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  1. That is correct, my mind works faster than I can type
  2. 75 HP & up are Built in Wisconsin, USA 40-60HP are Built in China in a Mercury owned Plant Small outboards up to 30HP are also built in Japan in a Tohatsu facility.
  3. Leave in place. Put the hard cover shield on & then I have a canvas cover that covers the head unit & the FH
  4. If you zoom in you will see I have AP, Nav & sonar all up on the screen. Not the best photo of it but you get the idea.
  5. If you have cable steer you may want to look at Lowrance as they have an Autopilot unit for cable steer.
  6. 👍 Once you put the autopilot in you will want to network another screen at the stern. Then you can watch the sonar/navigate & steer without going to the helm!
  7. When I rigged by boat 3 years ago the Element was not out yet so I didn't/couldn't consider it. Yes love the sleek look! As far as cost you need to decide how much of the tech you will actually use. Maybe with the lower cost on the Element you could consider a bigger screen (unless already looking at a 12") or possibly a second screen.
  8. This is a valid point for sure. When running at speed, especially if its choppy it can be a little tough to operate the touch screen. Although for us trollers we spend 95% trolling and 5% running. So for me it's not a big issue. To answer the question yes I am happy with them.
  9. I am running 250 Verado with 15 pro-kicker. Using the Aux kit in the photo below. However I have two group 31 house batteries instead of one. Installed 15 pro kicker as alternator output is 12 amp vs 6 with the 9.9. Although not putting out full amperage at typical trolling speeds anyway. Never had an issue running down the batteries. Running Auto pilot, Downriggers, 3 Graphs, Fishhawk, Electric planers & some other small MFDs Onboard NOCO 3 bank charger/tender is plugged when the boat sits. 3 years on this set up, knock on wood so far flawless.
  10. The Magnum metal for the money are hard to beat. Price is right, compact design and all metal construction would make for a good choice. I have Traxstech on my boat and wouldn't trade them for any other. They have none of the issues that are mentioned about other manufactures and many additional and useful functions. Every fisherman who has been on my boat and used them seems to agree. The big downside is the price tag. As others have said they are all good today it just comes down to what features and specifics that are important to you.
  11. Rumor has it there is a pair that flew off a boat on 81 yesterday
  12. https://fishhawkelectronics.com/content/X4-X4D_Manual_Web_2-27-2020.pdf See Trouble shooting section.
  13. From the Fishhawk manual. "Mount the Fish Hawk Transducer as far away as possible from other transducers that operate within 20 kHz of the 70 kHz Fish Hawk Transducer" So anything from 50-90 khz will have interference if not separated enough as the signal/cone angle can overlap. The deeper the water the more chance over overlap as the cone widens.
  14. Shallower water I'll leave on auto. Deep water, deep targets I adjust on the fly. I have a screen at the stern of the boat as well as my FH & troll controller so I don't need to go to the wheel for anything.
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