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  1. We where fortunate enough to be invited to my dear friends daughters wedding this weekend. He's a lucky man to have a daughter who is such an accomplished person and who picked a great guy for her husband. If you recognize him (HOLDING ON FOR DEAR LIFE) send him a congratulatory message! Now we can back to "They call them kings for a reason"
  2. When we started fishing Seneca Saturday morning and lowered the kicker it dropped - apparently the shock absorber looking assist cylinder died over the winter. Did some snooping on the web to vary little info. I pulled it off this afternoon and took it apart - the shaft has wear marks half way around at each end where the seals ride. There was only a trace of oil in it and I'm assuming it was pressurized when manufactured. There appears to be a plug driven and peened into the fill hole. Anybody else been here and had any success? Thanks, Bob
  3. Best thing I did was convert from power cable steer to hydraulic and added the NAC-1. Does what I wanted.
  4. Les, You have way too much time on your hands, understanding this particular fish is really quite elementary, it was left side dominant, unusual in Lake Trout but it meant he was in his right mind. Much like one of your fishing buddies it knew how to get by with the least amount of effort, the proof is in its not wasting energy trying to fight the fisherman but it didn't consider that Justin was also left side dominant and well prepared for a record fish! Seriously congratulations Jason and hope you get accurate aging and a beautiful mount of the beast!
  5. Les and I hit the water about 3, went west and started off Ginna in 150', worked back and forth between 100' & 150', marks but no hits. It was HOT out there but no flies and no fleas. Finally migrated out as we saw a couple boats trolling in and had a little action from 250' to 400'. Ended with a picture perfect sunset. All fish small & thrown back in. 105' rigger was the hottest, nothing at all on wire.
  6. Mike, I had to put one of his flies on to keep him complacent knowing he wouldn't get a hit on his whacky baits. Les neglected to mention his netting style on the larger salmon; you might refer to it as a chop or hatchet swing which sent the king sounding with my line a "c" hair away from the kicker prop then out around my rigger cable with a 6' cheater dragging behind - how all that ended up working out I'll never know! It really is bizarre how the fishing is so different every time you go out - I expected steelie hits in the mid depths but never a touch on our cheaters or the copper. We marked very little bait & very few fish all day other than lakers near the bottom. Bustersit: my wife got me the shirt and I do appreciate it. I'm hoping we can get Hop out there at some point this season - I'm looking forward to some fresh stories on Les's past to enjoy hearing about!
  7. We caught a laker still fishing sawbellies on Canandaigua many years ago in 160 FOW, when I cleaned it, it had a partially digested mouse in its belly. Not quite on your theme but interesting none the less.
  8. If you peel the sticker off yours Les, it has #13 written on the actual card!
  9. https://samsenparks.com/samsen-at-sampson/ 'ps://samsenparks.com/wp-content/uploads/samsen-sampson-numbering-cabins-seasonal-sites-012220.pdf Wife and I took a ride down there - lots of construction - lots of cabins. Came home and found this website and a map of the near future, camp store is already completed.
  10. Tractor Supply or Runnings possibly, NAPA could get one. Most trailer centers, possibly some marinas, I believe there is a trailer dealer up on Rte 104 that stocks parts.
  11. Be gentle? A lot of us haven't gotten out yet we're hungry for any fishing reports. The weather hasn't been nice so be thankful you got out, I, for one am jealous. Please keep up your posts and enjoy this site.
  12. The Lakers in Seneca will be running scared (or laughing hysterically). After seeing you the other afternoon I knew you had it bad but I wasn't prepared for this I though you where saving those googly eyes for the bottom of your boat, do they come in blue? Or chartreuse?
  13. My first thought was is the boat too light in the bow allowing the breeze to grab it?
  14. My latest is using a new roll of TP and finding out it's only single ply! Last week I cleaned the boat barn with a vacuum.
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