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  1. Circumference, and how much blowback. Deeper depths achieved due to the reduced blowback. this is due to the more streamlined design that doesnt "push" as much water. it cuts through the water
  2. Brand New Troy-Billy Generator. 7000w / 10500sw Battery start or pull start Complete with manuals and all cables Retails for over $800- Asking $550 or B.O. Great for home, or a hunting or fishing camp ‘Bout Time Mike
  3. I’m in Clay (Syracuse Area). I sent you a PM also ‘Bout Time Mike
  4. Brand New Troy-Billy Generator. 7000w / 10500sw Battery start or pull start Complete with manuals and all cables Retails for over $800- Asking $550 or B.O. Great for home, or a hunting or fishing camp ‘Bout Time Mike
  5. Josh at Sterling Custom Canvas does great work. He’s in Fair Haven ‘Bout Time Mike
  6. I POSTED THIS ON THE FAIR HAVEN FISHING ASSOCIATION FB PAGE LENGTHY POST BUT PLEASE READ CONCERNING OUR NET PENS I received a call today from the NYS DEC concerning the net pen projects for NYS. As we know stocking numbers are reduced for 2020 to 845,000 Chinook Salmon for all of NY. They have decided due to the reduced overall fish count to ELIMINATE several net pen projects on Lake Ontario. I am very sad to announce that Fair Haven was on of those selected to be eliminated for the year of 2020. Their reasoning behind this was due to the number of current pen projects and the reduced # of fish it would give each pen such a smaller # of fish that the overall survival rate would not be as great as if they eliminated some of the pens and strategically placed more fish throughout the remaining pens I asked them for the possibility of Steelhead and/or Brown Trout stocking for Fair Haven for 2020. They will be contacting the Region 7 Fisheries Manager to discuss and in-turn they will contact Myself. I a hoping to have an in-face meeting with them to see what we can work out. As of right now the following pen projects WILL REMAIN part of the 2020 stocking program for Chinook Salmon: Niagara River Olcott Oak Orchard Genesee River Oswego River Salmon River Black River (Jefferson County) The following pen projects will be ELIMINATED for 2020 Chinook Salmon: Wilson Harbor Sandy Creek (Monroe County) Sodus Bay Fair Haven South Sandy Creek (Jefferson County) I will pass along any and all information as i get it. - Mike
  7. I used the chairs without the mat for many years. They have rubber caps on the feet and never had an issue with them sliding. The mat does work great for both comfort, Safety, and makes cleaning a lot easier. The Mat I use is an industrial mat with raised “diamond plate”. Best one I’ve found so far ‘Bout Time Mike
  8. I have 2 folding deck chairs I bought probably 10 years ago from West Marine. i got them for around 130-140 a piece. they have been one of the best purchases i have made. they fold up when not in use and i store them in my cuddy / dock box. i will put one or both out depending how many i have on board.
  9. Looking forward to it. Very well run and a lot of fun ‘Bout Time Mike
  10. X2 That would be a hard one to pass on at this stage for me ‘Bout Time Mike
  11. I have hunted hard this year with very little deer seen after opening weekend. Hunted one of properties yesterday all day and never saw thing. Walked the entire property and the only tracks were a fox and coyote. Decided to take this morning off and sleep in. I woke up at 630 regretting I wasnt on my way to the woods. At 820 I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to head the farm and at least check my cameras. I grabbed my coat and my 30/30 just in case. I found tracks everywhere, but they looked to be a day or two old. I decided to walk a logging trail and then walk along a ridge overlooking a heavy bedding area full of tree tops from logging. I walked slow and scoured the thick stuff for anything that didn’t look right. I spotted a BIG body deer laying there staring at me. I pulled up the scope and no horns, it was a big doe. I panned the entire area looking for a buck and nothing. Came back to her, whistled, she stood up at 75 yards, and that was it. She dropped 30’ from impact. Definitely one of my shortest hunts ( 17 minutes ) from the time I left my truck to my shot. She is one of biggest doe I have ever taken. Things got real interesting while field dressing her and the knife slipped. It adds the story and as my wife said “ only you “ [emoji3] ‘Bout Time Mike
  12. This morning was A bust with zero movement/deer seen. Not a single shot Came back out at 230 and sat on the ground in between thicket and field about 50 yards off a travel corridor. Zero deer seen and no shots all afternoon. Slow walk out and I kept starring along field edges and woods but nothing to be seen Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. X2. Seems like the perfect morning especially after yesterday’s weather. Eerily quiet ..... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Sat in the truck waiting for rain to stop. Right around 7 it stopped. Slow walk into stand along field edge. In stand by 730 and at 815 wind started cranking and skies opened up. Complete downpour. Back at truck now soaked. Be back tomorrow with dry clothes Good luck to all those who stay out and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. ‘Bout Time Mike
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