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  1. I have 9 for sale with some extra parts. $ 200 plus actual shipping
  2. I have 6 like new for sale. $85 each plus actual shipping.
  3. I have a new un-used s.s. Prop for my 2017 Suzuki 175hp fourstroke outboard for sale. My spare that I never used. Nearly perfect condition.asking $600 shipped locally
  4. No, a dredge weight works like a planer board only it pulls down instead of out to port or starboard. Kinda the same idea as a dipsy diver.
  5. yeah he’s been hacked, anyone looking into beef should just call Ryan at the number above.
  6. I sent him a text about this. Got a feeling his Lou is somehow been pirated. I’ll let you know when I hear back
  7. Well I can tell you something is up with your pm’s. I will give him a call, been getting beef from Allen for years and just talked to him a couple days ago. I will post later after I speak to him
  8. If you want them I will cover the shipping.
  9. I’m in lake Ariel, pa. Shipping is probably around $6
  10. $150 for the pair plus whatever the shipping cost me
  11. Sorry, they are spoken for
  12. I would have to add $50 to cover the rib-eye!!!😁
  13. another example of how to raise beef cattle!
  14. I run them in Traxtech tracks. No room for backing plates but I have 2 hD fender washers on every bolt and I have 5200 between track and mounting surface. 4 years and nothing getting loose
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