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  1. Awesome video, thanks for sharing, You cats somehow raise the bar on video quality & entertainment every time. Best parts were the launching drone shots and croaking belly hooked LT!
  2. That last picture is awesome, that one gets my vote for next years reg book, the green shading is awesome.
  3. Going in to Swega tomorrow will check ramp and post. No clue as to ramp availability later in season Hawkeye, but I’ll post conditions when I can. Gill you crack me up! FYI we had some recent success getting permission to do the trawl survey, it has been an uphill battle! My Canadian colleagues are battling too. Niagara Co samples are definitely key, but as we know from the past 4 years equally important is North Shore sampling, fingers crossed the grey & the green boat get the necessary permission to sample CA waters this year. Sorry we can’t accommodate ride alongs this year, stay tuned for next year. As always keep the prey fish observations coming, they are our best source of comparison and critique. Also, look for a report on all the salmonid diet samples you have collected (over many years) in this year’s annual report. Had coho cakes for dinner, man are those things tasty!
  4. Kisutch- Welcome to LOU! I’ve Been following your posts (and corkdusts and others) on Lake Michigan sportsman forum for 8 years now and they have been incredibly helpful, thank you! You will find a lot of support here for you ideas on the role of temperature driving Alewife yearclass strength. 2016YC was above average in LO, but it was surrounded by lower than average classes and one or more years of above average wild king production. Your observations about 2020YC are quite helpful are those from LM, LH or both? Also The tournament-derby results, especially ones from the early parts of the fisheries are an underutilized information resource IMO. It’s great to know folks are collating them. I bet if a website and motivated, data-interested users pulled those results together, digitized them, and posted them it would be a great service to the fishery (cough cough hint JF). You might already use it, but if not be sure to check out the report the Cape Vincent DEC & partners put out annually. Hachimo , I’m with you on that early spring positive thinking!
  5. We are all planning on running the survey at this time but there are of course a bunch of unknowns, fingers crossed!
  6. Yankee and Dirty Goose great podcasts, well done! tons of information and very cool of you to share so many tactics. Yankee I vote that LO Lake Trout fishing should always be described as “ pile driving” ....too perfect! gill-t has me watching the warmer-than-average fall lake temperatures. looks like maybe ok weather to make a few Alewife this year. March can’t get here soon enough
  7. From what I know They have not announced them yet.
  8. Rick those screens are awesome, thanks for sharing. perfect example of the Alewife hiding out in the deep dark water and for good reason.
  9. definitely a super cool fish, one of my favorites. Lake Whitefish are in Lake Ontario but numbers are low, current research is looking at spawning habitat as an issue. this link is to a report on the historic Lake Erie Cisco and Lake Whitefish fisheries, its is a cool read , especially the pics of the boats and landings https://pubs.usgs.gov/unnumbered/81373/report.pdf there is a very substantial sport fishery for them in a bunch of places like the Detroit River, Luddington, and the Green Bay ice fishery has been hot , YouTube has a bunch of videos showing angling. I’m always interested in talking Whitefish and the potential to bring them back in Ontario
  10. Tree season! It starts the day after deer season ends.
  11. Fairly confident the one it is a Spottail Shiner, definitely not a Cisco. The mouth (subterminal) isn’t right for an Emerald’s mouth (superior). Spottails are cool little preyfish I’ve always wanted to know more about them. I know they are more benthic than some other shiners. Likely not a coincidence their relative abundance in Lake Ontario declined quickly as Round Goby increased.
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