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  1. The problem is on that boat the door for the rod locker is in the way being that it is on top of the gunwale. But it is 8.6" beam boat.
  2. Totally agree....if you can swing it to a 20' plus you will be happier. Especially if you plan to fish 3-4 people.
  3. 20 years ago I would have agreed. These boats have come along way. The Targa he is considering (which is their top model) is the widest & deepest 18' Aluminum hull on the market. The only 20° Deadrise at stern and the widest hull bottom. Also has a .100 bottom. Thicker than most in its class. Actually I think only Lund in this size has a .125 thickness when comparing to national boat companies. They do still have their draw backs but have come along way. Tracker is part of the White River Marine group now. (While still owned by BPS) Tracker, Mako, Ranger, Stratos, Triton and others are all part of this group.
  4. The Red Targa is the "Combo" Targa I believe. Jump seats in the rear? Its a little different platform set up.
  5. You are correct, they're pricey. I have spoke with a couple of dealers and have a good idea of what I am looking at for cost. Really not much different than any of the other west coast boats when you compare option for option. Although pricing can vary greatly dealer to dealer. The Luxor models are certainly stocked in heavier quantities so more selection but I really want the size of the Alexis.
  6. I think Bozeman Bob is referring to 2 footitis. Every 2 years we want a 2' bigger boat
  7. I have 18' Tracker Tracker same as what you are looking at. I will give you the good and bad. First the good. 8'6" Beam 20° Dead rise Deep sides More sea worthy than one would expect. Versatile for multi species Lots of storage Many standard features that cost additional on other manufactures. The newer Trackers are a much better boat than most give it credit for. When you compare actual size & construction the 18 Targa is tough to beat for the $ The Bad Black boat. Top of gunwales are black hot hot on a sunny day. Seat stitching/upholstery is fair at best. If the trailer is a single axle it needs a double axle. Tracker now sells this boat package with a double axle but for years it was a single. For trolling in Lake O the back platform makes it a bit tougher when using down riggers. The top access rod lockers eat up space for mounting riggers and you are forced to mount them past where you can reach them without having to kneel on the back platform.... a challenge in rough water. I'l attach a pic below so you see what I am saying. Accessing the bilge & live well pumps is a little tough. When I ran wires for MFDs & Fish hawk I unscrewed the entire rear platform and removed it....made the work much easier. Overall a very good boat for the $. I have a 150 on mine and wouldn't want anything less. I put a 9.9 pro kicker with a troll master for throttle control.......sweet set up. I am also shopping for a new boat. I just purchased a home on the lake so I will be fishing on Lake O more. Keeping the Tracker for now for the smaller lakes. If you are mainly using this for spring browns in close to shore it will do the trick just fine. If you want to go offshore you will need to pick your days carefully. I got caught in 4-5 footers one day (not forecasted) boat handled it as well as I could have expected. It was a long slow run back to the dock but I never had any doubt. I am sure I will think of something else worth mentioning but for now the should give you some good info to consider. Good Luck
  8. Yup like I said ...a little goofy looking but I think completely functional. They do make a soft top version (more normal looking) as well its 5K less but then you have to spend about $2500 to get the radar arch & rocket launcher setup.
  9. Actually talking with a few dealers. Between Oregon & Washington there are dozens of dealers that sell these style boats. So in a couple hours drive from Portland airport in almost any direction there are many dealers. There are some closer to home but no body has any real inventory selection to look at. First step is to look at them figure out which boat I like the best then shop that make/model. I do like the TJ but haven't seen in person yet. Any of them can arrange shipment. I did a Mock bid for shipment on U-ship for a 22 Hewes from Portland OR to Saratoga NY. Lowest bid was $2800 before I pulled it down.
  10. I am taking a hard look at the ThunderJet after reading your post. Looking at the Alexis 22 Off shore though not the Luxor. For a 22' the specs are great. Variable deadrise with 18° at transom, 8'6" Beam with 84" Bottom. 40" side walls, upswept bow. If you have one built the options are endless plus they will customize for you (for a fee of course). The welding work looks as good as anything I have seen. The hard top version is a little goofy looking in my opinion but I am sure I can get past that for function. Flying out west Oct 24th to look at this and a couple other boats ill report back when I get home.
  11. Sold / Closed

    Any chance you have the clamp pulleys as well?
  12. His rigs work period! On slow Brown trout days this past spring we would venture out into Lake Trout waters and had some 40+ fish days
  13. The Thunder Jet Alexis 22 could be contender! Wide deep boat 18 degrees bottom at transom w/reverse chine. I will have to do little more looking at these .
  14. The parker is certainly a sweet boat! Sounds like you got a great deal as well. Love to see a pic of how you set up the back. There is a guide over in Mexico (Irish Knots) with a 25 parker. I drool a little bit every time I see him on the water. I am also considering going out to Portland as its the best area to see a lot of these aluminum boats. I have a ton of Southwest points so the flight is free, unless I buy a boat while I am there I am fishing out of a 18' Tracker Targa so which ever way I go will be an upgrade. Although the Tracker has been great I just want a little bigger and more room at the back of the boat.