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  1. I tip out drive back down, pull plug in transom, pull block & exhaust drains, water pump drain & coolant hose off power steering cooler as soon as I'm on the trailer. Put the out drive back up and reinstall plugs & hoses before I go back out. Takes me 3 minute to drain and about 5 to put back together.
  2. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and hope Santa brought you all that fishing gear you where dreaming of, if not, see you at the show in January!!
  3. All I can say is when what you think should work doesn't try something else. Had a day where a spoon behind a dodger was on fire till a vicious strike snapped it off. Speed, length, size, color, method of presentation & temp are all part of the moving puzzle, remember its called fishing not catching.
  4. I bet you still got that smile, nice buck!
  5. It seems that I have a group of friends who enjoy ball busting, especially when its about / around Les. Well one of those friends who has been absent from our fishing for a while reminded me of another self inflicted epic event in the Life - of - Les, something to do with a swordfish sandwich! I know I'm still in tears and it was several years ago now. Thanks Scott.
  6. First, Les's leadcore started ripping line when we where out past 500 FOW, not in shallow, he just doesn't want to admit that I can find him to the bigger fish. Glad we where alone out there as that fish used a lot of line and covered a lot of water. Second that shoddily made fly that he gave me has been shedding strands like my lab sheds hair in March. I only used it to boost his confidence as I knew my E chip attracter could lure in a respectable salmon on its own. Finally Les gives me a camera the size of a matchbook and many orders about wait for the frame to pop up, hold the button down and wait, it shouldn't be doing that - I grab pics with my phone but they aren't good enough - it's a wonder he hasn't dropped that phone in a minnow bucket yet. The odd couple remark is spot on, we can build a ball busting event out of any trivial happening and ride on it for years - couldn't have a better fishing partner.
  7. Wanted to go deep out of Hughes but wind report turned us off so Liney and I decided to try Seneca, haven't been there since Memorial day. We launched out of Sampson, hey they resurfaced the road into the park down to the circle, too bad they didn't keep going. Marina is beautiful and we where only trailer parked on lower parking. We decided to go start south of Long point and came north to Kashong. We didn't mark many fish at first but tons of bait. Once we got into the area off Angus we had a great screen of bait & fish from 20 to 50 feet down. We started with a bullhead on top leader in 200 FOW which hit a white evil eye, eventually we got a 3# range rainbow on a black evil eye. That was it for us, nice day, fleas where so so, only saw one other boat trolling and we headed home
  8. This year has been tough for me - every weekend either threatening rain, too windy or some other commitment. I promised myself I was getting out a lot. So here it is July 27th and I've been out 4X so far this year including Seneca & Canandaigua derbies. Family is visiting this weekend but kings are silver and hungry and, damn it, I'm going. Got the boat out of the barn Thursday night & topped off the batteries and checked air in the tires. Got it out Saturday morning and 1 trailer tire flat, WTF. Jack it up, blow it up and no visible leaks. Go gas up boat & truck, come back home and tire is holding air. Get a phone call asking for a favor so I help them out. My lab and I get to Hughes promptly at 10:30 and luckily someone is just leaving so I get a prime (maybe the only) parking spot left. One of the two gentleman on that boat helped me launch - thank you very much - and at 11:00 I had my first hit on my second rigger down at 95' out, a mid teen king on a black spoon, half hour later I got a skippy on a cheater and the dipsy at 230' fired but it got off. Fished till 3:15 getting a pair of hits and drops every time I changed lures. Fussing with the dog when 1 rigger fires and I have a bulldog on the 85' rigger, fighting him for a few minutes when the other rigger intercepted a missile, I stayed with the first one, got him netted and dropped in cooler, then on to number 2 who was way back and reasonably docile by then, first attempt with the net and I got a hook barb in net, luckily I got under him quickly and pulled him in. Was able to revive and release him. Me, I'm soaked in sweat with a shyt eating grin on my face. Made it home by 5:15 for dinner with the family - GREAT SOLO TRIP.
  9. I second the free sliders but also pick up a few down deep. their aerial acrobatics are great or the heart!
  10. Brian, They gave us a fancy bag full of your rigs, lots of colors, looks like they should catch us a bunch of lakers. thank s for being so generous. Bob
  11. Thanks for posting the pics Les. Liney was psyched about fishing this one for the week leading up to it. We went out Saturday morning and started deep as that's where he believes the big ones are. After my first selection of lures went untouched we started experimenting and started to connect with 4 -6# fish, got a nice 4 - 5 # rainbow on the 10 color leadcore that came up and jumped 3 to 4 times 4 different times. We had a slow & steady bite all day. The launch was a fiasco Saturday afternoon. We where whipped but decided to start at the same time Sunday. Sunday was slower than Saturday for us with 2 - 3# fish being the norm. The wind was better than the flat water before it picked up but was a challenge to try and maintain a decent presentation. Liney ran the autopilot and kept us where he wanted. On a couple of our turns we got blown into very tight turns. When I saw a decent mark down deep I let Lineys rig out a little but it stopped, when I looked over my rig rod was bent - dam they must have come together on one of those turns - lots of cussing by me - and we started bring our rigs up together. My top leader's hook had caught his rig line so I got that unhooked but we still where connected, my next leader had wrapped around his mainline and when I was trying to unwrap it Liney wasn't reeling his up to allow me to reach it, when I looked at his rod tip it was REALLY bent over and the rig line was just behind the boat. After I got my leader off his line the fish stayed right with us straight down. After a good long while we got to the last leader and Liney lifting as high as he could I was able to net it at the surface - it went into the net pointed straight down. That fish made very few head shakes and just kept full power trying to go for the bottom - amazing fight. And we won't talk about trying to get off at the launch on Sunday - I think every 3x a year boater was out there. I do want to let you know Les that Liney had brought a banana to eat on Saturday and it was still there Sunday afternoon!!!!!
  12. Googly Eyes, great memories Mike! He has a "new" secret weapon that will get him the winner each year at the Seneca derby. I bet there isn't a page 13 in his book......superstitious, maybe All you people building his ego is gonna make it tough for me to carry his head on my truck and on my boat when we go fishing this year. He is a joy and a concern rolled up into one entertaining fishing buddy
  13. One of my friends put his grand daughter onto a bird, should have been great weather to work the birds.
  14. Call Norm at (315)589-2752 and ask.
  15. Several years ago I was ice fishing Canandaigua in 4' of water with my hut flipped over me when a bunch of 6" perch started moving below me, they where very interested in my bait when suddenly a huge laker (10# range) came from nowhere after those perch, caused a 2" wake in my hole. Not sure who was more startled, the perch or me. Many years ago I caught a laker in 140' of water still fishing. When I cleaned it there was a mouse in its stomach that was reasonably fresh looking.
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