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  1. rookie fisherman

    Kicker motor size

    Other consideration is alternator output. When I rigged me new boat last year I went with then 15HP Merc Pro kicker vs the 9.9 as the output was double. Although this does depend on RPM.
  2. Im sure those are probably the ones you are after. Light enough to feel a small brown & strong enough for Kings. I have a few of these and we still use them. Great rigger rod! Unfortunately they do not make this model anymore. At the Niagara show it was told that Shimano is working on duplicating this exact rod. I'll bet if they do it won't have an Ugly Stick price though
  3. rookie fisherman

    Atlantic towers

    Take a look at "Who Dat" towers. They do a lot of towers for the west coast guys and also aluminum boats. When I bought my Hewescraft I was going to have them make me a tower but I ended up going with a full hard top.
  4. rookie fisherman

    Spring shallow trolling setups

    Exactly what he said! Plus I always have extra leaders made up ahead of time daisy chained on a spool
  5. rookie fisherman

    Teaching resources

    Keatings books are very good! Another good resource is Captain Ernie Lantiegne. He has a blog page on his website fishdoctorcharters.com He has written many articles over the years that are accessible on his web site.
  6. Good advice. We do slow the boat when bringing them in and turn towards the board we are retrieving. Don't usually put it in neutral as typically my riggers are the last lines to get pulled in.
  7. They have recently upgraded the motors. I have the newer motors and they pull the Amish boards without issue. Hopefully no issues long term.
  8. [email protected]hingsystemsltd.com or 216-881-4559 Talk to Dave Logan Dave is in charge of sales & marketing. Very nice guy ands knows his product well. His father is the founder of the company.
  9. Call and ask to Speak to Dave. They were running some discounts for the Niagara show, I am sure he would probably extend those to you.
  10. Big Jon on the old boat, did the job. When I rigged the new boat I didn't consider anything but the Cisco's Spent the money and went with electrics, rail mounted on the pilot house roof. Simply awesome! No regrets.
  11. rookie fisherman

    New Salmon net

    Looked at the RS nets at the Niagara show. Look nice but pricey. 100% Lifetime warranty Maybe somebody who owns one can add some insight
  12. rookie fisherman

    Michigan Stinger spoon size

    I sent you a PM