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  1. rookie fisherman

    2018 Oswego Pro Am

    Do you have a link with the tournament rules. How many fish, number of rods etc etc. Thx
  2. rookie fisherman

    Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Help

    Do you troll with a kicker or the I/O? If a kicker and its tied to the the I/O with steering bar the rudder reference could be tied to the kicker instead of the I/O If no kicker, you would somehow have to tie it to the outdrive. Might have to make a mount for the RR and somehow fasten the end of the bar to the outdrive. I have outboards but still had to do some fab work. I used starboard to make a mount for the RR and a mount at the front of the engine.
  3. rookie fisherman

    Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Help

    Good Luck!
  4. rookie fisherman

    Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Help

    Not sure what it should been an I/O. If I remember right is what about 28 degrees on my outboard. Could be mistaken though. Link from forum below may help. Lots of good info on the Raymarine forum my be worth a try asking these questions there.
  5. rookie fisherman

    Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Help

    Jig Stick unfortunately I can't answer your question as I used the rudder reference on my install so the commissioning procedure was different. If I had to guess 20 seconds is the answer as it asks for full port to full starboard swing. If once you start using it and it doesn't seem right you can always do a reset and try 10 seconds as the input. If you go on the Raymarine website to the support area and ask this question on the forum there you will probably get all the answers you need. I just did a full Raymarine package on my boat and found "Chuck" the moderator on that site to very helpful and knowledgeable. I messaged with him a few times and he was always spot on with his info FWIW after talking with several people about the rudder reference I came to the conclusion that for trolling it was a beneficial piece of hardware. Just more realtime info input for the ACU. I can't say how it would be trolling without but I can say with it that it works great. I certainly couldn't drive the boat better manually, especially when utilizing the pattern programs, 180 turns etc. Its a fairly easy install too. Good luck, I am sure once you get it worked out you will be real happy with it.
  6. rookie fisherman

    Chinook Divers

    The ones they are shipping now seem to have softer edges vs what others have described
  7. rookie fisherman

    ISO full copper rigging on the reel

    X2 on Russ at anglers Avenue. Also Fat Nancys in Pulaski
  8. rookie fisherman

    Adding a 2nd battery...have a install question

    Yes It does. But you have to manually adjust the Perko to do it. The ACR works along with the Perko and makes the switching automatic. It just takes forgetfulness out of the equation. I haven't touched my battery switch all season.
  9. rookie fisherman

    Adding a 2nd battery...have a install question

    The ACR will allow you to share charge from the main motor for both batteries but isolate the draw. This way you can have a dedicated battery for starting the main engine and never worry about drawing it down. I have 3 batteries on my boat. 1 dedicated for the main motor and 2 house batteries batteries for the electronics, down riggers, AP etc Kicker charges house batteries as well when running. Never have to fuss with the battery switch unless I want to shut everything down
  10. I believe that is correct.
  11. Trouthunter is correct. At just after 19 minutes you can clearly see too many rods in the water for 2 men. 3 rods per licensed fisherman is max allowed.
  12. rookie fisherman

    Cisco or Traxtech

    I just rigged my new boat over the winter. I used products from both companies as well. Cisco electric reels are the way to go. Get the extended arm for the pulleys. I didn't go with trees instead I mounted Cisco rod holders on the grab bar for my hard top, 2 on each side.. Cisco tracks down the gunnels & across the back. Cisco was able to make some custom lengths for me with a quick turn around. Traxstech ratcheting lift & turn rod holders are really nice. I have these in the tracks for Diver rods & down rigger rods. Went with Traxstech down riggers. Simply love these down riggers but for the price you should! I ordered my down riggers back in January and it took 8 weeks to get them. I would call and talk to them to find out how long before placing an order. Products form both companies are great just decide which products work in what locations on your boat best for you
  13. rookie fisherman

    Thanks for the help

    Thats a good start for your first time!
  14. rookie fisherman

    6/6 Evening Solo trip out of Oz

    I was getting 53 (or so) degrees at the surface and 51 degrees all the way down to 70' or so. This held true all the way out to about 300' in the area I was fishing. Just after 300' I was getting 43 degrees at 50' down. Although 3 of my fish came at 95-100 down. Not sure what temp was down there as my probe was parked at 50' One fish came off that rigger.
  15. rookie fisherman

    6/6 Evening Solo trip out of Oz

    Hewescraft 220 Ocean Pro