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  1. Fished in 30-35 just east of Grimsby on Sunday. Bite was hot from first light to to the time we pulled rods at 11. Hooked up with15 kings and a few greasers. Most fish caught up high on minnow baits
  2. Yankee Troller Suggestion on depth? Hoping to get out this weekend for first time of the year Thanks
  3. Ok that makes sense. One more question---what happens when you get a fish on the outside diver? Do you need to bring in the inside diver to deploy the outside diver? Thanks
  4. Running 2 dipsy divers on same side of boat Can someone please explain to me how to go abouts running 2 divers on the same side of the boat? Diver settings, rod lengths, how to deploy, etc... Thanks
  5. Thanks Bambam. What kind of temps were you seeing out there?
  6. Bambam What depth were you fishing? Any size the salmon?
  7. I asked the same question. Yankee Troller replied "Just a split shot 8' in front of a spoon flat lined"
  8. Anyone know where I can get some in Canada?
  9. Buy the Wasabi power pack, it's a great deal. For a little more than buying a single gopro battery, you get a charger and two batteries with higher capacity. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00AAIPT76 Gopro has their own editing software that is also free called Studio 2.0. It's made for beginners
  10. Do you load up on the rod or run the rig with a little more slack to create a bit of a bow? Thanks [ Post made via iPhone ]
  11. Seems like everyone is telling to purchase the hds5...Transducer is only 31 rms. Is that enough? Anyone use this unit? Does the maps cover Lake O in canadian waters? Thanks [ Post made via iPhone ]
  12. Temp/speed probe is next purchase after the finder. We use the boat mostly for bass and walleye on smaller lakes. Thanks everyone [ Post made via iPhone ]
  13. Hello all, new to the board. Been reading through the post during my free time to pick up some tips. I must say, this board is awesome....the amounts of info shared here is amazing. My fishing buddy and I just started to put together a boat for downrigging. Money is real tight so starting small. We only got a small boat, a 16ft....we know we got to watch the weather and be smart about things in such a small boat. Got a kicker motor, downriggers, rigger and dipsy rods, now looking into getting a fishfinder/GPS. What sort of things should I be looking for in a fishfinder? How much power do I need to be able to see the cannon balls and mark baitfish and salmon? Our budget is about $600. Looking through the catalogs, the Hummingbird 597 and Lowrance Elite5 seem to be in the price range. Are these units good enough? Thanks
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