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  1. Charlie is correct it's a Fuzzy Bear (Dream Weaver) Color is Green Sparkle
  2. I noticed that, hard to tell how long. Looked be over 6' or better.
  3. Cool video! Love it when you cant keep rods in the water.
  4. Hey Dan Great video as always. Few questions. What rod are you running with this reel. What do you have it spooled with? What presentation are you typically running with this set up? Spoon, flasher fly etc Thanks Rod
  5. The BWD1101 were priced at about $40-50 US when they were available. On the used market today they often sell for that and more. The above mentioned Okuma & Shimano rods are a good value as well.
  6. The BWD1101 is an older model that is no longer available. It is "not" a spinning rod (as mentioned above) its is indeed a down rigger/casting style rod. They are very well liked by many and when they come up for sale on the used market they don't last long. Light enough action to enjoy smaller brown trout and enough backbone to handle big Kings. There are a lot of choices for rods out there and many that are application specific i.e. Riggers, Boards, divers etc. One of the appeals of the BWD is versatility as they work well for several applications at low price point.
  7. Here is another solution for anyone experiencing the same issue. I had the same problem, lost a handful from the shower curtain ring getting open & sometimes spinning off the tow line. Easy fix, 1" piece of silicone tubing slid on to the ring. Takes all of a second longer to deploy.
  8. I placed an order with Mad River on Jan 9th in his eBay store. Hasn't shipped as of yet. In fairness he does post it takes at least 10 business days before it ships. Buddy of mine also ordered from him a couple weeks ago and is still waiting too.
  9. Pro-troll is offering some of the patterns we use on the Great Lakes direct on their site in the 8" Pro Chips. About $14.00. Only a handful of the patterns but some good ones. https://stores.protrollsales.com/prochip-8-flashers/
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