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  1. bout time

    Bottom paint

    Looking to Bottom Paint my boat for the first time. 25’ Fiberglass never been painted. I’ve read, re-read, and read some more on the web and this site about paint. Just wondering with the “newer” paints out there what has everyone found to be the best ? Do I need a barrier coat with certain paint etc. Every post seems to contradict the others and it’s all starting to blur together. ‘Bout Time Mike
  2. Sold pending payment ‘Bout Time Mike
  3. Selling (3) Okuma Convector 20Ds All spooled with 12lb Berkeley Mono. Used only for brown trout. Always stored inside cuddy and in basement during winters. $125 - shipped to lower 48 ‘Bout Time Mike
  4. bout time

    Fair Haven Pier Trouble

    ‘Bout Time Mike
  5. bout time

    Fair Haven Pier Trouble

    Channel side has the most damage ‘Bout Time Mike
  6. The west side pier at Fair Haven is being torn apart from the high water and storms.... https://www.facebook.com/688939275/posts/10157556560604276?sfns=mo ‘Bout Time Mike
  7. came across this on Youtube. growing up around the salmon river and other northern tribs ive seen alot of fishing pressure but this may beat them all
  8. Sold Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Going to be another bad year for flooding. I stopped at FH this weekend and the water is already 14" higher then the same date from 2017 which was the last flood. There has been more snowfall during late February and early march this year versus 2017 and will only add to higher levels once its melts......
  10. bout time

    Craziest non target species catch on lake O

    not crazy but unexpected. Late July trolling off FH in 8-12 FOW for bass with my parents and caught this guy. Super fun on Ultra light Spin Tackle
  11. Your planer line will definitely interfere with your rods, especially on turns and waves. One of the best options is to move (or install) a second pulley as far forward as possible, even all the way to the bow. Attached are two pictures of my setup. Ive changed from the bow pulley to the one on the hardtop for ease of use and both work great
  12. Older model cannon low profile swivel base. Bought used as a spare and never used it. $35- includes shipping to lower 48 ‘Bout Time Mike