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  1. Take a look at Rhodan. Specifically made for saltwater use.
  2. Totally agree. We have our pulleys mounted far forward on the hardtop, we use a rope with a carabiner on the tow line and a clam cleat on the gunnel. This way you can pull the tow line to you and secure it quick in place. Same idea as retro ease.
  3. I like to have my pulleys high up to keep the tow lines steeper. Helps release to slide down better & prevent tow line drag in the waves. Also there is nice pair of cannon Dual axis rod holders in the classified section. Would make for good diver rod holders.
  4. Originally the listing was with rods, my guess is someone bought them as he removed from his description and also lowered the price
  5. Lots of choices out there! "Most" of the tracks are universal with other companies rod holders & components. There are also some threads you can search for on here with info on this topic. Cant go wrong with the Cisco or Traxstech products. Many also like Cannon adjustable dual axis holders as they are easy one handed operation, nice for setting diver rods. The pricing on these is also decent. For planer reels the Cisco take a look at the Cisco's, pricey but very well made.
  6. Take look at Lyden Sports Center in Michigan. Usually have good inventory. Delivered my boat to my door!
  7. They are not cheap that is for sure but neither are some of the brands we see everyday. When you compare to Lund, Crestliner & other boats considered to be upper end by some you will find that they really aren't any more money than some of the west coast boats. In most cases less. The real issue is no good dealer representation in our market so delivery & warranty work are hurdles.
  8. Do you think its possible that our Encon department officials don't already know that Washington shut down. Am I letting the cat out of the bag?
  9. Hopefully we don't get to this point. https://wdfw.wa.gov/news/wdfw-closes-recreational-fishing-statewide-wake-governors-order-stay-home-stay-healthy
  10. The pilot houses don't get as hot as you might think. On warm days we roll up the drop curtain, open the side windows & windshield center to create some air flow. The 250 Alaskan is a beast for a boat its size, certainly not too big though. 250 only comes with the solid bulk head & door. No Curtain option. The nice part is you can lock your gear though. I would really like to see one of these West Coast companies build a wide body 25-27' boat. Maybe 9'6" beam or so. Gotta go to 29' & up for the wider beams.
  11. Link below to request designation as an essential business. https://esd.ny.gov/content/request-designation-essential-business-purposes-executive-order-2026
  12. Personally I think running charters at this point is a "gray area".....but really not. As stated above one person operations are not required to close their businesses wether deemed essential or not per the EO. The issue becomes when now you have the captain and several other people in close quarters, 6' of separation becomes impossible. So now that there is close contact the question of "Essential" becomes relevant......Gray area? You decide On the clients side they would be violating the #2 of the Pause order. "No social gatherings of any size for any reason" Not Gray. Item line #6 of the Pause Order also states something to the effect of "solitary outdoor recreational activities". On the NYS website there is a link to inquire or apply for exemption for the EO. I think we know the answer if a Charter Operation applied for exemption, However I could be wrong. For the full time Captains just coming out of the winter with little or no revenue this is a tough pill to swallow for sure. Even if it was decided that Charters could be legally run bookings would certainly be tougher to come by. Sadly I am sure that captains are getting some cancellations already. Hopefully this virus runs its course sooner than later and we can get back to business as normal.
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