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  1. If going to Fair Haven there’s a couple decent options. Screwy Louie’s, Fair Haven Motel, and Turtle Cove have cabins ‘Bout Time Mike
  2. It’s roughly 2 miles from Anchor to the lake. 35-40 minute trip ‘Bout Time Mike
  3. Bought this off amazon for $175- and literally ran it for 3 minutes. It did not help my boat ( I’m playing the prop game) This is complete with the Hub, Spline insert, Key, Nut, and unused Washer. This is “ used “ but as new as it could be. Just trying to recoup some of my money. $120 shipped or $100 picked up around Syracuse or Fair Haven ‘Bout Time Mike
  4. Very sorry to hear but thank you Tom for all your hard work and trying to make this go. Some people do not know what it takes and all that is involved to make something like this happen. I appreciate all your efforts ‘Bout Time Mike
  5. I must commend you. This is one of the most honest and open descriptions I’ve seen. Good luck with your sale. ‘Bout Time Mike
  6. Browns are there, they are in skinny water (shoreline to 15’) with kings around most everyone wants in that action so they running deeper programs for silvers. Limits of Browns are easily doable still with double digit days. ‘Bout Time Mike
  7. One day east and the next west. Water depths from 8-15’. Ran 1 and 2 color lead off the boards with spoons as well as flatlines pulling sticks. Riggers down 6-8’ with spoons. Fish really came off everything and not really one “hot” bait for us. ‘Bout Time Mike
  8. Move the tow eye back towards the rear of the board more, even just an inch or two, and maybe higher by an inch or two as well. Also drill some small holes in the bottom of the boards towards the rear and fill them with lead. I used old sinkers. Then epoxy over the lead to seal the holes. This will make the boards sit lower in the water and “bite” more adding them to pull harder and better ‘Bout Time Mike
  9. Water levels are up due to the IJC , spring runoff, and rain. They are not releasing anymore water until the water in Canada starts residing. It has risen nearly 8-10” last week and going up more. Not predicting as bad as 2017 but a close second ‘Bout Time Mike
  10. I have a total of 8 cannon dual axis. 6 are mounted inside Traxstech tracks and the other 2 are mounted into a Berts track. As stated above all interchangeable ‘Bout Time Mike
  11. Run a 8 gauge wire directly from your motor to the battery ground. Depending what side battery is on the easiest place to run a jumper is circled below. I had the same issue and replaced the starter and solenoid and is still was doing it. I didn’t see (think) any of my grounds looked bad. I added a “jumper” from the exhaust riser post to my negative battery post and it has worked ever since. Easier to try this before you try to access your starter ‘Bout Time Mike
  12. Stainless Steel Taylor Made Triple Fender Holder. Holds 3 fenders up to 9” in diameter. Retails for over $200 Asking $75 or BO Pick up around Syracuse or Fair Haven ‘Bout Time Mike
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