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National Lake Trout Derby

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  1. www.laketroutderby.org Check out Lake Trout Derby website to register for the National Lake Trout Derby. The derby will be held on Seneca Lake over Memorial Day weekend. So many chances to win with over $30,000 in prizes given out! With live online updates you can keep track of fish being entered all weekend long. Award ceremony will be held at Slivers Seneca Marine in Waterloo NY at 3:00pm. Live music will be available as well as food and drinks.
  2. REGISTRATION IS LIVE! Registration is open for 2020 National Lake Trout Derby on Seneca Lake. Grand prize of $10,000 dollars to the biggest fish in the derby. Registration fee is $40.00 for adults and $15.00 for Juvenile registrants. Derby runs Memorial Day weekend (May 23rd and May 24th, 2020) on Seneca Lake. With weigh in stations all along the lake at the south end, north end, and middle of the lake. Over $30,000 in cash prizes given out at the completion of the derby. Award ceremony held at Stivers Seneca Marine/Tiki Bar North (401 Boody's Hill Road, Waterloo NY 13165), Monday May 25th at 3:00 pm. Even if you are not entered in the derby come check out the big catch, listen to music, have a bite to eat and enjoy the award ceremony! Register for the derby online at www.laketroutderby.org. Registration locations will be ready for registrants within the next few months. Call (315) 789 5520 with questions
  3. Big Prize - $10,000!!! Biggest fish takes takes home 10 grand. Last year the biggest fish was an 11lb Lake Trout caught the second day of the derby. Anyone is eligible to enter the derby with a New York State fishing license. Listed below are all the prize breakdowns - over $30,000 in cash prizes given. Registration Locations located all around Seneca Lake, Find the registration Location nearest you on our website at www.laketroutderby.com. Registration for the derby can also be found online. DERBY HELD MAY 23, 24 ,25 2020 Major Awards: Lake Trout 1st - 3,000 2nd - $1,500 3rd - $1,000 4th - $500 5th - $250 Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Landlocked Salmon 1rst - $2,000 2nd - $1,000 3rd - $750 4th - $250 5th - $100 Minor awards given to 5 places in EACH characteristic. Men, Women, Seniors, Teen, Juvenile. 1st - $200 2nd - $150 3rd - $100 4th - $50 5th - $25 $250 early bird drawing. Open to all who register before May 1st Six $50 cash drawings (three per weigh station). Open to all who register fish at any of the three weigh stations.
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    National Lake Trout Derby 2020 Last year just 11lbs took home $10,000, anyone can win! The 56th Annual National Lake Trout Derby on Seneca Lake is held on Memorial Day Weekend. Fisherman from across the country travel to the Finger Lakes Region in hopes of catching the largest Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Landlock Salmon, or Rainbow Trout of the weekend. This year the derby will be held the weekend of May 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2020. The derby is open to anyone with a New York State Fishing License. Registration for the derby is located online as well as in varying towns along Seneca Lake. All derby registration information and prize breakdowns are listed on www.laketroutderby.com This year the derby is increasing non-lake trout division prizes in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place categories. First place grand prize remains at $10,000! Many other chances to win, early bird drawing, weigh station raffles, and all the minor division prizes. The derby is anticipating a grand total of $35,875 in cash prizes being given out for the 2020 derby. An award ceremony will be held on the final day of the Trout Derby at the Tiki Bar North/Stivers Marine Weigh Station at 401 Boody’s Hill Road, Waterloo NY 13165. At the award ceremony awards and recognition will be given, food and beverage will be available.
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