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  1. Yup right on the lake. 100' of frontage. Spectrum internet on year round
  2. Very Nice, Thank you. Regarding the live webcam. I have a place one the lake between Oswego & Fairhaven you would be welcome to set up a camera there if you like.
  3. rookie fisherman

    2018 Tracker Targa V-18 WT setup

    Went through this same process a few years back. Opted to take a 2x2 piece of pressure treated wood (painted it black) Set it in the on top of the transom in the throat of the motor bracket mount. This raised the motor 1.5" and did not have to cut the carpet or the deck. Had no effect on operation of the motor. Also to save spaced at the helm I mounted the fish hawk at the back of the boat on a bracket in the versa track.
  4. rookie fisherman

    2018 Targa V-18

    I have 4 of them. PM me if interested thx
  5. rookie fisherman

    for sale : usa Mercury 15hp

    Yup short shaft it is 15EH4ST 15 is horse power E is electric start H is handle/Tiller 4ST is four stroke. If it were a Long shaft it would be 15EHL4ST
  6. rookie fisherman

    for sale : usa Mercury 15hp

    15" Short shaft 20" Long Shaft 25" XL Shaft If the model # tag is still on the motor the code will tell you.
  7. rookie fisherman

    Fair Haven 9/23

    Stagers are in close & inside the harbor walls in OZ. Last weekend too many boats for me inside when we launched so we made the run offshore. Gill-T is correct needed to go deeper for silver & chrome. We found them at 600-640' pretty much between Fairhaven & OZ
  8. rookie fisherman

    NK 28

    Die Hard stingray size & mag was one of our top color spoons this year for sure, Probably number 2 for us.
  9. rookie fisherman

    Try the " Gary D " rig

  10. rookie fisherman

    2018 Targa V-18

    Ok no worries. Good luck with your new boat!
  11. rookie fisherman

    2018 Targa V-18

    I have some really nice mounts that are designed to work with the versa track if you are interested. Never ended up using them as I bought a new boat just for Ontario. Just thought I throw it out to you. If not interested no big deal.
  12. rookie fisherman

    2018 Targa V-18

    The side panels just above the back platform are held on with 6 screws. Once removed access is easy.
  13. rookie fisherman

    2018 Targa V-18

    I have a 2102 Targa 18 that I use to run on Lake Ontario until I upgraded this past season. The issue with track systems on the Targa is the rod locker access on the top of the gunwale is in the way. As others have said I would not mount the down riggers on the Versatrack system. Thru-bolt them with a backer plate. The Versatrack system is fine for rod holders though. I had a Big Jon triple holder mounted in the Versatrack with no problems.
  14. rookie fisherman

    Mexico Labor Day weekend

    Blew it up as much as I could. Used magnifier on computer and can not identify any spots on top section of tail.
  15. rookie fisherman

    Mexico Labor Day weekend

    Look at the chart attached. Its an Atlantic http://www.wofgpa.org/Z_Fish_Identification.pdf