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  1. Not putting the cart before the horse but rather being pro-active. Looking for everyone’s choice of taxidermist especially any one that does black bear. I have put a ton of time in on my property and have some great bears on camera. Talking with the wife she said she would rather have a full mount versus a rug if I am able to harvest one I don’t want to rely on the internet and get something back I’m not happy with. I’m willing to travel if I can find a good one. ‘Bout Time Mike
  2. It’s a Raymarine C120. It’s older but works awesome for what I need ‘Bout Time Mike
  3. Couple from the weekend ‘Bout Time Mike
  4. Def. staging fish. When they school That way they are generally harder to trigger a strike. Can be frustrating but when they turn on it can be insane ‘Bout Time Mike
  5. Now is the time. Adjust the lead off the rigger and your speed until you find what triggers them. I run my plugs close to bottom and will usually run a bit faster for more erratic action. As in any fishing they will have there day but always run a mixed spread and let the fish tell you what they want. ‘Bout Time Mike
  6. Traveling together. Have seen them almost every day in the bean fields
  7. Had the same thing happen to us with the probe battery pack while fishing the invitational. I stripped the wire back and wrapped It around the battery coil spring allowing us to finish the day with the probe working, but looks like this may be a design/manf. flaw
  8. I prefer 2.1 - 2.2 as a start. If you are Marking a lot of “streakers” that come up to look but don’t hit adjust speed slightly to see if it triggers strikes before changing out lures ‘Bout Time Mike
  9. How do they ratchet, and lock in place? What is the length of the tube ? Where are they manufactured ? ‘Bout Time Mike
  10. The fish are in “pods”. If you see them or catch them work that area hard and move when it shuts down. They feed hard for a little bit then shut back down. The fish are moving fast lately. Your either on them or your not. I marked some bait and fish the last couple trips but a majority of the fish we have caught I have not marked. This leads to the theory of the fish moving in and leaving fast ‘Bout Time Mike
  11. No spoons. I had one rigged to go in but had first fish hit when setting up my spread with just 3 rods in and it was almost non-stop from there. Longest between fish landed and next hit was roughly 15 +\- minutes. ‘Bout Time Mike
  12. A quick but decent trip today with my daughter and her boyfriend Total tally was 5 for 8/9 in just 3.5 hours. Meat taking a majority of the bites but the big fish failing to a F\F combo. Riggers down 100-120 and dispies out 260-300 over 140-190 FOW ‘Bout Time Mike
  13. Started to show up last couple weeks pretty heavy. The other night they weren’t terrible. ‘Bout Time Mike
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