us today :->
  5. Adm Byrd

    hydraulic steer

    sent you a pm
  6. Glad to hear you had a good time with your grandson on board he will be the next generation of fisherman. Last week a friend took me and another out and we went 15 for 18 on king,s with a slob  laker to boot  don,t know if you caught that one but what a day that was.

  7. Mike, I took a teenager out for his first salmon tonight, 10 minutes in he was battling a 20# off a downrigger parked at 60'. Had a lull for a while with one more decent king then we started to turn around and total chaos, everything took shots and got a nice steely 30' down to boot. Best 2 hours I'll spend this week and put a pretty good memory smile in that young man and his grampa 😆
  8. Adm Byrd

    Auto pilot.

    just my 2 cents but put hydraulic steering on first then add auto pilot to that system - more pricey but better in the end
  9. Adm Byrd

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    4 can work relatively shallow but 3 sometimes is too much with the currents, I have 8' 6" beam as well.
  10. Adm Byrd

    Sutton Spoon Company

    Yeah Mike I've been on his boat, he's been on mine, I've been to his house, even in the basement, we've known each other for thirty some odd years and I ain't never been allowed to see that hoard of spoons - probably for the best - I might try to confiscate some. Looks like Mark should be set to fish Suttons for the rest of his life even if Les loses a few more rigs of them in Seneca! And yes they seem to be more effective with SS single hooks. Also much easier to release them to fight again.
  11. Adm Byrd

    Kueka lake stocking

    I don't know, looks like a typical Breuer laker around derby time
  12. Adm Byrd

    2017 Hunting Photo Contest- Winners!

    Congratulations everyone, thanks for putting it together Rob. Enjoyed viewing it everyday
  13. Adm Byrd

    Lightweight Rain Gear Suggestions

    I've had a set of Red Ledge for 15 years, used them backpacking with scouts and multiple ice out trips for brookies in AdIrondacks, Have washed them many times and they still shed water like a ducks back. They also roll up and pack in a small sleeve that they come in.
  14. Adm Byrd

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Chad enjoy every minute of time you spend with your family - they grow up fast. Merry Christmas to all. I'm looking forward to all the posts coming next year, if I spend much more time on here I will have to start a LOU Anonymous
  15. Adm Byrd

    Furuno Fishfinder

    Got my first Furuno fish finder in 1986 and it started acting up around 2008 or 2009 so I replaced it with an FCV620, came with a P66 and it works very well. I also have a stand alone Furuno GPS that works well also, probably 15 or more years old. They make very good products and most of us are only using there "home owner" grade of equipment, I would love to use some of their commercial sounders. Bob