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  1. We catch a lot of fish with the torpedo divers on the boards, run 4,8 and 12 oz. Not a exact science, we run them on 15 pound braid, if you watch the angle of the line, your depth is very speed dependent. We run them on our big boards, we start the outside rod at 60 feet, middle at 90, inside at 120. If one goes a couple of times we will run all three at that depth, typically the 60 will be good early and as the sun gets higher the fish move down and the deeper rods go better. This is before the thermocline sets up and the fish are spread throughout the water column.
  2. For our fixed sliders, we just half hitch a rubber band around the down rigger cable, hook the slider snap around the line to the rod and through the rubber band, close the snap. When the fish hits, it breaks the rubber band, releases the rod and you are on. Once had a wicked hit on the rigger then nothing. Brought the rigger up and found I had snapped the cheater leader directly to the down rigger cable. Not much give there, spoon gone.
  3. When running sliders or fixed cheaters I put a bead on my main line, above the swivel, 6 foot leader to my snap. This prevents the slider/cheater from sliding all the way to the swivel on my main line and puts both spoons about the same distance back. The swivel on the slider does not screw up the swivel on the main line and if you double on that rod, which happens, you can net both fish at the same time.
  4. Fished Oswego Saturday afternoon, 100 to 220 feet of water. Ended up with 2 kings and a coho. They seem to be hard to come by this year. All 3 fish came on 11 inch, green dalmation pro trolls with bait. Can’t buy a fish on a flasher fly. Eggs seem to be real tight, might last a little longer this year.
  5. I run 21 to 22 inch leaders on my 8 inch spinnys. Just picked up a few 10 inch spin doctors and was wondering what length you guys are running to your flies behind these 10 inchers?
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