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  1. rookie fisherman


    X2. Started using the Torpedo's this year very happy so far!
  2. rookie fisherman

    for sale : usa Bobby-D

    It would greatly help if you listed the equipment that is for sale and photos
  3. rookie fisherman

    Fish hawk

    I agree with Rich here. I use the FH as a guide not the end all be all. I trust the bend and action of my diver rods as much if not more. Had a day without the down speed as one of the retaining rings on my FH wheel fell off so we read the divers & rigger cables. Ended up being one of the best evenings of the season. Thankfully we still had down temp
  4. How about a severe "under bite" Caught this king June 1st while trolling with my wife
  5. I am not sure its from an injury . 2 separate jaws for sure, both containing teeth, Also if you look at the gill plate it looks like a second one starting to grow in. But I am no expert, who knows
  6. That one almost looks like his lower jaw was split apart?
  7. rookie fisherman


    If you are out that far try a little deeper if you can. We fished Thur & Fri nights between OZ & Fairhaven was looking for a better class of fish. 520-580 was best. 75-100 down. Thursday it was all spoons Friday mostly spoons but meat & flies also took fish. Die Hard Mag on rigger & Fat Nancy Mag on a green #5 Chinook diver at 2 setting 150-200 out were the hottest. Took a bunch of high teens and 2 fish over 20lbs. Very few shakers
  8. I think birth defect. Wasn't just a hole from an injury, lower jaw had teeth & second gill plate was partially grown
  9. Out of Fairhaven in deep water. Took a white/green dot skinny with white/green fly on 300' copper. Fish has a second lower jaw w/teeth! Looks like second gill plate partially grew in. There was a hole between the two jaws inside the mouth(s) Fly was in upper jaw and hook actually was stuck in the upper part of the lower. I cut the leader so I didnt have to try and push hook the through the hole and out the upper mouth. Anybody ever seen one like it? I was gonna keep it but it was kicking real strong so I released it.
  10. Small Flat fish for the Lakers up there. Sun Flash cowbells with worm for peanut on the bows. Haven't fished the lake in years but that use to work for us. Make sure to troll in front on pulpit rock. Also may get some whitefish.
  11. Thursday night we were in Oswego too. Took nearly 20 hits from 6 pm until sundown. Fished 180-240. Don't think you did anything wrong just didn't get out far enough. We took hits on spoons, flies and meat took the bigger fish 85-120 down. Here is what took hits. NBK (stingray size) spoon on green Chinook #5 Diver 2 setting. 240-300 back 300 copper Spin doctor & stud fly (small fish though) 450 copper 11" Minion Cotton Candy & Fly Pro troll white flasher (with light) & Fat nancy pattern flasher both with chartreuse brined meat. Had blank screen most of night, some bait no real marks. Obviously every day changes. Fished Friday night out of Fairhaven went real deep looking for better class of fish, all I will say is they are out there! Keep at it and you will find them.
  12. The fleas are bad! Fished Saturday evening 4 hours. 4 Kings and a nice fat brown. Lost 5 others 1 was a major. Constant checking of lines is in order until the fleas subside. Spoons & meat for us.
  13. rookie fisherman

    2018 Oswego Pro Am

    Do you have a link with the tournament rules. How many fish, number of rods etc etc. Thx
  14. rookie fisherman

    Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Help

    Do you troll with a kicker or the I/O? If a kicker and its tied to the the I/O with steering bar the rudder reference could be tied to the kicker instead of the I/O If no kicker, you would somehow have to tie it to the outdrive. Might have to make a mount for the RR and somehow fasten the end of the bar to the outdrive. I have outboards but still had to do some fab work. I used starboard to make a mount for the RR and a mount at the front of the engine.
  15. rookie fisherman

    Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Help

    Good Luck!