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  1. Looking for general report for Fair Haven area. I’ve not been out yet this year due to some family issues and this upcoming weekend 6-19 we have our wounded Warriors trip. We will have 13/14 boats participating with 30+ vets. Just looking to get theses men and women some fish. Any reports are appreciated ‘Bout Time Mike
  2. I run tail pieces probably 75% of the time. Personal preference for me ‘Bout Time Mike
  3. looking to see what everyone uses to haul their gear with? i have been using backpacks but i am looking into maybe a waist pack. I carry a knife, drag rope, field dressing supplies (latex gloves, baby wipes as i am allergic to deer hair), couple pens, estrus can, bottle of water etc. I have found that my backpack has alot of unused space and I do ALOT of walking 3+ miles in and out and my back is usually sore by the end of the day from the weight of the bag on my shoulders
  4. what are you using for releases to hold the copper? I usually "bury" the copper towards the back of the release. you can see a shaker on the line but it takes a bigger fish/harder strike to release. I use big Scotty releases and they work well
  5. Just want to take a moment and wish everyone a safe and healthy Holiday season. Everyone on here made the hunting season a great one and I enjoyed talking to everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. ‘Bout Time Mike
  6. I’m shooting Traditions “Smackdown Carnivores.” ‘Bout Time Mike
  7. Taken today on a piece of state land in 7R ‘Bout Time Mike
  8. I finally took my first deer with the muzzleloader. After missing 3/4 of gun season due to Covid I finally started feeling better last week and I did a couple sets at the Farm at home with nothing to show for it. This morning I headed south and met the guys from Camp. We kicked up a couple doe and a small buck at two pieces of state land. Then at 3 o’clock we moved to another small piece of state land and at 3:45 I was able to take my buck at 90 yards. It was a dead center shoulder hit he ran close to 200 yards and I only had two drops of blood the entire way. If it wasn’t for snow on the ground and being able to follow his tracks I never would’ve found him
  9. Dead quiet in 7A. Not even a squirrel or bird .... ‘Bout Time Mike
  10. Hiked in 2+ miles. Tracks everywhere and some good sign. Never saw a deer but felt good to be back in the woods ‘Bout Time Mike
  11. This is my first year with a muzzleloader and late season hunting. Do you guys generally find the deer this time of year are “last light feeding” type. I am trying to put a strategy together. I have bedding areas, pinch point, and cut bean field to hunt. Trying to decide what is the best tactic and time to be where ‘Bout Time Mike
  12. Another one from my hunting group. 7R state land ‘Bout Time Mike
  13. My season is put on hold. My wife has tested Positive for COVID and she has it bad. Just about every symptom. She was and has been the most cautious and careful about this and it blows our mind how or where she got it. I’m on contact quarantine for 14 days now. I will be released on the 15th. I will hunt muzzleloader for the first time ever this year. I enjoy reading this thread as it “lets me live” through all of you while I’m stuck inside. Look forward to all the stories and be safe everyone ‘Bout Time Mike
  14. I walked my entire farm in 7A (180+ acres) today and only saw rabbit tracks. Could not believe it. My hunting group down in 7R pushed a big section of woods and only kicked out one yearling. Can’t figure it out ‘Bout Time Mike
  15. That’s a great idea. I always had to remove another arrow and use the broadhead to turn it off ‘Bout Time Mike
  16. Taken Monday on state land in 7R by my buddy ‘Bout Time Mike
  17. Best pic I received so far. My “hit list” buck is still standing. Thanksgiving had 7 guys hunting the farm while I was home. I thought for sure he was gone. Just has to make it by tomorrow and then I will be hunting him hard for the remainder of the season. ‘Bout Time Mike
  18. I made my own. I went to Wally World and bought some composite cutting board and ripped it the width and dado’d the edges to fit under the track edges ‘Bout Time Mike
  19. Apparently they are not aware of what tomorrow is ? Almost all long birds from what I can see in the Binos ‘Bout Time Mike
  20. Thought it would be cool to start a thread with deer taken on State Land. These two were both taken on state land in 7R this year. The big 8 was shot by my buddy and I’m holding it up just for size comparison ‘Bout Time Mike
  21. No DEC in 7R but did get checked by Forest Rangers ‘Bout Time Mike
  22. Guys down at camp took two. One 7 and a beautiful 8 that had great mass. For me I saw zero ‘Bout Time Mike
  23. This is so my wife ..... ‘Bout Time Mike
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