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  1. We get bit on both sides about the same. We also use black sharks. You could put your probe on the other side for a few outings and see what happens?
  2. I think that the majority of these leak issues that Tracker had are behind them. Something to keep in mind is that Tracker sells more aluminum fishing boats across the country than any other manufacture every year. This has nothing to do with quality but exposure, sell more boats have more issues. = More people talking about their issues. Link below to my experience with the 18WT Targa. Bought it new in fall 2011 and never had any real issues to speak of. Have since upgraded to a West Coast style boat.
  3. "Did you fish out of the Oak couple seasons ago?" I was there once in my old boat 2 or 3 springs ago.
  4. Not that big maybe 7-8 pounds. We have caught a handful off steelies on our cheaters this year.
  5. Have been fishing my whole life. When I joined this forum I was certainly a Rookie to this lake, still learning every trip out. Wrights. Hewescraft Ocean pro
  6. Friends, Family and lots of quality fish! Sunday/Monday fished with a buddy & his daughter. Couple lakers and a bunch of Kings! 20 pounder was the highlight! Mostly a spoon bite, couple on flys & 1 on meat. Thurs/Friday my wifes cousin and her step dad came to fish. 6 Kings each morning and 1 Steelhead. 4 Kings at 18 pounds plus on Thursday all on SD/Fly Saturday night fished with my wife. 2.5 hours lines in. 5 for 8. 4 Kings, 1 Atlantic. 22pds & 23pds were the 2 largest Kings. Mag NBK on a pinned cheater down 65 & SD/FLY on a Chinook diver took the two big fish. 120'-180' was best this week but we took fish as far out as 330'. Junk lines only produced a few fish all week. Divers were best for us taking the majority of the big fish.
  7. My camp is right between Oswego & Fairhaven. Rain gauge here said 4.04 inches. We are saturated to say the least.
  8. The posts above are because you stated you 'Fished Solo".....There are too many Kings in the box, Over the limit.
  9. Going to get a lot of answers & opinions here on this one. Assuming this is for trolling Lake O? Or are you looking for a multi species boat? Here is my 2 cents. In 25+ years of boat ownership I have had many different Aluminum boats, Starcraft, Tracker, Smokercraft, Monark and some others. I personally don't think there is a "Best Boat" its what is best for you.... size, layout, features and cost among other things need to be taken into consideration. If you want a cuddy the Older Crestliner Sabre's & Stracraft Islanders are a favorite among many. Open style boats the Starcraft's (Fishmaster & Super Fisherman) Lunds and Crestliners are well liked. If the budget is fairly loose the west coast style welded aluminum boats are hard to beat. Kingfisher, Northriver, Hewescraft, Duckworth and several others. These style boats are very common from the California coast to Alaska. Starting to see more here in the Great Lakes.
  10. Another note. If having trouble seeing fish/marks in deeper water turn up the Gain, don't be afraid to get the screen a little dirty you will see more marks on it.
  11. Leader is tied to the same loop that S Biner is hooked to. In the picture the leader is shown just above the dipsy on the right side of the photo.
  12. Network it! Your Elite 7 TI has an NMEA 2K port. You can purchase another Elite 7, or another any other model with NMEA 2K and network these together. Both units will share the same transducer. So you only have to purchase another head unit. Additional transducer not needed. Network will also allow the two units to share waypoints and others data. So if you are at the back of the boat and mark a waypoint on the graph it is instantly shared with the unit at the helm. Running a small NMEA network is very easy. Iots of info online regarding this. As for the mounting. On my rig I mounted the stern graph & fish hawk together. Section of track, Cisco electronics mount and a piece of starboard on top of the Cisco mount to create a larger platform for both units.
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