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  1. Good luck guys!! Hoping someone comes to dinner early tonight
  2. PA has a flintlock muzzleloader season Dec 26-Jan 18
  3. Awesome buck!!!! Congrats Finally got some snow to hunt over this am. Filled a doe tag
  4. Same here!! Not sure if they’re dead, got camera shy, with the ladies, or abducted by aliens.
  5. Slow am thus far. One small buck came cruising thru with nose down. Perfect conditions. Crisp and cool...no wind. Good luck guys!!
  6. I cant say for sure but he knows we hunt a lot. Plus my truck is parked at the road when I’m in there. I’m pretty sure it was done on purpose. I wanted to stop over but figured a day to calm down might be best for both of us lol
  7. Deer start pouring into the field about 345. At 415 my neighbor starts target practice w his .22 near property boundary. Hunt ruined. Thx neighbor. Before and after pics Wtf
  8. No deer activity yet but the squirrel rut is in high gear here. Lots of chasing.
  9. Hi. The butcher I use is in Auburn NY. A quarter usually will yield 90-100 lbs of retail cuts
  10. Black angus beef- whole, half, qtrs For sale- whole, half, or quarter sides of 100% black angus beef. Cut to your specs I have 2 steers that are about ready to go in to butcher that I need to find a few buyers for. We raise all natural (hormone, antibiotic free) angus beef. They graze all summer and have the best quality of locally sourced feed during the winter. Perfect for the freezer the grill. Once you try this you wont want store bought again. $600.00 a quarter
  11. Nice work fellas!!! Got in early this am on a hunt with my son. My son text me at 715 that he hit one. He was chasing the ladies
  12. Damn!!!!! Stud buck. Congrats to your son
  13. Awesome thread boys!!!! First sit with the crossgun for me. Your pics and stories get me off the couch lol
  14. https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/rescue-crews-called-to-skaneateles-lake-for-reports-of-person-under-the-ice/1754495215. Be careful guys. Spud spud spud. This guy was a long time ice fisherman.
  15. Nils!!!!! Had mine 10 years. Still cuts like new
  16. Hi...location? Also do you happen to have exact model # (ie: 9.9smhb)? Thx
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