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  1. They did a fox for me too. Quick turn around and at least $200.00 less than everyone else I checked with.
  2. It ain’t over yet and I’m all ready depressed lol. Good luck in the closing minutes gentlemen!!
  3. Good luck guys!! Hoping someone comes to dinner early tonight
  4. PA has a flintlock muzzleloader season Dec 26-Jan 18
  5. Awesome buck!!!! Congrats Finally got some snow to hunt over this am. Filled a doe tag
  6. Same here!! Not sure if they’re dead, got camera shy, with the ladies, or abducted by aliens.
  7. Slow am thus far. One small buck came cruising thru with nose down. Perfect conditions. Crisp and cool...no wind. Good luck guys!!
  8. I cant say for sure but he knows we hunt a lot. Plus my truck is parked at the road when I’m in there. I’m pretty sure it was done on purpose. I wanted to stop over but figured a day to calm down might be best for both of us lol
  9. Deer start pouring into the field about 345. At 415 my neighbor starts target practice w his .22 near property boundary. Hunt ruined. Thx neighbor. Before and after pics Wtf
  10. No deer activity yet but the squirrel rut is in high gear here. Lots of chasing.
  11. Hi. The butcher I use is in Auburn NY. A quarter usually will yield 90-100 lbs of retail cuts
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