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  1. geez that would put me 2 versions behind! I really dont know how they could improve on what is out now, cant wait to see
  2. How I do it is first set out the high (outside) braid diver. I use a regular size 1 dipsy set on 3.5, Let it play out thumbing the reel until it gets a good bite on the water then put it in the holder, open the bail, set the drag so it just leaks out slowly. After it is out a bit (100 ft or so) then I set the inside (low) wire mag diver. Since the high diver is now well away from the boat do the same thing setting the low diver out, same procedure. Watch both divers until they are where you want them, close the bail and set the drags properly Pretty simple
  3. Years ago I had one hooked to my Lowrance 28c HD it worked fine with it
  4. Hi Greg I will take them if you still have them Let me know I will paypal you the funds I have bought from you before Thanks
  5. This looks really nice low hours not been slipped. Exactly like mine but newer and has a hardtop which I wish I had Yeah its a drive from you but might be worth it https://annarbor.craigslist.org/boa/d/ann-arbor-annarbor-grady-white-208/7183490672.html
  6. Now that you mentioned it I just looked at that transom. I am not a fan of those, it can be hard to net a good size fish unless you climb out there and I am not fond of that. You also lose a lot cockpit space to that built in swim platform. I have seen kickers mounted to them.
  7. Sorry for the late reply Dan, I have been away BBQing You asked me if I got a survey. I did not. The story behind my boat was this. I setup a search for this specific model of Grady White as I knew exactly what I wanted and was willing to wait until one came up. The minute I saw it I was on the phone with the guy. He already had some calls on it but no one had looked at it yet. He is in Munising in the UP I am in the Detroit area. He is a state trooper, with a young family. He bought the boat 6 mths prior from a gentleman from Sheyboygan, Wi. This man was the original owner. He was a doctor and had 6 boats. Was mostly into river drift type fishing so this boat was hardly ever used. The trooper loved it but decided it was too small for his family and bought a bigger Grady. After a bunch of back and forth emaiils with pictures I took 2 days off of work and ran up there. The boat was immaculate. Even came with a 4 stroke Yamaha kicker. I paid $19k for it in 2007. came with a 2005 Eagle custom built trailer that I just love, the boat is so easy to load. A lot easier than my old Crestliner with a roller trailer! I did talk to a surveyor and he was available should I have decided to get one while I was there, but after seeing it I decided that was not necessary. One the Hydrasports you are considering, looks like a good candidate. Dont be afraid of that motor! Its one of the best Johnsons made. Also do not listen to people that will tell you the VRO system is junk. They had updated it and that motor had the latest version. I would look to see if its still connected. A lot of people took them off being that they had a bad reputation form earlier models in the 80's. Its a loud motor and sucks the gas but they are great. I have a 1995 200 Ocean Runner. I can send you some links for reading up on the VRO is you want, there is information on the Continuous Wave forums. Thats a Boston Whaler group but they used those motors on them back then Good luck in your search. Also I would not be afraid of wood. Wood has been used for as long as man has floated the water. Just has to be a solid boat is all.
  8. Sorry to hear that but not surprised. I think your budget is fine. I would look for boats that have not been slipped. There are plenty of them out there, just takes time. I drove 8 hours one way to buy my Grady. You will find one.
  9. It's in the way of working the back of boat unless you are OK with climbing on it especially in large waves
  10. Looks nice but it's really old and that doghouse would be a deal breaker for me. I had a boat with one not as big as that I didn't think it would be a problem but I ended up hating it and sold that boat.
  11. I have a very similar Grady White. I have a 1995 Adventure 208 with a 1995 Johnson 200 Ocean Runner and a Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke kicker I have owned the boat since 2008. Been a great boat. I thought about repowering but the motor has been flawless, yes it smokes at the dock but once you get going thats all behind you. The only thing about not having a trailer is not getting one, its the fact that its probably docked all season (unless its in a rack and launch) and if it has been in the water like that most of its life I would have a survey done on it (but I would suggest that anyway). One thing to look at is the transom cap. its just an aluminum cap and water can get into the transom through it if its not in perfect shape (mine is thankfully) I would not hesitate to consider that Grady. But then I am partial to them
  12. I take it you would not want to ship those? I would be interested if you were
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