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  1. I did....Thats why I said it was both, you must have clicked the link but not read the response I posted below the link
  2. https://oswegocountytoday.com/mayor-barlow-announces-start-of-construction-for-wrights-landing-marina-improvements/news/oswego/ Its actually both, 1.6 for the Boater improvement project and 12.6 for the REDI projects
  3. Just curious where did you see it was a 12.5 million dollar project? I remember reading about 1.6
  4. Here is end article from Fish Doctor on "Sushi Flys".....link below I fished with a guide in Ketchikan years ago that baited all his flys, small strips for the scent. http://blog.fishdoctorcharters.com/?p=777
  5. This may help https://seagrant.sunysb.edu/glsportfish/pdfs/SalmonTrout-LakeOntario2012.pdf
  6. Thanks Chowdaire I saw that one and its is real close, I will probably order a couple. I think the one I have is a custom job, have no idea where I got it. Maybe somebody left it on the boat.
  7. It doesn't have the DW stamp in it. Thought Silver Streak but same thing no stamp. Thinking a Warrior but couldn't find a pattern match, maybe its a custom?
  8. Panther steering bar. Also as said above fuel/water separator is the way to go. Old boat had a T fitting with check valves, it worked fine but went with the separator on the new boat
  9. What motor is the main? is it hydraulic steering?
  10. Sorry to confuse. Im not using an electric trolling motor on the new boat. Im using actual Autopilot (Raymarine) for the main steering. But yes many guys do use electric for steering & kicker for propulsion its just not as good on rough days
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