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  1. Check your pm’s, are they 12” or 9”? Will you ship them to me in pa.?
  2. Up for sale is my backflip bed cover. Only 2 yrs old, came off my Nissan Titan xd with 6’ 6” bed. It will not fit my new truck. Sells new for around $1100, asking $750. No drill installation tracks, installs in minutes. Located in lake Ariel, pa. No shipping
  3. And I would be interested in the 2 5’ tracks
  4. My daughter could barely walk the first time, she’s hooked on fishing for life
  5. Ten-Point Viper S400 Hunting Crossbow - Graphite. I bought this last year, maybe shot 25 times. Killed 2 deer with it. Very high end crossbow, just don’t need this caliber for my 8 yr old to hunt with. Included is a soft case with some minor scuffs, crossbow, range master scope, 4 bolts, 2 with lighted alpha nocks and 2 without, and 3 additional nock lights, 2 100gr field tips. Like new condition, most of its life has been hanging in my heated garage. $1300. I can ship it to tri state area for about $25. I’m in lake Ariel, pa. It has been brought to my attention that Ny requires a crossbow to be under 17” wide! This one is 11” wide un cocked
  6. Those eagle claws are absolutely perfect for riggers on the finger lakes. I’ve been running 4 of them for years
  7. A pair of big Jon non swivel mounts are included, I have a pair of pursuit swivel mounts available for $150 more.
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