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  1. Wanted

    PM me a price. I can provide a pre-paid shipping label if you can box them up or? Is the pull handle just threaded on or?
  2. Big Jon Swivel Bases Looking for a pair of Bog Jon swivel bases if anybody has some they want to part with. Can send $ via paypal or check. Or I will be in Oswego for most of April Thx
  3. x2 on Ernie! Fished with him many times years ago before doing it on my own. Learned a ton!
  4. I have the triple Big Jon holders. No need for the quick draw in my opinion. I didn't have the "multi-axis" when I bought them. I quickly realized I should have. I added some swivels from Aurora Lites so they now move as the multi-axis do. As for the Big Jon bases I have never had any issues. I installed good size back plates underneath. I would typically run 2 poles to the boards and a dipsy off each side, no issues ever. Its a little early but I will be posting them for sale soon. I have some custom units being made but I have not received them yet.
  5. We use OB's in the spring as well. If you are just pulling light baits single keel is fine. If you want it to pull a little harder just drill another hole in the back to off set the keel a bit more.
  6. Nice Pics & Videos! Clearwater is a cool area been there several times, mostly fishing inshore & backcountry. We just got back from the Keys last week and caught some big Amber Jacks & Almaco Jacks....they are beasts! We jigged them 330' down off a wreck. Caught some really nice red & mutton snapper as well on the same spot.
  7. Fished about 2 hours yesterday afternoon before the wind changed direction and pushed us off. Headed east out of the shoot. Water temps 39-40. Found some colored water and fished in 6-10'. Took 5 shots put 4 in the boat one brown at 10 pounds the rest were small. Looking forward to a break in the weather!
  8. You can also put a little more angle on the single keel. Just make a new hole and slide the rear of the keel over a little bit. This will help it to pull better.
  9. It was cold! but sunny! Fished 4pm to sunset. Went 15 for 20. Biggest 8 pounds. All Browns. 43 degree water, 8-12 feet. 2.0-2.2 mph Bomber pearl at 125-150' of the boards took the most shots followed by Sutton #44 silver w/orange tape 5' down 20' back in the wash. Smithwick fire tiger, A/C Shiner Black/Silver & Stinger Alewife all took a hit or two. It was a good first outing, couple tangles but no real issues.
  10. I have some Okuma's both Convectors and Magdas. The Magdas I use primarily for BT in the spring. Recently I was looking to upgrade these, 4 total. So I started doing some research on the Coldwaters. Read a bunch of poor reviews and the general problem was "sticky drag" as mentioned above. Most said when you adjusted the drag you had to pull several feet of line for the drag to adjust to the new setting. Okuma is aware of this problem and has supposedly corrected the issue. The ones being shipped now should be good to go. So with that in mind I ordered 4 of these (203's). Received them last week, so the first thing I did was play with the drags. They seem just fine.....the real test will come this spring. All that being said I do like the overall look & feel of this reel. If the drags hold up its a nice piece of equipment for the money.
  11. I have one that will be available in about a week or two. 2012 Bunk Painted Black. 3500 lb single axle. Apprx 2700 pound carry capacity. I had an aluminum boat on it 19'1" L.O.A. with a 8'6" beam. Paint has some chips in it (especially the cross members) from a road trip through Canada 2 summers ago. I am selling it because I have a new trailer being built. With 2 motors, tank full of fuel and all my gear I am over capacity. Other than that its good to go. Open to an offer. I'll see if I can find a photo......Hadn't planned on listing it for sale until I get it back from the trailer manufacture as they have my boat and old trailer. I am located in Saratoga NY. I will be in the Oswego area for 10 days in April and could bring it with me then if you are interested. You can PM if you like Thanks Rod
  12. I have a similar set up to what you are trying to do. Not sure if these pic will come through, if not I will try again when I get back from fishing. Or you can look up my posts..should be easy to find haven't made many..I have good photos of these in a previous post
  13. I have one of these as well. I contacted Fish Hawk with this same question. Here is their response... "The X4D does not display surface speed. We use the same transducer for the regular X4, we leave the wheel in place because we want everything that is mounted to the boat permanently to be forward and backward compatible, so service and upgrades down the road can be done without drilling new holes in the boat" One would assume it has all the features of the X4 plus the addition of depth at the probe.....their advertising needs to state that it does not have surface speed.
  14. Here is some photos of the Panther one installed. I think its actually the same as one of the Stearns models. Simple install. Works well. Motors can be lifted up & down idependently as there are ball joints on each end. Also has quick disconnects on each end. I added a Troll Master Pro 2.....the two together really work well for trolling.