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  1. Im not sure. I dont want you to go through a bunch of trouble for this. Yes, I would like them but they would end up being spares for me. I really dont need them that bad but if you want to estimate shipping we could look at that possibility Thanks
  2. I am interested in these as spares as I have 2 of them now. But I am in the Detroit area are you ever in this area?
  3. I see thanks. Totally new to copper. Just trying to read all I can about it.
  4. Hi I know this is kind of old I was just going through threads on copper as I just am setting my first copper rigs up. I like the snap weight idea, I assume you are clipping to the backing? If so, any rule of thumb as to how much backing you are to let out before attaching the snap weight? I do have a Fish hawk TD also Thanks
  5. I would call Fish Hawk directly. They are very helpful with the tech support
  6. Hi guys first post. I just ordered drags for these reels from Smooth Drag. $12.50 total. They are the same as the 50H as was mentioned here I did confirm with Smooth Drag that they were the correct ones. Thanks
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