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  1. Rick those screens are awesome, thanks for sharing. perfect example of the Alewife hiding out in the deep dark water and for good reason.
  2. definitely a super cool fish, one of my favorites. Lake Whitefish are in Lake Ontario but numbers are low, current research is looking at spawning habitat as an issue. this link is to a report on the historic Lake Erie Cisco and Lake Whitefish fisheries, its is a cool read , especially the pics of the boats and landings https://pubs.usgs.gov/unnumbered/81373/report.pdf there is a very substantial sport fishery for them in a bunch of places like the Detroit River, Luddington, and the Green Bay ice fishery has been hot , YouTube has a bunch of videos showing angling. I’m always interested in talking Whitefish and the potential to bring them back in Ontario
  3. Tree season! It starts the day after deer season ends.
  4. Fairly confident the one it is a Spottail Shiner, definitely not a Cisco. The mouth (subterminal) isn’t right for an Emerald’s mouth (superior). Spottails are cool little preyfish I’ve always wanted to know more about them. I know they are more benthic than some other shiners. Likely not a coincidence their relative abundance in Lake Ontario declined quickly as Round Goby increased.
  5. Great recovery, congrats. I don’t understand why wasn’t there a better blood trail based on that shot? Do you have any theories? NittanyF - nice job and thanks for sharing, cool story.
  6. Congratulations to both of you, nice shot and love the thoroughness on the prep.
  7. “Bait futures”, I like that term! good luck in the woods everyone , Gotta love sitting in a tree reading LOU
  8. Top one looks like It might be a Spottail shiner, bottom ones look like a panfish maybe
  9. Roger that in the torpedoes, I was thinking 12lbers. My riggers are old: converted Digi troll 2’s and Canon Marlins. I assume I will be ok with the 12s or should I go 14lb? some interesting bait discussion happening over on Michigan Forum : https://www.michigan-sportsman.com/forum/threads/the-bait-debate.700459/
  10. good on you for the vest too, did you ever find a remote kill switch you liked / was reasonable?
  11. I thought the current piece was crazy. Those times when I can't get my down temp right cause it 'seems' like the current is switching, is likely due to me moving into different parts of a wavy stream. (and partly because I haven't called Troutman yet to order some real rigger weights, stupid pancakes!) RE: Whiting vs Bloom, I was wondering about this too, and of course they often occur together so probably some of both. It it seems like a whiting, the timing is about right, conditions certainly have been right. Its interesting that it is primarily a Canadian whiting with some parts reaching the south shore now and then. Then again I don't think I've looked at enough of these images from this time of year to know how usual/unusual a N vs S shore difference is. I heard reports from the North shore that shallower staging fish are being caught frequently and it seems less so in the south. I'm still wondering how water clarity might influence staging behavior. The changes (declines) to the staging fishery on the south shore seem to be one of those comments that is consistent which always makes me think the physical lake environment is / has changed...but I'm way out over my toes on those ideas. I also noticed in most of the MODIS pics somehow the whiting/blooms to turn south right around Sandy Creek area....hmm...makes me wonder if Aquaman-Gambler can control the lake currents in addition to the lake trout. I don't check in on the MODIS enough but GillT keeps me honest. I know if there is something I need to see he'll tell me. I was looking at the other lakes MODIS images and I sure am glad to work in "the lower settling basin" as my upper lakes colleagues say. Michigan water looks black most of the time.
  12. https://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.php?region=o&page=1 some awesome currents evident
  13. That pic could go on the cover of the annual DEC fishing booklet except for those excessively revealing shorts! Ha I crack me up.
  14. First time fishing the late afternoon evening shift - I kind of liked it. Swega was flat & hot. About 6 or so boats out around 5 and most were fishing 120' to 300'+. We looked for cold water and had to drop the probe to 110' or 120' to find 49deg. We did not mark much, but that may be due to me not having the Helix settings right. Fished riggers and wire divers, fished deep (400') till 7 without a hit, then it got better. Found fish in a fairly small spot, around 300-320' out in front. Wire, MagDipsy 3setting, 220-240' out, I'm assuming that was running around 100'. Only thing that worked was 8" DeathWish SpinDr & Bloodydeath Atomic fly, it took a 22 and 16lber and a yearling. Was running all sorts of glow, green, and black - on spoons, FF, Fmeat...nothing on those. Tried running a high and low diver for the first time....yeah, I have a quite a bit more to learn. Tangled Tackle youtube videos make it look easy...but I managed to screw it up...multiple times. Ended up fighting both big fish on 2 rods. It was good laughs with 2 of us standing next to each other fighting the same fish....noobs! As i turns out, all those posts that talk about using good swivels and checking them aren't kidding. Ran my Chinook Divers, I like the way they work vs the mag Dipsy.
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