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  1. Marinecraft is looking for these. I was just showing what I had to give him ideas
  2. I know DreamWeaver calls their spoons gold backed. NK used to call theirs Brass backed. I believe they’re all discontinued colors now I call them all gold back. lol
  3. Left to right. 1. Dreamweaver Super Slim gold back 2. unknown 3. NK size 28 gold back 4. NK Mag gold back I have had good luck in the spring for browns (shallow water) with the Super Slim. Late summer browns especially like the NK in both the Mag and the 28. Like anything else it has its days but the Gold backed NKs have been a staple and catch consistently for me.
  5. Sat in the rain all day and never saw a thing move. Went out the next morning as the rain stopped and they were on their feet. Got into my stand a little late (got lost in the dark on state land). Finally settled in at 7:20 and at 7:58 this guy showed up. We have pics from him on our lease and he was just out cruising. He came into 12 yards. 20231017_065918.mp4
  6. Spent the last two days with the Mrs in the Adirondacks (Old Forge) seeing the fall foliage and enjoying the nice weather before I start my season in full swing. We always drive arrive and look for deer and get some pictures. This morning we were greeted by this beautiful specimen of an Adirondack buck. IMG_2824.mov
  7. I also was in Nicks event from the start until is was discontinued. I have run this event the past 4 years and have been part of this one for the last 9 years. We run this out of Fair Haven. If you are interested hit me up and I keep you informed on next years event and if we need additional boats.
  8. Another Wounded Warrior and Veteran Appreciation in the books. A lot of last minute changes and cancellations but overall it went great. 32 Veterans with 13 boats. We started with a parade through town Friday night on our way to dinner. Saturday morning greated us with calm seas but fog so thick visibility was less than 100 feet at times. We were escorted to the lake by the United States Coast Guard, Cayuga County Sherrif, Wayne County Sherrif, and NYS Police. As we entered the channel we were greeted by the Border Patrol and several appreciative Wives waiving American flags and cheering us on. Fishing was not “easy” as “ghost ships” would appear 100 feet or so out of the fog from each other and required a lot of great communication and driving by the Captains. It was not fast and furious but were able to land several nice fish for our Veterans. As the fog lifted it was great to see the fleet across the lake putting in their hard work to make a memorable trip for the Veterans. We followed up fishing with a “weigh in” and group photos. “Outcast” took overall largest Trout, and “ ‘Bout Time “ brought in the largest Salmon. This was followed by an award ceremony and BBQ at the Fire Dept. where the Veterans received “appreciation bags”, photos of their boat, and trophy’s for largest fish. This year we also started a new award called “Hero Spotlight” which is given to the Veteran who has maintained good conduct during his or her time served, been honorably discharged, and maintains the oath of integrity that they swore to. This years award recipient was Michael Juskow - United States Navy 1961-1969. He served with the elite group, MACV in Vietnam from 66-68 as a Military Advisor to the South Vietnamese stationed in Saigon. Overall a great event and alot of smiles and stories to be told for years.
  9. Reels on Frame and pulley as far forward as you can get it. I originally had a post on the bow that my lines ran too but it was too much and not needed as my board pull great off the side. Use rubber from a bicycle tube or similar between the clamp and the post and it will be rock solid
  10. We have a lease and also hunt state land (Connecticut hill) and found the same. Little to no food in the woods. We got hit hard with Gypsy moths again. We also have a natural creek that would flow into a main stream and that’s almost bone dry due to the drought this year. Our cameras have been dead on the hill in the woods with almost all sign down at the crop fields.
  11. Fished the FHC today. We had a game plan to work offshore 500-700’. I set down at the 300’ and planned to work my way out. We had Solid marks of bait and fish from 400-600, we ended up grinding out 6 decent fish and finished 7th out of 60 boats that entered. We ran 3 coppers ( 600 / 450 / 300 ) and they never took a shot. Dipsies out 250 / 270 / 300 all took fish pulling flies. Riggers down 90 / 110 / 120 all fired with a mix of flies and meat. Overall a slow bite with one double and then one fish and hour after that but good enough to get us in the top 10.
  12. Drop your spread deeper. As the sun come up the light will penetrate further down in the water column illuminating more bait deeper for the fish. This is normally the time when they will be more “sluggish” and eat an easy meal versus having to travel up far in the column and chase it. This is where the long lines (coppers) and long lead dipsies will be most effective. Another “old rule of thumb” is “bright sun/bright lures”. A lot of chartreuse, silver, chromes, and UV can be very productive in sun. The mid-day bite can be fast and furious once you figure the program out
  13. FYI… the village of Fair Haven boat launches located on King St and Cottage St. are closed. They are undergoing some fixing and major upgrades. The tentative dates for re-opening are May 1st for Cottage St and Memorial weekend for King Street
  14. All Items can be picked up near the Syracuse NY area or shipped at cost. Brand New - never seen water - Shark Flashers $40 lot Traxtech Rod Holder $65 - 15 Misc Flashers $85 - all Meat Shears Brand New Unopened $5- Big Jon Rod Holder - (Missing the pull pin) $25-
  15. Looking for general report for Fair Haven area. I’ve not been out yet this year due to some family issues and this upcoming weekend 6-19 we have our wounded Warriors trip. We will have 13/14 boats participating with 30+ vets. Just looking to get theses men and women some fish. Any reports are appreciated ‘Bout Time Mike
  16. I run tail pieces probably 75% of the time. Personal preference for me ‘Bout Time Mike
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