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  1. Congrats & awesome post! I agree this site is one of a kind for great people and information sharing. I had the good fortune to fish with Gill T last week & my hand was cramped for 2 days after reeling in many Kings.
  2. This is one of the best figures I know of for illustrating Great Lakes phosphorus trends. It’s from a paper by Dove and Chapra published in 2015, freely available, link below. When my colleagues say “oh no preyfish are declining in all Great Lakes” I point to this figure and reply, “Yes they have to be”! Figure Caption: Trends of open lake, spring (April–May) total phosphorus (TP) concentrations (μg P/L) for the Great Lakes. The existing GLWQA TP target concentrations are shown as the horizontal dashed lines. The additional data points (circles) for Lake Michigan prior to 1983 are taken from Chapra and Dobson (1981), Scavia et al. (1986), and Lesht et al. (1991). The whole paper can be read here: Great discussion
  3. schreckstoff

    Lake Ontario Bait fish trawls

    Can't comment on the trawl catches till all the data is in, but I do want to apologize to the all the ride - alongs that did not get to go out this year on the Kaho. It has been (and continues to be) a an incredibly tough year with weather and mechanical issues. Our crew and administrators have done an amazing job keeping us on the water, but we just couldn't get everything done and accommodate observers. The Lake Erie group was able to send us a substitute engineer to help with our scheduling! Many years of surveys left (at least from my standpoint) so we'll get everyone out that wants to. There is a survey in the fall (late Sept, early October) for benthic prey fish (Sculpins, Goby) where we measure Alewife condition, if you're interested pm this account or ask Rebel or Gill-T, lots of folks have my work email.
  4. Has anybody been looking? I bet the prey fish biologists would be interested to know if Alewife or Goby, or anything else was in those stomachs.
  6. schreckstoff

    Sodus Bay Cisco’s

    Some interesting historical reading, including Cisco
  7. schreckstoff

    Any idea what kinda minnow this is?

    Looks like a Banded Killifish Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. schreckstoff

    Deer Hunters Shouldn't Turn Against Each Other

    Cool video, I agree! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. schreckstoff


    This is the first hit from the Google: Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. schreckstoff

    1st tarpon about 160lbs

    Congrats, that is awesome. Great pic following the rules! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. schreckstoff

    State of the Lake -- Everyone please read

    GillT singlehandedly fueled the weary Kaho crew with donuts & a gallon of coffee! What a great 2 days. Thank you Capt Pierleoni, Nick & Chad for taking the time to see our work and the great conversations & ideas. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. schreckstoff

    Minnow Identification

    One of the best is out of Wisconsin. - which apparently now bounces to this site: Most of it was developed by John Lyons, an eminent fish biologist. The pictures are amazing, especially those that focus on distinguishing characteristics. Wisco fishes are fairly similar to NY's.
  13. schreckstoff

    Minnow Identification

    Looks like a Brook Stickleback. They are fairly common and tend to be found in places with decent water quality & cool water especially with vegetation. Lots of predators eat them. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. schreckstoff

    $200 Reward, Lost Bow @ Howland Island Parking Area

    Hop, thank you for the offer, that's incredibly generous! What a testament to the quality of folks on this site. I dug out my really old Hoyt so I can at least get back in the tree. I'm just considering the rest of the season a throwback hunt. Thanks again Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. I was a dumb a$$ last friday night (10/28). After walking out to my car I set my bow in the grass, took off my pack, put it in the car and drove off, forgot to load the bow. Realized about noon, went back, no bow. Let the local law groups and NYSDEC offices know about it. I'm happy to offer a $200 reward if I can get it back. 2012 Vendetta DC. Alternatively if you have a bow with a 32" draw that you are looking to sell I'm interested. Thanks Brian