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  1. Awesome video as always. A great way to promote the fishery! I was most interested in you screens! In your experience is that typical to seethe Alewife on the bottom this time of year off Toronto ? I’m always curious about the timing of when Alewife head to bottom in fall/winter and if they stay on bottom once they are there or if they are just finding the warmer water as the lake flips. What was the final tally of Meat vs Rocket? bw
  2. The Fish Community Objectives document Lucky linked to is a great source for Understanding Lake Ontario fisheries. Another easy place to find information is this page: http://www.glfc.org/lake-ontario-committee.php. Besides having the documents Lucky posted it has links to other reports and recorded presentations. Each Great Lake has a page like this, they are great sources of info about fisheries & mgmt. rdebadts- I definitely hear u about the spatial “holes” in the trawl survey, we are trying to fill it all in. If you look at old reports you’ll see the survey historically only sampled to Olcott. We added the Bar transect and extended it deeper when the survey went whole lake. North shore still has the biggest unsampled areas & we have a trawl site recon mission for the Brighton area planned. That said, the survey indicies are lakewide averages, weighted by lake area, so even if a relatively small unsampled area has a higher Alewife abundance it , it doesn’t change the average lakewide abundance as much a you might think. I learn a ton out of the questions and comments posted on this site (thank you hosts & mods). I try to think about all our survey work like this Edmund Burke quote: “He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper”. Don’t stop the thoughtful critiques!
  3. Sorry, there were some details missing from my previous question. Lake Ontario scientists are discussing ways we might index juvenile (age0) salmon. This is all just in the discussion phase. We have some field obervations but few of the historic surveys sample in ways we would expect to catch them. We're reading literature from the west coast surveys and Lake Michigan. We realize anglers try NOT to catch them, but we figured someone might have some opinions or ideas where they commonly encounter these small kings (12 inches or so) in late August, September, November. We are wondering what depths and what lake regions you have observed these small Kings. Feel free to PM me if you don't feel like posting. Thanks to Capt V, GillT for some great ideas. Thanks in advance, bw
  4. Ah, ok wrong use of shaker. We are wondering where, if ever, folksget those smaller ones? Do those have a name? We are reviewing habitat and methods other people use to catch that size in the fall. In the pacific they mostly mega trawls that Can sweep surface down to 60’ with one trawl.
  5. Let’s hypothetically say you were trying to catch shaker kings in Lake Ontario in September, where would you troll? What depth or temperature? Offshore or nearshore? West, east? What baits would you use? By shaker, I mean the 6” - 12” fish that were either stocked or came out of the streams this spring. I realize no one targets them, but has anyone witnessed a pattern where they frequently run into these sized King’s in fall? Thanks in advance for any ideas, bw
  6. Legacy thanks for posting the report link. The 2019 report is meant to be ‘just the facts’. If anyone is interested in More details on how survey are conducted check out the annual reports that can be found here: https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/27068.html and here: http://www.glfc.org/loc_mgmt_unit/ The scientists learn a lot by reading the different observations posted on these forums. Questions posted here help everyone to learn more!
  7. Got out with family and friends fishing with father in-law (Mike’s Vice) on Thursday am. Fished west of harbor, 24 line to 27 line, best was 25 to 26. Fish came anywhere from 35’ down to 75’ down, most were on the deeper end . 2face SD on dipsey with meat took the most , but riggers with spoons took a few as well. I think we were 8 for 10by the time we ran from the storm, mostly matures, ~20 lb. Highlight was watching my buddies 6 yr old land his first LO Kings. He reeled in almost all of them. Keep an eye out for him, he lives and breathes all things fishing! Good times hanging with the folks from North of the Ridge Campground & the Black North. Fleas were tolerable, bw
  8. The meeting’s webpage: http://iaglr.org/iaglr2019/ yes, anyone can go to the meeting
  9. Website with instructions: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/112942.html The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF) requests your help with recovering samples of Coho Salmon caught in Lake Ontario beginning in 2018 and continuing until 2021.
  10. Heads up to charters, June 10-14 is a BIG Great Lakes scientific conference hosted at SUNY Brockport. 5 straight days of science blather can be a lot to take and I know a bunch of colleagues are interested in booking trips.
  11. Could also consider voicing concerns to Albany or Washington. Hardworking folks in Avon likely have little time or ability to influence change on federal wildlife decisions.
  12. Spring prey fish trawling finished up last week. Now ages are interpreted, data entered, checked and analyzed. Results will not be ready for another month or so and will be released once they have been checked. The on the water sense was that catches were low,.
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