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  1. rookie fisherman

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Armed & Dangerous!
  2. rookie fisherman

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Yeah man! Go Get em! I typically use 20lb big game (also 50pd+/- braid at times) with 40lb fluoro leader. High Capacity High retrieve rate reel. The surface cruiser plug on the left (red/black/silverish) seemed to produce more than others. The Rangers cast a mile when needed and also produce. I had told Rolpmops I didn't have as chance to look at or clean/sharpen the hooks before I sent them to him. Might need a quick touch up. Send pics!
  3. rookie fisherman

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

  4. rookie fisherman

    Raymarine ev150

    As mentioned above with the AP on you should hopefully not have to. If you go to the Raymarine website they have a forum in the support section. You will be able to get all your questions answered there. The support staff at Raymarine is top notch. The controls head has a bunch of great built in features that we use everyday out. 180 turns, zig zags etc.
  5. rookie fisherman

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Mahi lots of fun to catch, great Jumpers! & very tasty too! Good Luck!
  6. rookie fisherman

    Raymarine ev150

    Love my Raymarine AP. I have the ECV200 on a Verado 250 no problems. Just make sure the pump that comes with kit has the capacity to match the steering ram capacity of the E-tec. My guess is it does. The type 1 pump with that kit is good for up to 14 cu in. Just need to see what your steering ram capacity is. If its between 5 & 14 cubic inches you are good to go. When trolling with the kicker you may have to keep the main engine running for the power steering to work unless AP is on.
  7. Answer.....to find the chicken Video Link below of Salmon crossing a flooded road in Washington. May have to go through advertisement in video first. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2018/11/06/salmon-swim-across-road-lc-orig.cnn
  8. rookie fisherman

    What fishfinders does everyone run ?

    I do believe that almost all of the new electronics will deliver good performance today its the settings that are crucial. Taking the time to learn the in/outs of your specific MFD is key. Also having the correct transducer properly installed will make a huge difference. Here was my experience recently. On the new boat this past year I went with all Raymarine. Axiom MFD's, AP & Radar. Couldn't be happier. I found Raymarine tech support to be top notch. They have a forum on their website with a ton of information and the Raymamine tech's know their stuff. Specific questions to techs were typically answered same or next day. From system planning, installation & operation/software questions Raymarine was helpful at every point. Always had the rights answers & advice. Not sure if this is still the case but when I warranty registered my units online the warranty was extended by a year. Now if some one who works for Raymarine reads this send me a hat and T-shirt please
  9. rookie fisherman

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Hey Rolmops Just throwing this out there. If you would like PM me your address. I will send you a box of surface plugs for roosters & jacks for your trip. When you get home send them to Whaler for his trip. And Whaler when you get home you can send them back to me. Let me know Thx
  10. rookie fisherman

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Roberts Rangers & Yo-Zuri surface cruisers. Fished in southern Mexico many times for Roosters & Jacks both from shore and from Pangas. When fishing in the surf cast until your arms fall off! These fish are Chasers! You need to reel with speed so a large diameter high ratio reel is in order. Something around 50" per turn is ideal. Once you see a Rooster come up behind your lure reel as fast as you can! If you pause or stay at the same speed they will they will turn away 95% of the time. If trolling typically just beyond the break you will troll live/dead bait & deep divers. The needle fish can be annoying as they will destroy your baits. Catching one or two is cool for a good photo op though! Note the lure in the fishes mouth. This was one of several landed that day. Kept the boat positioned behind the break and would cast to/on the beach. When are you going down there?
  11. rookie fisherman

    TROPHY Boat recommendations

    Certainly agree with the higher gunnels being necessary for Lake O fishing!
  12. rookie fisherman

    TROPHY Boat recommendations

    When I was boat shopping last year I took a hard look at a 2359 Hard Top Trophy like the one in the photo below. Ended up going in a different direction but I did like it. They are hard to find as there were not a lot of this model manufactured and people who have them love them & keep them
  13. Yup right on the lake. 100' of frontage. Spectrum internet on year round
  14. Very Nice, Thank you. Regarding the live webcam. I have a place one the lake between Oswego & Fairhaven you would be welcome to set up a camera there if you like.
  15. rookie fisherman

    2018 Tracker Targa V-18 WT setup

    Went through this same process a few years back. Opted to take a 2x2 piece of pressure treated wood (painted it black) Set it in the on top of the transom in the throat of the motor bracket mount. This raised the motor 1.5" and did not have to cut the carpet or the deck. Had no effect on operation of the motor. Also to save spaced at the helm I mounted the fish hawk at the back of the boat on a bracket in the versa track.