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  1. Any chance you hit it where you should have and just didn’t have blood? A few years ago I shot one w a powerbelt with some fresh powdery snow on ground. The deer ran off out of sight. When I got to where the deer was no blood….nothing!! Thought no way I missed. Followed the tracks about 100 yards with not even a speck of blood. Walked up to a dead deer. Only blood the only time was a couple pin drops right next to deer. I was shocked at the lack of blood. I’ve had almost the same situation a couple of times when I used my sons 6.5 on a few hunts. If there’s a lot of deer tracks maybe the dog was on the wrong track?
  2. Good luck guys!!! I’m jealous lol. Kill a bruiser!!!
  3. Good luck guys!! I passed a few does up last night w the muzzleloader. They’ve been hitting the food a little earlier since we got some cold and snow. In a different stand tonight hoping they come off a brushy hill into a green field. Took the bow out tonight for a change of pace.
  4. Good luck fellas!! Here Bucky Bucky!!!
  5. Our cams have been pretty quiet as well the past week. We planted a turnip patch for the first time this year hoping for some late season action. It came in surprisingly well. It’s been largely ignored until the past 2-3 nights. I was getting a little disappointed. Hoping the boyfriends start to show up soon.
  6. That’s my dream. Good luck!!! It’ll be an awesome hunt!!!
  7. Did the traditional Thanksgiving am deer hunt with my son today. I bought a new savage 220 this fall and it’s been great at the range. I was hoping to christen it today. We’ve been passing the does so far hoping a good buck wouldn’t be too far behind. We went into woods today saying “let’s shoot some does if we get the chance and put some meat in the freezer.” They were moving early I filled my doe tags. Now the pressure is off and I can look for a good rack for the rest of the season.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Good luck if you’re in the woods today. Hoping to fill a doe tag this am
  9. Dammit lol. This cam is literally 75 yds from where I’m sitting. I can’t see it as there’s some brush between me and it. Fingers crossed. The cat and mouse game continues lol. Good luck guys!! Only a week left to get them before the orange army arrives
  10. Nice deer fellas!! Got out with my son this am. Perfect conditions. Cold, crisp, frosty, and crunchy. About 8 he texts me he hit one. Trolling thru woods w nose down. 18 yd shot. Pass thru and arrow is sticking in the dirt. We waited an hr and had a great blood trail. Went 100 yds. Cameras have been picking up the past 2 nights.
  11. Good luck Gentlemen! Nov 5!!! The time of year we all wait for. The big boys are looking for love
  12. Def a grey fox. A little warm and early in the rut but I’m hoping for a miracle this am. Can’t kill em on the couch.
  13. Beautiful boat….great price!!!!
  14. fishshack

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    https://www.wideopenspaces.com/trespassing-hunter-gets-blasted-paint-video/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=agora&utm_term=wo&utm_campaign=wo&fbclid=IwAR3lTiYR1teyi8qfm7DBznuQ3ZcLLOmVf_G-z0OdV0foK2PL59IxSocoqUA Not all hero’s wear capes!!! a satisfying way to deal with trespassers
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