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  1. Stevent that is really interesting, thanks for sharing.
  2. My wife and I love sushi and make it almost weekly, but we don’t use raw freshwater fish because of the parasite risk . We’ve done lightly cooked salmon but I would rather the texture of raw so we stick with marine caught salmon. You have me thinking though, now that I (finally) learned how bleeding helps the flesh quality I will probably try to freeze some and make some rolls or something. I usually use myself as a test case before feeding my experiments to others.
  3. I started doing it this year and also wish I had always done it. Quality is better and the fillet process is WAY better.
  4. “a flasher n’Senko” I like the idea but you’d have to refer to it by some obscure name....like a Chady-K rig! One of my first jobs working in the Finger Lakes (1998) was angler diets from Skan & Owasco, Skan Lakers had monarch butterflies in stomachs frequently. I bet some LOU folks helped collect those. And yes I just checked the smoker......spring Cayuga lakers are tasty!
  5. Lakers were shallow this AM (5/7) and apparently took advantage of the full moon to chow on perch, rockbass, goby, Alewife, and a fat senko-like soft plastic. boards with stick baits were hot till 9am, then nothing. all colors seemed to work
  6. 27 yearling Alewife is definitely an interesting sign, Combined with the observations of that size Alewife in the water intakes all winter (thanksBG) it suggests there was a good yearclass produced last yr they made it through the winter....now as long as some make it to adults
  7. Similar story at Oak on 5/1 , marked fish in shallow, more in 40 FOW and quite a few out in 120FOW where we found some warmer water. Most marks 10-40ft down. Only managed to get lakers to hit, threw everything we had at them. FYI: saw a few decent sized logs floating about.
  8. 14-17” sounds like Maybe a 3 yr old, 2017 Yearclass, interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Very cool, heard reports of them in Chaumont too, which is not surprising, cause they spawn there. They are tasty!!
  10. Willmarsh14- Cisco by Oswego is intriguing. That part of the lake is one of the best, and unfortunately last, for Lake Whitefish (yum) but we have not sampled many Cisco there. What kind of sizes were ya getting?
  11. That has to be one of the best titles I’ve seen on here in a long time. Great turkey pics!
  12. Out at first light, went west, worked 5’-30’ with sticks on boards, 2 for 4, both browns. Caught one on bright color in the clear water, the other one on natural color in the colored water. Surf temps 43 -45, didn’t find “pockets” of temp. Did mark a few areas with a lot of marks on sounder (~14’) but couldn’t get them to hit. “Found” the submerged pier heads in the middle of the Little Sodus launch. Had a decent cross breeze, Just bumped them as we were drifting in, no damage but be aware.
  13. congrats and good on ya for recognizing all the folks on this site
  14. From the report on 2017 yr data that came out in 2018. (https://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/fish_marine_pdf/lorpt17.pdf). We can get high catches of Alewife anywhere from 165 to 500 feet, but high catches are most common around 330feet.
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